Tuesday, April 10, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Dear TSA----

I really hope that TSA had a great time going through my luggage yet one more time!

I'm seriously thinking about laminating these cards and leaving one in each suitcase with a personal "Have a nice day!" note about going green and saving them the cost of more paper waste :-)

But then I wouldn't get to use these cards to punch more hexies from ;-)

Small hiccup here---only 2 out of 3 cases of books have arrived----the 3rd case being waylaid somewhere in Indiana due to a train derailment---at least that is what the tracking numbers tell me. :((

The missing case is Scraps & Shirttails II, and of course I needed it for the meeting tomorrow evening, and for the other guild on Thursday. Ugh!!!

Of all the rotten luck!!

But if this is as bad as it gets, I've got nothing to complain about really, right?


Off to dinner--supposedly there is an oyster bar in my near future!

Side note---are oyster bars related to sushi bars??



Laura said...

Hope you fair better at the oyster bar than you did with the VA Beach sushi!

Randy D. said...

Have fun! Eat some for me.

KWILEY said...

Ugh...wonder what TSA thinks when they open it only to find lots of lovely quilts :)
Wanted to thank you and the lady who video taped you on how to de-bone a shirt...just did a few the other day using your method....thankful I wanted for your tutorial.....I would have tossed some good useable stuff!

Michele said...

Well, it only takes one bad oyster. But you get back on the horse. Eventually. Been there, still love oysters. And sushi.

Anonymous said...

You should laminate a little note to the TSA, asking if they could spare some extra notice slips for your hexies.

cityquilter grace said...

hmmm wondering if there are many TSA agents who quilt..that might explain it; they want to see what you are making...LOL


rotflmao!! great response! :-)


LOVE what I can see of the HEXIE quilt! :-) I really enjoy making those as well! :-) I am the one who sent you the teensy ones--did you get them Bonnie? I hope you can use them--too small for me to deal with! LOL

Judy said...

Life can be sooo hard when you experience those 'hiccups'. I hope your travels go better. That train derailment was about 20 minutes from my home and it really did cause a huge mess. A fire so hot that they had to just let it burn itself out so it has caused some very long delays. Hopefully your books will catch up with you soon. I love to work on Hexies and also like you have a box that goes everywhere with me. I plan to make a quilt as a memory of my grandma who had a lovely quilt on her bed of hexies.

Kim said...

Honest to Pete another TSA slip?!!!
Do you think they are all emailing each other to look at
the cool quilts you keep sending all across the country?

Oh dear I do hope your books find you.

Happy Sewing and safe travels

Anonymous said...

i could not read what it says.

Carolyn said...

Guess what, I could drive there where you are from my house in Maine in the same time it takes from Portland airport to last years workshop. Maine is a big state. Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

OH Bonnie - luggage can be a burden, even when we need it! I do hope all goes well. Perhaps you can get some books from a shop? And send them some when yours arrive?
Enjoy your stay, RI is a beautiful place. And EAT SEAFOOD! YUM

Beth said...

Bonnie, maybe you should pack some weird stuff for TSa to find. LOL
Hope your books catch up to you.

YankeeQuilter said...

Forget the oyster bar you are up in lobster roll country! (don't even try to be healthy and forego the fried hotdog roll it comes it!)

Josie McRazie said...

Maybe they know who you are and just want a peak at all those wonderful quilts up close and personal like! I agree with the person who said you should ask for extra! LOL! That is to funny! you just look so like you are going to smuggle something sinister onto the plane! LOL!! NOT!!

Linnie Quilts said...

I love love love oysters but only eat them in months that contain an "r". Enjoy!

Linnie Quilts said...

If there is anything better than a fesh lobster roll in New England then God kept it for Himself!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, where can I purchase the pattern for the gorgeous red, green and cream hexi quilt pictured above? I have a hexi habit and need a fix.

Kathy Kirby