Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well, I’ll Be Hoodwinked!

What is the definition of hoodwinked anyway??

I got home about the same time that DH did – and he whisked me off to the Japanese Steakhouse for dinner ---


I guess he knew that after all that rich retreat cafeteria carb overload – I needed a veggie stir fry with shrimp to set things RIGHT!

I turned on the computer after we got home and tried to see what was going on with SkyDrive ----it has not given me any trouble ever ---and


When I tried to log in to SkyDrive myself – the Windows Live service that hosts my photos and slide shows…I got this message:


Holy. Crap-a-roni!

I looked all over to find what I had violated, of course there was nothing that clued me in….ugly fabric abuse? Slave driving my students? Too much fun to be legal?

Who knows. It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Watch – they will email me back and tell me that I have uploaded more photos than anyone has a legal right to, and they will want me to sign up for some service that costs $$$ in order to keep posting.

I can switch back to webshots slide shows…but those have a moving camera angle thing that crops off parts of the pics and I don’t like it!

But never fear --- the show will go on --- some how…

Maybe…they shut me down because….

My batting was showing too much?


((This whole thing is EXTRA weird because others have emailed saying they get the slide show just FINE! So it is only some of us that can't see it????))


  1. Anonymous9:47 PM EDT

    Slide show does come through on my computer. IMages have bee a tad fuzzy ately. But this could be my older computer?
    Just letting you know...
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM EDT

    I can't see it, couldn't get on to see the photo slideshow this morning

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM EDT

    I know, I know, I know!!! [hand raised high] Your problem must have been the pic of the gentleman quilter!! You never have men in your shots and it must have thrown everything for a loop!! Hope they can figure out what happened, cuz from our viewpoint, nothing illegal or disconcerting going on here!! Just a whole lot of quilting fun.
    Glad the hubster treated you to dinner, no dishes to worry about washing! Sleep well...

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM EDT

    Good luck with the techies. I too was befuddled when I could not see. Suzanne from Maine

  5. I can't see it. I have Windows 7 - Firefox - (and the new Blogger Interface - ;)) if that helps. Maybe it's just those of us with Firefox???

    And - as a side note -

    "Suspicious activity" may mean that you are putting up TOO many photos at a time - and TOO often. I got shut down once for "suspicious activity" when I changed the name of my secondary blog. I had exported the old blog - imported all of the posts to the new blog name - then rather than publish them all at the same time - (which probably WAS allowed) - chose to re-post them one at a time (some just weren't relevant anymore). Blogger shut me down - I had exceeded 50 posts in 24 hours or some such limit. I just waited the 24 hours and finished up the rest of them. May be that Skydrive has a similar limit somewhere. Sure hope you can fix it - I LOVE your slideshows!! ;))

  6. I have no doubt you'll get it figured out in due time.....glad you had a safe trip home, we did, too, headed north instead of south. So glad I got to take your class; get some rest before you head out again; you're a great teacher (and a resourceful blogger!!)

  7. So glad to hear you arrived home safely, and kudos to the hubby for spiriting you away for a relaxing dinner, with no clean up required! You have a fantastic attitude for someone who has violated...something...??? LOL! Computer glitches just drive me around the bend! Hope you have a restful nights sleep. Take care.

  8. I have been unable to look at the photos in your last two posts - Skydrive is insisting that I log in or create an account. This has not happened before.

  9. Remember how Dave said you need to spend more money to increase your business expenses? Well, you could pay someone to take care of your computer problems for you. Find someone that is highly recommended (word of mouth from other local small businesses) and contact them when these crazy problems arise. Then you don't have to spend so much time/energy figuring out the crazy things. Spend more time/energy on quilts....JMHO....

  10. I never had trouble before. Now it wants me to log on to skydrive for which I do not have an account. I just want to see the pics. Hope you figure it out soon. Looking forward to antique shopping pics.

  11. Hope they fix this soon for you Bonnie.

  12. And just because I'm naturally suspicious...are you *sure* where that message came from? Lots of viruses look just like valid error messages. Please update and sun your virus protection just in case :-)

  13. I agree it could be a scam message & virus or it could be that you posted from a different location to normal. I have had Hotmail freak out between Sydney & London.
    I HATE when technology goes bad - I have no patience & it shows the limit of my knowledge. LOL
    Good luck.

  14. Anonymous5:49 AM EDT

    I've had no trouble with the slideshow and have LOVED LOVED all this blogging you are doing. I'm touring America without leaving my house. Thanks so much on that.
    But suspicious activity and ???conduct...that is too funny. Please be a Paul Harvey and tell us the rest of the story once you figure it out.

  15. Anonymous8:47 AM EDT

    I had a great time at Celebration and in your class! Rushed home....8 hours to PA....and logged in right away to see your pictures. Couldn't see them at all (and I know I'm in some of them)! I'll keep checking and hoping that the mystery will be solved!


  16. i really enjoy the slideshows. gasp, no pictures!!! and if they are suspicious, i really really want to see them!! good luck. :>)

  17. (read this in a very stern voice) Bonnie, What did you do NOW???

    Sandy in TN who did see the slideshow.

  18. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

    I saw the slide show, too! well, thats a fine kettle of fish you are in, Bonnie!

  19. I haven't been able to see the slide shows or the video of you "deboning" a shirt, which I REALLY want to see. Hope this get fixed. I love to see what other people are picking for colors!


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