Thursday, June 04, 2015

And Then There Was This Bag…

At Sam’s Club.

While waiting for my eye drop prescription.

You know how it goes – the doc calls in your prescription, you wait nearly an hour before arriving at said pharmacy to pick up your drugs and low and behold ---you are told:
“Just starting in on your order, ma’am –give us 20 minutes and it will be ready for you.”
It sounds innocent enough. 

And it starts out that way, really – because what harm can 20 minutes do?

Evidently A LOT!

Right off I found this display of cosmetic bags – a FOUR PACK!  A veritible plethora of zebra zipped wonder – at my fingertips.


And my fingers did some exploring – would it?  Could it?


After all, it DID come tied up with a bow!

Did I mention this is FOUR pieces for $20??  I can’t buy the zippers for that!


Yes, old tried and true busy bag – you are on your way out the door.

It’s been lovely, but you need to go into retirement.


I mean, you are dropping hexies everywhere I go!


Bigger sections make my stuff EASY to see and get to!

The center pouch is attached and holds thread and notions.


Everything is right here and there are MORE zippers!


The front plastic pocket holds my piecing diagram!


As for the other 3 bags ---

One is holding cosmetics, one is destined for other toiletries.

The fourth one?  Who knows!

It feels like the end of an era – the retirement of the blue traveling busy bag.  It’s been with me EVERYWHERE and back again.  But it is falling apart.

I’m excited about my trip to New York tomorrow…the maiden voyage of the NEW busy bag.

It’s got an exciting life ahead, just waiting to happen!

Bags are nearly packed here…it will be an early night to bed..the alarm is set for 4:15am.  ACCKKK!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Great find on those bags Bonnie. Hoping you have a really fun time in New York. But you know, I'm pretty sure you have lots of fun anywhere you go don't you? Safe travels.

  2. I wonder if they are at My Costco?? I might have to wander through and see when I go next. I am due for a Tire Balance and check on my new tires. Have a fun time in New York. Where is that Trailer Stash Shop you posted Pics on IG from. I found some of the Viewmaster Fabric at my LQS. Had to buy a 1/2 yard just for fun.

  3. The thing is tho, DID you get your eye drop prescription...lolo Isn't it fun to find something you weren't looking for? I sometimes think they tell you 'it'll be such & such' just so you will go shopping..lolo Have a safe trip. ;o)

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM EDT

    I foresee a run on Sam's Club cosmetic bags! lol You have a great eye for repurposeing things!
    Hope you get lots of miles from this bag!

  5. Anonymous9:32 PM EDT

    Bonnie, you deserve the new bag. And I loved the story about finding it.

  6. Nancy White9:44 PM EDT

    Looking forward to seeing you in WESTERN New York tomorrow night. We have lots of trees blooming, blue clear skies, green grass and rolling hills with farms. Maybe not what you are expecting, but you will love it. Nancy in W-NY

  7. Your bag find reminds me of a similar purchase I made almost four years ago. I was going into hospital for a major operation and needed a new toilet bag to take in with me, one with handles so I could hold it easily on my arm along with a towel when I went to the bathroom. At our local Boots Chemist 's I found the ideal thing -3 bags nested inside each other for £8! The largest went to hospital with me and ever since it sits on my vanity top in the bathroom, in use every day. The second size also has handles and is kept for travelling ( in use a lot!). Simple to decant the basic toiletries into it when packing and takes up less space in the luggage. The smallest is a zipped purse which I use for my sewing basics: needle case,a couple of reels of thread, thimble, scissors, seam ripper etc. This also went into hospital with me as I was able to do a little hand sewing and has been at my fingertips ever since! And they are SO convenient because they are made from clear strong plastic so I can see at a glance exactly what's in the bag! Best £8 I ever spent.

  8. I love little bags like yours. Hubby calls me obsessed. This year I bought two units from the Vera Bradley shop in Florida that were half price which was a real bargain. The are roll-up sort of and have loads of compartments, some with clear plastic so you can see what is in them. Now, one I am using for my travel sewing projects. The other will be used on my next vacation. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to New York etc.

  9. Great find! But did you get your eye drops? Maybe the WalMart's have it.

  10. Still praying for your eyes and vision! The zebra bags are the bomb, so classy and perfect to hold all your neat stuff.

  11. Julie in Tucson, AZ9:59 AM EDT

    Sam's Club has them available on line - reasonable shipping. The cosmetic bag set is available at my Sam's Club in Tucson, AZ. Thanks for the heads up - perfect gift for DDL this coming Christmas. And, I might just need a set for my hexies! Hope your eyes are doing better, Bonnie.

  12. Nice bags! Hoping everything is ok with your eyes....do have a safe trip.

  13. One day soon there might be a moment of panic...Where is my blue busy bag!? Oh yeah, got a new one

  14. I have enjoyed your blog - the best part is following all your adventures. Well, maybe the best part is how you motivate us all to be more productive! Or, maybe it's all the lessons.... Or, maybe the FREE patterns!!!!! Oh, let's just say all of it is my favorite!!! Happy Anniversary, Bonnie!!! ~Kathi

  15. Anonymous12:34 AM EDT

    I love you new bag! Also, I noticed that your hexie diagram looks like it is printed. What program do you use for you hexie designs? Bonita Fletcher (bfletcher915@gmail.com)


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