Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I’m a Trailer-Stasher!

Fellow North Carolinian and awesome quilter, Gina Allen has taken her dream and ran with it!

Never heard of Trailer Stash Fabrics? 

Well if you live anywhere around the beautiful state of North Carolina you just might see this little vintage-trailer-housed mobile quilt shop rambling down the road to its next destination.

If you can’t come to the quilt shop, the quilt shop can come to you!

If you were to ask Gina Allen about Trailer Stash Fabrics, she would tell  you:
Trailer Stash Fabrics is a small fabric shop based out of a Vintage 1963 Shasta 1900 Deluxe Travel Trailer that my family helped me restore from the ground up. Because the trailer is small, I only stock it with all of my most favorite things including Liberty of London, Merchant & Mills, and Deer & Doe.

A couple of times a month, I load up my little trailer with all kinds of goodies and hit the road for pop-up sales & sewing workshops. Check out our Workshops & Event schedule to see where we will pop up next!
I have been following Gina’s adventure with this vintage Shasta trailer from the ground up.  Every detail from acquisition to the first road trip are found on Gina’s Blog.

Start HERE and then at the bottom of each post, click the RIGHT HAND BUTTON at the bottom of each post to take you to the next step in the saga – you’ll be drawn in!

Needing a space for workshops, and to house her burgeoning long arm business, Gina has now found herself the perfect little space where she is open limited hours while her kids are in school.

Last week, my friend Lisa and I met for lunch, looked at our watches, found we had time, and headed out to see Gina’s new brick & mortar space!


Oh, Gina!  This is wonderful!


So homey and airy and loads of character!


I must pet these now!


Goodies around every corner!

The thing I loved most about the store front for Trailer Stash fabrics is that it is NOT over crowded.  Beautiful fabrics are not lost amidst so many other bolts and bolts and bolts and more bolts of fabrics that you have a hard time choosing.  I could view each fabric in simplicity.  My soul could breathe and relax in this wonderful space!

Sometimes – especially in this case --- Less IS MORE!


Samples to inspire are everywhere!


And there are lovely lines to get my ideas flowing!

I headed straight for my beloved neutrals!


More samples and lovely fabrics!


Bundles all bowed up!


Goodies, gadgets, notions and needful things!


Loved this old washtub filled with my favorite indigo blues!


The colors of summer!


I WANT that Sew-Together bag!


More samples…there are workshops a-plenty at Trailer Stash fabrics!


Gina made this from my free Spider Web tutorial!


You can even find Trailer Stash memorabilia here!

Gina is a master marketing genius!  She’s got things kitted, bundled, labeled and gift-boxed – I wanted one of everything!

What came home with me?  These lovelies:


I HAD to have the viewfinder fabric! 
And the dragonflies, the butterflies, and THAT Green!


Oh yes, Gina!  I’ll be back!


If you find yourself near Bermuda Run, NC you have to stop by!

Or..if you are near Durham this weekend, the trailer will be coming your way --


Meet Gina at Spoonflower in Durham, NC!

((Contact Gina for more details))


Yes, Please!!


107A Gleneagles Way
Bermuda Run, NC 27006
Tuesdays & Thursday
9:30 - 2:30
First Saturday of each Month
10:00 - 4:00
or by Appointment
I’m so happy and proud of this girl I could bust my buttons!
So here I am! Double workshop day with the North East Crazy Quilters in North East, PA!
Two half days full of folks ready to stitch up some fabulous Scrappy Bargello beauties!
Let’s go!
Have an Awesome Tuesday, everyone!  I’m on my way home tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous8:11 AM EDT

    Droll!! Perfect. If I had a business in quilting I love her concept. Do you think this idea would work in the tropics? Sunshine and sandy beaches are also on my wish list. Valerie C

  2. I think this would make a great she 'shed' for my sewing stuff and I could just hitch it to my car when I go back and forth between CT, upstate NY and Yonkers.

  3. What a great idea--I would love to see it myself!

  4. These Shastas are being built new by a company in Indiana, the whole concept is brilliant! An rv place just north of us always has 3 or 4 in, in full sight of the freeway and I'll bet they pull folks in by the billions :)

  5. Old quilter9:52 AM EDT

    Thanks for giving us the link to such an interesting blog. Love that she (and her guys for sure) didn't give up on the trailer. Great job !

  6. Sharon do you live in Sioux Falls SD? There are new Shastas just north of where I live too. They are so cute that every time I pass them I think: Now how could I use one of these and how can I convince my husband I NEED one of them? nanny_of_phillip@yahoo.com

  7. OMG.... I watched the entire recreation of the camper! Unbelievable and GORGEOUS!!! What a cool idea.. I hope I see her in NC someday!

  8. Glad you shared her shop! A fun one to browse in your off time. Great finds, Bonnie! How much did Lisa take home??

  9. Thanks for sharing. I live in southern VA but can make it to Durham!

  10. What a clever idea! I love it! Thank you for sharing!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  11. What a clever idea! I love it! Thank you for sharing!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  12. That is just sooooo cool!! And the ad with the guy on it is great!!! What a neat idea!!!

  13. I just read about Gina a few days ago. She's going to be part of Quilt! Carolina this year. I can't wait to check out her shop. Now I think I'll have to head to Durham this weekend, so I don't have to wait.

    Is it okay that I post this link, Bonnie? If not, feel free to delete it.

    Looking forward to meeting you, Gina.
    Sue M
    Apex, NC

  14. What a great blogpost! I feel like I just visited the shop in person from all your great pictures. You are lucky to have such a fun shop so close to home.

  15. Very cool idea to have a fabric shop on wheels. If you liked the Sew Together Bag, you would LOVE the Bionic Gear Bag which can be found on Craftsy in the pattern section. When you unzip it, the front becomes a little tray to hold scissors, pins, or whatever. Very handy to use for people who like to do any type of handwork. I'm in no way affiliated with this pattern, just a happy customer passing along the info.

  16. Wish I lived closer I love your curating!

  17. Love it! I NEED the dragonfly fabric. What's the name of that line? Who makes??

  18. Just love that cute little trailer. Her family is so wonderful to help her accomplish her dream.


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