Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Rainy Days and Tuesdays --

Rain, Rainbows and Glasses more than half full!

I arrived home yesterday –to once again be frustrated at my own simple-mindedness.

I may be home, but the laptop cord is back at the cabin – plugged into the wall outlet in the dining room aka cyber cafĂ© --

I had taken the laptop sans cord out to the front porch to do my morning computer work, and then simply put the laptop in my travel bag when I was done and got everything ready to leave.

I was kind of distracted – While checking my travel plans for Sacramento later this month I discovered that while I thought I had made my return flight for 11am on the 18th, in an effort not to have the guild ladies drive me to the airport at 6am – I had not looked close enough, and my reservation is for 11:19PM on the 18th.  Not AM.  I’m on a red-eye flight on the 18th!  GAH!

But wait –can I turn this into something positive?

((This rainbow was seen while driving to Greensboro last night.  I love rainbows!))

Glass MORE than half full!

Over the weekend I got approval on my outline for the next book!  I’m on board!  C&T is going to be a great fit for me and I’m already liking who I’m working with.

My projected dates on the calendar:  Turn in all quilts in November for photography.  Manuscript is due in December.  So you can see I have a busy several months ahead. But this is a timeline I can work with.  I'm breathing easier.

And…they said “If you are ever in the neighborhood……”

Well, Sacramento is NOT that far from Concord.  About 1.5 to 2 hours drive.

So, I’m renting a car in Sacramento, driving to Concord for a meet and greet with the folks at C&T!  This is getting more and more exciting!  So, focus on that glass MORE than half full thing…and think about the dreaded red-eye flight home LATER. 

It’s all going to be good!

And since they say bad things come in threes….I think I’ve got that covered.  Remember my falling one-strip-short-of-a-binding the other day?  I am positive that was bad thing NUMBER ONE.  Guess what I found when I got home:


Still on the cutting table!  Under the ruler!  DUH!


This morning I got that binding strip added and the binding completed!

And then I added a hanging sleeve to that seam!


I’m ready for some easy hand stitching of both binding and sleeve for my evenings!

But not tonight!  DEFINITELY not tonight.  We’ve got Quilt-Cam at 9pm Eastern, and I hope I will find you here ready to sew with me.

That logenge top has only two seams left…we can get it done tonight, I know we can!

Now I have a favor to ask.  I’m off in an hour for an eye doctor appointment – this is a follow up on the check up I had last month. 

They found swelling in both macula, and a cyst in my right eye.

Maybe THIS explains the increasing vision problems I’ve had over the past year or so?  I thought it was too much computer work, and close sewing work.  But I’m about to find out what is really going on with my eyes.

This is a glass MORE than half full kind of thing –if we know what the problem is we can deal with it.

Positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone, see you tonight!

PS..I got a message that Live Writer was fixed – so I tried it….we are back in business! Hooray!

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  1. Positive thoughts being sent your way. Hopefully this is a minor problem that is easily fixed!

  2. Prayers going out for you Bonnie for quick healing of your eyes. ��

  3. positive thoughts and prayers coming your way for eye appointment today. we need our eyes.

  4. Prayers definitely coming your way for healing of your eyes!

  5. Old quilter8:41 AM EDT

    Prayers and good thoughts heading in your direction from New York !
    The chunk of binding fabric is a good omen.

  6. Prayers for you and your special eyes. Two years ago, I went through the scariest days of my life, even scarier than when I found out I had breast cancer...it was when I had to go through 2 retinal surgeries on both eyes to save my vision. Well, 2 retinal surgeries, followed by 2 cataract surgeries over the course of a year, just dealing with the FEAR of losing my eyesight...I am happy to say, I can still enjoy all your beautiful quilts, the blue of these Carolina skies, and the faces of my grandchildren....life is good....God is good...take good care of those peepers, sweetie!

  7. Thinking of you as you find out what is going on with your eyes. I have been there too! Losing my eyes and use of my hands are the two scariest things for me.Whatever would I do with all my stash!! Take care and will be looking forward to quiltcam tonight!

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM EDT

    Prayers and positive thoughts for your appointment today and see you tonight on Quilt Cam!
    Kay Pucciarelli

  9. I'm glad you have a Positive outlook! Prayers for you as you get your eye checked out. Attitude is everything.

  10. Prayers and good thoughts sent your way. Glad the lack of power cord won't interfere with Quilt Cam tonight. I thought of that as I drifted off to sleep last night. How exciting to be working with a new team and to be able to meet them! So glad you are happy with that situation. Work is just work if its not fun. "See" you tonight.

  11. Prayers going up for you. Praying that glass will be flowing right over the top when you leave the eye Dr. Hugs from West MI

  12. Sending prayers up for you Bonnie! Don't worry God has this!!

  13. Prayers for a positive outcome to the eye exam. I am always amazed at the amount you get done in any given day. A glass half full attitude is a big help.

  14. Praying for your eyes. Your positive attitude will get you through whatever it turns out to be. Might be time for a new power cord!!

  15. Praying all goes well with the appointment and that a positive treatment plan will be put in place.
    Shari Z

  16. Praying for you. You are such an inspiration!!

  17. Sending thoughts your way Bonnie. And will have to check in our quilt cam tomorrow. Tonight my Friendship group meets...16 yrs and hoping strong! So nice to have friends with the same passions.

  18. I'm sending good positive thoughts your way and you will be added to my prayer list!

  19. My thoughts are as everyone elses, so thinking of you and hope the news is good.

  20. Anonymous10:02 AM EDT

    Today's Word of the Day over on the Merriam-Webster site is "Stalwart: marked by outstanding strength or spirit." That's our Bonnie.
    Pat Scully, Greenbelt, MD

  21. Thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  22. I will definitely be holding you close in my heart and thoughts today. And look forward to an update on Quiltcam tonight.

    Knew you would find that missing strip!

  23. Anonymous10:44 AM EDT

    Prayers for healing going out for you Bonnie!! You are just so special to all of us!!! Please take care of YOU!!! Hugs, Diane

  24. Anonymous10:48 AM EDT

    Good thoughts coming your way! I can see why you love the mountains so much. My husband and I drove through the Smokey National Forest into Cherokee and then we drove through some of the Blue Ridge Mountains. So pretty!

  25. Good Vibes, Prayers, and Hugs being sent your way from sunny Arizona, Bonnie! The "unknown" is the hardest part! Hopefully, they'll have a fix for you that'll get you seeing better than ever! With you in spirit!

  26. You are so positive, prayering for you!

  27. Full steam ahead, Bonnie! : ) Sending you the best of thoughts for everything you have going on. Take care!

  28. Anonymous12:10 PM EDT

    My prayers are with you and the hands that minister to you! Thank you so much for the wonderful blog - it is such a positive way to start my day! You are so very generous!
    Thank you,
    Mary in New Mexico

  29. Definitely positive thoughts being sent your way. Quilt on!

  30. Yes, praying that whatever this thing that is causing the problem can be fixed IJN.

  31. My prayers are added to all your followers who are also praying for you. You are a strong person who I know will deal well with whatever comes your way. Thank you for sharing with us.

  32. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!!

  33. I'm glad to pray for you Bonnie. Our vision is so precious. Amy

  34. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way, Bonnie. Cathy in TN

  35. Prayers, good thoughts and HUGS being sent your way. Love you, Bonnie!

  36. Praying that all went well for you today!

  37. Positive thoughts and prayers for full healing of your eyes!! I will be seeing you in Sacramento and I am so excited! I may have to drop out of the class at Foothills however, my baby girl (26 years old but always my baby girl) has to have a medical procedure ohn her hip and so far it is s scheduled that day... she is in a lot of pain so if we can move it up it would be a win-win!!

  38. By all means yes, Bonnie, I will start praying as soon as I send this comment. May God protect your vision and correct any problems you are having with your eyes.
    God bless...

  39. Hope the eye thing is nothing or can be a quick fix!
    Had a thought about the left cord. Why not buy another for the house and leave that one at the cabin? Didn't DH tell you a while back you needed to buy more for the tax write off?

    I use Goggle.

  40. Love rainbows! Praying for eye problem to get better.

  41. Anonymous8:43 AM EDT

    ditto on the idea of buying a second cord for your laptop.

    And I had/have some problems also with my eyes. I thought I was seeing a floating fire ant bed near the newspaper each morning and sparklies whenever I closed my eyes. It turned out to be Plaquenil--a med I take for rheumatoid arthritis. My oldest son called it my personal disco light. But it is very frustrating to try to see things with that ring of sparklies in the middle of everything. Obviously I stopped the Plaquenil and some months later without a lot of improvement, I started taking turmeric--yes, the spice. Just one cap at bedtime along with everything else that I take. And it seems to be working. The sparklies are diminishing--still there but not nearly as prevalent as before---but it took three months to see a difference.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and hope you find a solution to your eyes.

  42. Anonymous1:17 PM EDT

    Praying for good outcome with the eyes. Was diagnosed with glaucoma a year ago, now taking Limagen eye drops every night. Expensive but grows your eyelashes thick and long!+++++ I was worried about going blind but the drops control the pressure in my eyes and halt the damage. Also, it has nothing to do with actual good vision...just too much pressure can cause permanent damage. Make sure they check that for you regularly! I'm happy with the treatment and have never slows down with the sewing. Keep those eyes well...you are so important to sew many people! When I get depressed, the cure is to sit and look thru all your books! Bonnie Coleman. cole0319@bellsouth.net

  43. Prayers for healing being sent your way.

  44. Sending prayers for healing.


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