Monday, April 16, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Chiro Fun!

They haven't tallied up the jelly beans in the jar yet---I got more guesses today!

Not only that, they've upped the excitement---with the addition of a fully loaded garden tote!

Of course, it's the tote itself and it's quilty possibilities that has me giddy;-)

When is the drawing? Not sure---but I'm having fun with this place!! Lol! I mean, be honest---does your doctors office do this!? Huh??

Don't you wish they did?? :-)


  1. That tote looks awesome......my guess would be 1362! lol

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM EDT

    Can I guess? 754.

  3. I'd say 806 ;) (I hope my X-ray vision skills are good enough for that one)

    I wish my chiropractor would offer that kind of fun - but then again I'd only get to make a guess every 2 to 3 months.

    I've just started doing a "hidden spools" quilt for your tutorial. Thanks for sharing the tutorial - and all other tutorials as well :)

  4. My guess would be 602, that is unless my grandsons had been in it.

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM EDT

    That tote looks amazing...like the chiro wants more business...the Tote looks HEAVY, Do they offer a carry to the car service for the winner?

  6. Oh I love jelly beans especially the black ones. My guess would be 584.

  7. See what you mean about the bag, please ask where the brought it!

  8. Anonymous5:53 PM EDT

    probably about 1000 beans in the jar... that tote bag is marvellous, perfect for toting sewing supplies on the go!

  9. 1176 jelly beans in the jar. I'm surprized the jar is still full.
    Kat in Calgary AB Canada

  10. That is some big container of jelly beans. I guess is 964. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. With the addition of the garden bag makes me longing to be the winner :) 2,489


  12. Anonymous7:57 PM EDT

    775 is my guess dorenemc5@yahoo.com

  13. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    My dentist's office does this.....kinda funny - jelly beans (pure sugar) and the dentist~! Of course, I remember the days when the doctor's office gave candy and suckers to good little patients!

  14. I think there are 896. They'd be safe with me; I prefer chocolate.

  15. my guess....1542....


  16. I'm positive there are 951 jelly beans in that container! Oh yah, for sure!

  17. 924 is going to be my guess and I just love black jelly beans

  18. Oopps, better enable my e-mail address

  19. Oh heck, my dentist beats this! I always time my checkups to December when the office always has a handmade ornament contest that the patients vote for the winner. Plus they giveaway wonderful gifts, I've received a bottle of wine, baskets of cheese/crackers, CDs of Christmas music, to name a few from years past!

  20. 990 jelly beans
    of which I am hoping that at least
    a hundred are licorice


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