Saturday, June 20, 2015

In the Land of C&T!

Guess where I was on Thursday!?

I made a day trip from Sacramento, California to the kind-of-not-too-far-away city of Concord, California –to visit the home of C&T Publishing!

It was a beautiful day for a drive, the traffic was not that bad, and I enjoyed driving my way past fields and small towns and golden hills dotted with scrubby oak trees.

This is the land where I grew up, and I took in the sights, the colors of things I remember so well from growing up in Northern California.

Oleanders are in full bloom, blossoms being tossed in the breeze down the medians in the center of the highway.  Vibrant pink-red and white.

So many memories in this part of the state!

I parked my rental van along the curb about a block up, and as I neared the entrance, excitement building, I couldn’t help but stop and take several deep breaths of something so unmistakably California:


Hello, Jasmine!


I’m inside!!  This is the reception area!

Do I ring that bell?


I look around and decide to take photos first!  Ha!

This is the wall of current releases!  So many other authors names are on beautiful covers that appear here ---looks like some other displays are changing as there are boxes and stuff showing progess.

In the not too far distant future ((but what still feels like forever –)) My next book cover will hopefully appear here!

I was graciously greeted, and handed off to go meet everyone –the behind the scenes view at C&T Publishing!


The design team cubby farm!

And yes, there are quilts and blocks EVERYWHERE!


Ruthmary brought in several scrappies to hang around and show me!


In her cubicle!


A scrappy tumbler….these are so on my radar lately!


But THIS is where all the shipping action happens!



Stock room!

This is where individual orders are put together for shops and those ordering from the C&T website.  I love the smell of ink on paper!

Cases & cases on pallets!

The place is enormous and it is fun to get a glimpse of just what happens behind the scenes in publishing and distribution.

5 of us went out to lunch, to get to know each other and to strategize over upcoming projects and to welcome me as part of the C&T family.  It does feel like a family.


And I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Back on the home front –just a couple of days before I leave for Vermont on Wednesday!

There is a ton to do between now and then –including seeing that macular specialist for tests on Tuesday.  Jeff is my designated driver as they are going to dilate my eyes and I won’t be able to see well enough to drive home.

I’m hoping for some answers.  I need answers –and keep those good thoughts, wishes, prayers coming!

I’ll keep you updated!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. sending good eye vibes your way! I have an eye appt on Tuesday too! That will make it easier to think of you while YOU are at the eye doc too. I waved at you last week when I did TWO one way trips from AZ to Charlotte. Helping our son and DIL move cars to new home. I am SICK of driving!NC is SO pretty and green! I EVEN got a trip thru MaryJos! What a place! I could not buy much as I had to pack light. That car was STUFFED. I had fun tho! Beth in AZ

  2. What a neat field trip for you, Bonnie! So glad this is working out for you. My thoughts are with you as I pray for a positive outcome for your eye problems.

  3. Keeping you in prayer! Thank you for sharing your journey through this blog. I am a California girl, but love to hear the reactions to things that are so embedded in my days...oleanders, jasmine..we take those beauties for granted!

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM EDT

    So glad that you are thrilled to be a C&T author. I am sure YOU were one of the main reasons why they decided to acquire KCS Publishing! So happy that your books now have a great distributor! Good vibes heading your way for your eye appt. Julie in MS.

  5. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday and hope all goes well. Particularly pleased that you seem to very be happy with your connection with C&T and I am sure it will work out to be as good as your time with KCS. Keep up the good work, as you always do!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your name on a C&T book in the near future. It sounds like a match made in heaven! Good luck with your eye appointment on Tuesday. Sending lots of prayers your way! Diane in TX

  7. Darn! I'll be Vermont in July! I keep missing you! Spending my morning working on Kiss in the Corner blocks...and using up SO many scraps! LOVE it! Send good eye wishes your way! Hang in there!

  8. How exciting to visit C&T publishers! Wishing you the best with your eye appointment!!

  9. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. Sounds like your day was filled with fun,

  10. Anonymous1:57 PM EDT

    ,I have macular problems too, Bonnie. I'll be following your updates and sending prayers and positive thoughts. I have seen the macular specialist already, but right now I am busy with improving the "fronts" of my eyes, cornea surgery on the second eye two weeks ago.
    Best wishes,
    Brenda in VA

  11. I had a detached retina in 2013 which lead to a cataract which lead to more surgery. Luckily my eyes are very hard to dilate so I am back to normal before I leave the office. Takes longer for them to dilate usually takes 3 sets of drops. Hope you are okay. Looking forward to the next book and more classes in the future. Son Steve still waiting on his heart but doing well.

  12. I had a detached retina 8 years ago. I now have a lens in my left eye, loss of peripheral vision and a kink in the middle of my view line. My right eye does all the work now and I am used to it. I still drive and sew - the 2 loves of my life :) Wishing you well for next Tuesday and I hope you get some good results - I can understand what you will be going through.

  13. Bonnie I am keeping you in my thoughts as you deal with this difficult hurdle in your life. Hopefully, this time next year, you will be remembering this obstacle in your path as a short difficulty that you handled with your infectious positive outlook!!
    I just caught the last episode of quiltcam on youtube this afternoon and I would love to sew a two colour leader-ender project for the upcoming year.
    Loved meeting you in Spokane and hope to get into another class with you when you get back up to the Pacific Northwest.

  14. Anonymous8:01 PM EDT

    Because of you I went PDQ to the eye Doc, I will be having surgery on both eyes in October to correct some issues. My thoughts are with you as you deal and get answers to the problem. You are in my prayers and I'm sending good vibes you way.
    May,Michigan...... tcmay2@gmail.com

  15. So happy for you to be with C & T publishing and the opportunity to be there and get to know them. Praying for you that your appointment goes well and to get answers.

  16. Bonnie, as you were describing your drive to Concord, you were bringing back many memories of drives I took many times. I lived in Vacaville for about 15 years. My son and dil live in Sacramento. I'm glad you had a good visit at C&T. Good luck with the eye doctor. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Ginny B.

  17. Sending good thoughts for information about your eyes!

  18. I will keep you in my prayers! How exciting to be publishing another book! You are so talented and creative; I love all of your patterns. Thanks for sharing everything that you do!

  19. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Tuesday for a blessed good news.

  20. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Tuesday for a blessed good news.

  21. Guess where the glow comes from, from the quilts or from your beaming face!!!
    Hope the upcoming editions will have you stay like this =^}
    Heaps of love from Witmarsum, Friesland!


  22. I'm saying prayers for your eyes. Glad C & T welcomed you warmly.

  23. Prayers for a good outcome at the eye doctor's. Blessings Sandra

  24. So happy for you. I hope everything works out well at the eye Doctor's.

  25. I love that C & T will be publishing your future books. Wishing for good news on your eyes.

  26. Holding the vision and sending prayers for a good report at the eye doctor. You are an inspiration to us all. Blessings, Judy M FL/NM

  27. How exciting! I live in Antioch, California! You were practically right next door! Glad you enjoyed your time in Northern California. Looking forward to your next book!


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