Sunday, April 08, 2012

On a Lovely Easter Evening ---

It’s been such a nice day! Even though there was some tax time torture involved ----I was reminded that it is a blessing to owe taxes, I live in a country where I can work at the job of my choosing and thrive at it. We are “THAT” much closer to having it settled, and I can put that thought out of my head for another year and just continue to create!

But – thoughts of being told once again by my accountant DH “Not Enough Business Expenses!” puts me in a tizzy because my thrifty side bites me in the butt for another year.

Here I am having a BALL sewing on a $70 pink 1950’s sewing machine instead of spending $5,000 on something I could legitimately write off ---

Maybe this is the year I remodel the basement studio just for somewhere to show a legitimate write off that is “Big Enough”.

I swear, this government is backwards. And after spending my whole life SAVING and getting the most out of everything, making every computer and phone and sewing machine last as long as it can, being very thrifty with my fabric purchases ---I have to find ways to either spend it on what I can, or write a bigger check to Uncle Sam. Be responsible with income…..and they take it away. Time to install the marble and gold plated executive wash room, I guess!

Okay, so it’s not appropriate to talk about taxes, religion, copyrights, politics and – ((fill in the blank)) on here, and I just ran my mouth right into my fingers again. And yes, if it hurts to write that check, be grateful that you have the ability to pay it. I know. I KNOW!

So let’s switch to a different topic ---

Sandra writes:

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for the info about your new adjustable sewing machine table.

I'm curious about the other object in the picture that looks like a "panda" face. Is that some sort of speaker or? More info. Appreciated.

Angie in CA.

Were you curious too? I think I’ve talked about him before…..

florabunda 021

Here’s a current shot of where I am in assembling my borders….See him there?

florabunda 020

This is my little GoGroove external speaker for my laptop/ipod/phone/tablet!

I sew facing the corner --- ((Yeah, BAD GIRL, go SEW IN THE CORNER!!)) and I set up my Toshiba tablet right next to where I’m sewing and put a good chick flick on netflix and I’m a happy girl! Here I was watching Betty White in a really cute movie from the 1980s. LOVE THIS PANDA!

I just throw it in my suitcase when I go –it’s usually the first thing I set up when I get to a hotel room. It powers up via USB, and plugs into the audio jack in whatever you are listening to or watching. Or if you don’t have a USB port ---just use a USB extender for a wall outlet, like the one that comes with iphone for charging from the wall and you are good to go. It also works from batteries.

It’s not going to give you Bose sound, but good enough for where I’m working, and better than the speaker that comes on tablets, iphones or laptops.

The best part? It’s on Amazon for $20.00 There I go being thrifty again ---- *sigh*

We went and saw Mirror, Mirror this afternoon, and thought it was really cute, and definitely worth a view! Julia Roberts was hilarious as the evil Queen, and we really enjoyed it.

After returning home, I took time out for a 90 minute nap --- so I plan on spending more time at the machine, finding something fun for netflix to play in the background while my Panda keeps me company!


  1. It's OK to talk about taxes, Bonnie. My dad was a district IRS agent, and I paid taxes when I was 19 and teaching piano as a newlywed; you are correct about "being correct".....Guy and I have a pathetic long-arm quilting business (read this to say, it will never get us rich), but I signed up with the state, the county, and got my state-tax exemption. I pay taxes to Virginia everymonth. This business will never get me "rich" but I can only respect the opportunities this country offers, I pay my taxes, and I go to sleep at night knowing that the little bit I am doing is the right way to go....

  2. and I'm going to talk about the Panda. that is the cutest dang thing ;-)

  3. Hi Bonnie, the panda caught my eye while on internet! Before starting the joys of home life and home business life, I was an accountant, and I can only sum it up like this........ it's sick.

    The lower the tax rate the less need for a write off expense ugh! Who would care about a 1% savings on a high expense, and we could keep 99% what we worked so hard for in the first place. The "make it complicated" officials keep ignoring my great idea.

    We are just reentering my DH's corrected second w-2 and ours are finished!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM EDT

    Love the Panda speaker. My 16 year old son loves Pandas in any form. Perhaps I see a gift in his future! It will match the red/black and white batik quilt I made him. Today, I have been blessed to NOT have to deal with taxes. Picked ours up from the accountant on Friday......so instead, after a lovely Easter dinner with my men (my daughters both live out of state--sniff sniff) I was allowed to work on Fair and Square x 2 all afternoon. I may get it done sometime this year. And I swear, there are more strings in the drawer than when I started!!!!!!! Joy in AK PS Loved the dust bunnies!

  5. Anonymous7:46 PM EDT

    When you own your own business the words to the hubster are: Pay the insurance, pay the taxes!!!! We all deal with them in one form or another so we all know where you are coming from. My suggestion?? If it is a legitimate deduction, I think you should go BUY MORE FABRIC!!! hahaha Have a great evening.
    Faye in Maine

  6. I owe the gov't big money taxes and I am retired. I don't owe anybody money house is paid off but the state that I live in wants lots of my money.

  7. Love your panda, my brother found a speaker "bomb" at Walmart, and I had to get one too, can't beat the price $7


  8. Hi Bonnie, I find it amazing that there are actually people out there who preach at you about what you write on YOUR blog. I guess you just have to laugh at them! I feel the same way about taxes. I know of one woman here in my town who is a drug addict and draws a disability check. She never works, stays home and does drugs, and my friend is raising her child. Nevertheless, she gets a HUGE tax refund every year. I just don't get it....

  9. I hope you charged your studio cutter as an expense. Maybe you should buy heaps more dies for too.

  10. Yeah, taxes suck. We're paying in more this year than in a long time. Guess we made more money,huh??? Not THAT much more. What really irks me though, is the huge refunds some people manage to get...way more than they paid in. NOBODY should get more back than they paid in. But hey, your panda's really cute...can you take him off on taxes since you listen while you sew quilts for your books??

  11. If it's a blessing to owe taxes, then I'm really blessed. I keep trying to spend more money, but DH complains... although, I have to admit that I'm about out of space for more fabric stash. Gotta spend more time quilting and less time shopping.

  12. Taxes and write-offs... It just doesn't make sense... And stop worrying about naysayers! I enjoy reading what you have to say, and when I occasionally don't, I don't!

  13. You don't feel like you're being WATCHED??? VBG

  14. Well, if you do get $5000 machine I suggest a Viking with the automatic lift. I am really spoiled that I don't have to lift up and put down my presser foot at every turn. Just sayin' LOL :C

  15. Anonymous11:45 PM EDT

    I read your blog about your extension tables and got my sweet DH to build me one for my Janome Platinum 720. It's just perfect! And it will get a good workout when I take it to Quilters Dream Weekend this week. And it should still be around when you are at QDW in 2015! Looking forward to actually meeting you there!

    Kathy Marlowe

  16. Taxes??? It is really that time of the year again............oh my! I just paid attention to the date, I had better get my butt in gear. One week to do my taxes. This is going to be the longest week in history. 12- 14 hour work days and taxes too. Wish me luck. I love the panda.

  17. Glad we weren't the only one working on taxes on Easter! So far ours are actually looking better than I expected (fingers crossed). I must spend money better than you!

  18. I thought I was crazy! (well truth be told I probably am LOL) Netflix is my best friend when I am stitching! I like Law and Order because I can be half engaged in it and still pay attention to my stitching! Love the little panda guy! :)

  19. Oh dear, Bonnie, I was in the ER Friday and found out I have gall stones. Man, they are ouch! Today Monday (is my birthday) and I am sitting here waiting for a surgeon to call me about an appointment to find if I need surgery or not? Not a fun Easter or birthday. Glad many of you have a mavelous day. Marilyn in SC

  20. I so agree with your comments re: taxes. My husband & I worked hard, lived within our means, and now enjoy retirement with a modest income & still have to pay thru the nose. Oh well, we are lucky to live in the best country every.

    PS. I have a two-toned pink Morse machine...never sewed on it but she's lovely.

  21. Anonymous10:21 AM EDT

    Honesty is *STILL* the best policy...

  22. I'm so happy to have a CPA in the family. He tells me my Quilting is a "Hobby" so I can't write anything off. He says be happy I don't have to pay to have them done. I spent our refund on a Fabric collecting trip. I'm not so frugal as you are using up all the Scraps, yet? I am trying to use my STASH and finish up my UFO's again this year. LOL I had family for Easter dinner so - no nap for me. Have a great week

  23. Thanks for the email and all the info. on the Panda speaker. I'm going to order one!

  24. I looked a couple of times for the bunnies...LOL!


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