Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Color Me Mad!

Today was the day I was supposed to have the dreaded cryo thing..the freezing of the irregular cells on my cervix. I've been nervous for weeks. (And quilting madly to keep my mind off it, right?) So I go to the office this morning, they check me in...I go through the blood pressure check, the explaination and signing of "consent forms" (these always leave me feeling a bit wary!) only to find out that they are going to have to RESCHEDULE me because they don't have any 'cryo tips' in the office. They hadn't come back from sterilization yet I guess. AUUUGHH!

They were apologetic, but still.....can't they check the next day's schedule to be sure they have all the equipment they need, get what they need ready, etc?

So....the cryo-thing is put off until next tuesday. I guess I"ll keep quilting! The upside is....it stopped raining, the sun is shining. It's cool and windy, but I think it will be a great day for taking Buddy to hike in the forest this afternoon after it warms up a bit. Sounds better than spending the day crampy after some proceedure, don't you think?

I've got a customer's quilt just past the 1/2 way point, and I'd like to finish it today so I can quilt the stretched stars quickly. It's a gift, I can't spend ALOT of time quilting it, so I might do a meander in the center and something in the borders to frame it. Will post a pic when it is done and bound...I put a narrow taupe/black stripe for the inner border, and a brown/blue/black plaid for the outer border (why does inner have 2 n's but outer only has one t? I keep mis-spelling that!) to finish it off. I used scrappy corner stones for both borders...I really like how it turned out.

I've had requests for this one to be put on my website with the instructions, so I'll get to that later. It is SO easy. Everything is based on that "indian hatchet" block, it's all 4.5" squares and 2.5" squares. Some blocks have dark plaid centers, some have background light centers...some blocks have only one square sewn on the diagonal for the corner instead of 2, and some blocks are just plain light 4.5" squares...but they all come together so FUN! I've really had a good time making this one.

Oh, a funny....I posted about it on the stashbusters email list that I am on, and one lady chewed me out and said basically that by buying shirts at thrift shops to make quilts I was taking warm clothing away from those who need it, or needed to choose between warm clothes and heat! HUH? What's up with that. The shirts were for sale. I bought them. The money from the sale of the shirts gives employees a paycheck and a steady job. The money funds programs. I wasn't "taking the shirt off someone's back" so to speak. I just couldn't see where this comment came from at all and it left me bewildered!

To me I was making something beautiful, warm, and usable, out of other people's unwanted clothing that I PAID FOR. It doesn't really matter how or what I use them for does it?

Back to quilting!


  1. You are right about the shirts. Thrift stores take clothing donations, clean them up and sell them to give people employment and to make money for their particular charitable cause (salvation army, etc.) Folks buy the stuff to save money, to find interesting things, or whatever, not just because that's the only place they can afford. That's what keeps the stores in business! Thanks so much for adding that pattern to your web site. You are so awesome to do that and your instructions are so user-friendly. Thanks!

  2. Hey Bon,
    Some people need to get a life! It doesn't matter who buys them and I'm fairly certain that you aren't "cleaning them out" of all men's shirts, so don't worry about it. =)

  3. I haven’t bought a new shirt in decades even though I can afford to.
    A clean, serviceable shirt with no tears, scuffs and with all the buttons intact off a charity shop rail is o.k. on my back.
    My ‘new shirt’ (I always conjecture with myself) will have made the less fortunate fortunate (if yuse git mi drift?).
    And, by the way, I’m fortunate, also, for wearin such a becoming garment that just happened to have (before I donated for it) already had it’s ‘coming out celebration’ on another’s charitable shoulders. –
    (Ind eniwaze; those in the noze bout garmints noze that garmints needs a wearin-in faze jus like a smart car, diamond ring or wrist timepiece afore it starts confidently feelin an lookin’ its best!)
    Whether you wear it or ‘cut it up for cushions’ the deed of donation to charity is profited both by giver and recipient!

  4. I wasn't "taking the shirt off someone's back" so to speak. Now . . that's an idea! What if you saw the *perfect* plaid shirt for your quilt but . . someone was wearing it!! :)

    Oh, give me a break! Some people! I don't think it should matter if you buy the shirts and use them for rags for your car! They put them up for sale, you bought them! I really can't believe someone wrote that to you.

    Sorry about the procedure being put off. I'd be a bit aggravated about that too. At least they were able to schedule you for next week and you don't have to wait four more weeks!

    Just keep quilting . . keep the mine occupied!

    Judy L.

  5. …And, I tell you another thing ‘that special charitable shirt’s gonna invest me with even more ‘special charity’ each time I wear it or lean on it as a cushion or drape it as a quilt.
    Hey Bonnie! sounds like you’ve set up the imagination of a storyteller who buys a shirt from a charity shop not realizing that the shirt was previously worn by someone very special. And, that shirt then invests as a whole, or in parts, ‘wonderful qualities’ to them that makes use of the shirt.
    “Once upon a time there was just an ordinary shirt hanging on a charity shop rail…”

  6. Sorry about the aggravation at your doctor's office. Seems like they should give you a discount after making you come in and it was their fault they couldn't do it. Yes, Bonnie, they're now your shirts - you cut them up or do whatever you want with them.

  7. Oh Bonnie - and the waiting is the worst part! And now you have to wait and dread again. Well, at least you got your dander up and you'll be so productive quilting!!!! There is an upside!!!

    The shirts - geez. They were still there because no-one bought them. You did. Don't let it bother you - That quilt is beautiful!

  8. Sorry that you could not have your appointment and get things taken care of. It's difficult enough...but then to continue on the nervousness and anxiety. You're a trooper though for staying busy and finding the upside!

    ...one lady chewed me out...

    This one lady is probably not happy unless she's unhappy, perhaps, hmm? And maybe she's just ticked cuz she didn't think of such a cool thing to do! You go girl and continue to create!


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