Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kiss in the Corner!

Today is my day to be the guest-blogger on Stash Manicure! Those of you who have found me through my links there..I want to welcome you! Those who are regulars here…you need to go over there! You will find a sneak preview of the quilts that are in Scraps & Shirttails II, Continuing the Art of Quilting Green!

This book has all been about using stuff from my stash—bonus units left from other projects ((Oh yes, like all of those triangles that ended up in my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt!)) pre-cut strips, squares, and even strings! They all found a way into the quilts in the book.

There is one quilt that did not make the cut because we ran out of room! This gives me the perfect opportunity to share it here with you. Yes, the blocks I started while retreating in Oregon for the Sister’s Quilt show a couple years ago finally found a home!

My love of antique quilts drives me! Especially on-point-ones in Pennsylvania Dutch colors like this:


And soft pastel deliciousness like this one!


I just LOVED the large chunky cornerstones in this pink/white version and that is what inspired me to play with this setting.

Because I work with scraps, it is ALWAYS difficult for me to tell you how many yards of this-or-that you might need, because I just dig. And I cut. And I sew, and if I run out of something, I grab another piece. Often times yardage is hard to calculate because I might only use a 2 1/2” square of something…and just ONE of that is in my quilt, and to tell you to buy yardage for one 2 1/2” square is just silly. SO….work with what you have, if you run short, buy some more!

If you have approximately 2 yards of neutrals, 2 yards of scrappy colors, and 2 yards (8 FQs) of yellows, you should be good to go!

Click here for printer-friendly .pdf version!

Please be sure that you install and update Adobe Reader to view this file. You may have to click to save it, and then click to open it to view and print it.

Kiss In The Corner!

Block size: 4.5"

Quilt size: Approx. 60" X 67"

Shoo Fly Blocks! What is not to like about them?

This quilt starts with bonus half square triangles! You know, the kind you get when you are doing that snowball-techique where you put a smaller square in the corner of a larger square and sew on the diagonal? I save those, double sewing them with a scant 3/8” seam between the two seam lines and square them to the best measurement I can get out of them, always aiming for something that gives me a usable measurement to work with. I have BOXES that have been square-able to 2” and that is what I used here!

kissinthecorner 013

You will need 288 half square triangles that measure 2”, and they will finish into the quilt at 1-1/2”. They are the same size as the triangles in Roll Roll Cotton Boll! If you don’t have a stash of half square triangles of this size, you can use your Easy Angle Ruler and 2” strips to make them:

kissinthecorner 003

Match the strips with right sides together, and use the 2” marking on the ruler to cut 288 matched pairs. Stitch up into 288 half square triangle units. Feel free to use ANY method that will give you the number of half square triangles required!

kissinthecorner 014

Next Step! Sew a bunch of 2” scrap fabrics ((Mine are all recycled from clothing!)) between two 2” strips of chrome yellow. Press seams toward the yellow. We will be cutting “three-sie” units from these, as if we were sewing 9 patches:

kissinthecorner 015 kissinthecorner 018

Slice the strip panels into 2” sub-sections. You will need 72 of these three-sies! And while you are at it, cut 144 2” yellow squares to go with them!

kissinthecorner 019

Add a triangle unit to the end of each yellow square as shown! Press seams toward the yellow! Make 144.

kissinthecorner 025

Combine the triangle units and the three-sie units to make 72 adorable Shoo-Fly blocks as shown! These should measure 5” and finish at 4.5” when sewn into the quilt.

Pieced Sashings:

It’s the pieced sashings that add those cute wonky friendship star units to the quilt layout!

kissinthecorner 027 kissinthecorner 028

Piece a bunch more strip sets from 2” strips, with colors in the center, flanked by two neutral strips on either side. You need 168 2" sub-cuts for the sashings. Press seams toward the neutral strips.

kissinthecorner 029

I really loved using these fabrics together! Using recycled fabrics along with the regular quilt stash just adds such a softness, giving you an instantly vintage looking quilt!

Let’s put the “Kiss” in the “Corner!”

For this step I grabbed my trusty box of 1.5” scrap squares. This is the smallest size of scrap that I cut to any specific size, and I use these quite a bit! If you are cutting from 1.5” strips, or cutting individual 1.5” squares, you will need TWO squares for each sashing, or 336 1.5” squares.

I started out just pulling the recycled fabric ones, but as I went I found that there were other colors and fabrics that I wanted to throw in to make these little stars sing.

What I really LIKE about using these small squares, is that we won’t have any corners to match when we sew the quilt together. They will float a bit, surrounding the star within the neutral areas!

kissinthecorner 032 kissinthecorner 033

kissinthecorner 021

Start by laying a 1.5” square in the upper right corner of the three-sie unit as shown. Stitch across the red square, from corner to corner on the diagonal. Fold the red square back against the corner to check that it matches the edges of the neutral square. Trim excess approximately 1/4” beyond the stitching and press. Repeat for the opposite corner at the bottom left of the unit.

kissinthecorner 034

Make 168 pieced sashing units. *Note* all of your units must be identical to each other in placement of the two corner triangle “Kisses”!

Setting Triangles & Cornerstones:

From yellow prints cut:

Cut (59) 2” squares of various yellows for cornerstones.

(6) 7 5/8” Squares. Cut each square from corner to corner twice with an X to yield 24 setting triangles. 22 will be used in the quilt, 2 will be extra.

(2) 4 1/8” Squares. Cut each square from corner to corner once to yield 4 corner triangles.

(7) 3 1/4” Squares. Cut each square from corner to corner twice with an X to yield 28 small setting triangles. 26 will be used in the quilt, 2 will be extra.

*Note* If you have the companion angle ruler, these small setting triangles, which go on the end of the sashing rows at the edges of the quilt, can be cut from 1.5” strips as shown:

kissinthecorner 022

I like using my specialty rulers when I can!


This part becomes a design wall/floor process! I want to make sure that the colors fall where I want them to, so I lay out the WHOLE QUILT so I can rearrange blocks and sashings as needed:


Lay out the Shoofly blocks, leaving room for the sashings and cornerstones in between. Layout the yellow cornerstones where the triangles in the sashing meet to form the friendship star design. Finally, place the setting triangles, Large and small where they go, and then the corners.

kissinthecorner 046

Diagonal quilts are sewn in rows, starting in one corner, and working toward the center of the quilt with each row increasing in length. Stitch the quilt center into rows, and join the rows to complete quilt center. I like to piece the top in two halves, and then join the two halves together. This helps distribute much of the bulk as the quilt halves grow! Press well.

kissinthecorner 053

Using a large ruler with a good 1/4” marking, trim up the edges of the quilt with the edge falling 1/4” past all block corners. This helps get rid of dog ears, etc. Stay stitch around the edge of quilt if desired, about 1/8” from the edge.


Inner border:

From random 1.5” wide red strips—Join lengths together on the diagonal to reach a border length of approximately 260” Trim excess 1/4” beyond the stitching and press seams open.

Outer Border:

From random 3.5” wide blue strips and rectangles –join lengths together on the “straight” by butting the ends and stitching to reach a border length of approximately 260”. Press seams open.

Stitch narrow red inner border to outer blue border with right sides together. Press seam toward the red inner border.

Lay the quilt center out on the floor, smoothing it gently. Do not tug or pull. Measure the quilt through the center from top to bottom. Cut two side borders this length. Measure the quilt from side to side across the center. Cut two side borders this length.

Stitch side borders to quilt, pinning center and ends and easing where necessary to fit. Press seams toward inner border.

Cut (4) 4.5” Squares from blue for border corners. Add a border corner square to each end of both top and bottom borders. Press seam toward the borders. Attach top and bottom borders to quilt, pinning to match centers and ends and easing where necessary to fit. Press seams toward inner border.

kissinthecorner 012


I quilted Kiss in The Corner with an edge to edge design by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting called Country Garden! I love the leaves and swirls and circles in this design! I used a sandy tan colored thread, and bound the quilt with lengths of 2.5” blue strips joined on the diagonal. That red fabric with the circles? It was a pair of capris! The blue corner square was one of my own blouses. Loved that print!

kissinthecorner 014

This light blue fabric was also a blouse of mine…next to it the dark blue paisley? That was one of those jumpers I had years ago…the ones that made us all look like school teachers? LOL! And next to it..that red leafy paisley? Another pair of capris! I’ve loved working with these recycled bits, every one!

oscar 008

Is there such a thing as too much yellow? I don’t think so! Sun

Now for your part! I am giving away TWO signed copies of Scraps & Shirttails II, as soon as it is in my hot little hands! All you need to do is leave me a comment here on this post telling me about the favorite quilt you’ve ever made, and you will be entered to win! I’ll even give you “EXTRA” time to enter because Sunday is a traveling day for me! I’ll draw for the winner when I check into my hotel in Nebraska on Sunday evening!

You can enter a second time over at Stash Manicure, and we will pull a winner from the comments on my post there as well, also on Sunday evening! Ready? Set? Go!


  1. That is a seriously nice pattern! But I used all my yellows in Roll Roll Cotton Boll! (which is also a great pattern)

  2. Several years ago I made a hand pieced scrappy tumbler quilt. It is not quilted yet as it 15 rows too long for my bed. I just kept cutting and piecing. But I have a good start for a second quilt!!

  3. Bonnie, another gorgeous design from you! Thank you for sharing.

    My favorite quilt I made of yours is the Boxy Stars design, which I made last year for my younger sister who is undergoing chemo therapy for ovarian cancer. I used many ocean colored batiks for a calming effect, and Sandy told me she uses it daily as a special hug from me (we live 4 hours apart, so I can't be with her every day in body, but I am in spirit!)

    Now I am ready to bust some more stash and am looking forward to using one of the designs from your latest book. I can hardly wait!

    Marg from Edmonton, AB

  4. Making most patterns are a joy to me, and I especially love making baby quilts. They warm my heart.

    Love the samples of your new quilts. Can't wait to get your book.

  5. Dear Bonnie,
    Thank you so much for making Kiss in the Corner available. I have never done an on-points diagonal type of quilt, but your pictures and instructions make it so clear that it gives me the confidence to try it! You are such a great teacher that I learn as I stretch my limits. Before Carolina Christmas, I was a person who talked about quilts a lot; now I AM a quilter. For my birthday, my dear Hubby gave me, " Adventures with Leaders and Enders." Thank you so very much!
    Vic in NH

  6. Thanks once more for being so generous with your creative juices! Just love how you think.

  7. My favorite quilt so far is the Road to Oklahoma quilt I made for my father. Machine pieced and completely hand quilted. Last one I ever hand quilted too! It is beautiful and he loves it!

  8. Thank you for the pattern, I love your quilts and can't wait for your new book. I made an Asian fabric quilt for a surprise gift and loved how it turned out and wanted to keep it; so I made a second quilt from your Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern with the scraps and my stash - well I loved that one MORE so I went ahead and gifted the original quilt and kept the Bricks and Stepping Stones for myself! I use it every day watching TV; many have tried to talk me out of it but I love it! Thank you for all of your wonderful patterns!

    Char S.

  9. I have only made a couple of crib quilts. My favorite is a red patchwork quilt with redwork in the snowball blocks. I've never recycled old clothes. But, after making clothes for her 4 daughters, my mother made loads of quilts from all those scraps.

  10. love, love, love this quilt! and I have lots of those little half square triangles! thanks for putting my name in the hat!


  11. I think my fav to make was a crumb quilt. Used heaps of scraps (was king sized quilt) and was no points to match, just a lot of sewing that was done while talking to friends

  12. Bonnie

    I have just recently "found" you and now I read your blog every day. You have energized me to organize my fabrics so I can spend more time quilting.
    My favorite quilts are those that I have made for the special people in my life.

    I just received a notification that my library located one of your books. I will be there as soon as they open!

    Safe travels to you today

  13. My favorite scrap quilt is a friendship braid. Love the quilts in your new book, am looking forward to its release. Please enter me in the drawing for the new book.

  14. Hey Bonnie,
    Last year I did a thrift-buy phase to collect "Hawaii-cum-Jimmy Buffet" printed cotton shirts for a luau party. Now I have about a dozen shirts, many XL, and wonder - how many more shirts will I need to make "Kiss in the Corner?"
    Love your scrappy quilts, bbf

  15. Thanks for another great quilt pattern.
    My favorite quilt was one made in my first class after the one to learn my fancy new sewing machine. It was a quilted wall hanging with machine embroidered blocks. I picked purple and lime green fabrics and it turned out great other than a small oops on the back but unless someone is going to look on the back it won't be seen. *I* know it's there and it does bug me to know but it's beautiful on the front. I impressed myself since the majority of the quilt was done at home by myself. Us girls yacked too much in the class (oops) so we ran out of class time.

    I'd love to win a copy of Scraps & Shirttails II. Thank you for the chance.

    vburr at charter dot net

  16. I love this quilt! If this one didn't make into the book, just how awesome are the ones that did make it?

    Jittina, the Netherlands

  17. Bonnie love this quilt: how you think of the title, I'll never know. I did Double Delight and got 2 first place at the local fair.
    Love scrapy quilts.

  18. Hi Bonnie, It's very hard to choose my favorite quilt but I think it;s either the scrappy triple irish chain that I gave away or the Carolina Cross roads quilt. That one I got so amany oohs and ahhs at my quilt guilds that people still talk about it. Mostly they say, I can't believe you gave that one away!! So 2 great quilts that I need to remake for myself some day. Thanks again for all your great patterns. I hope I win the book!!

  19. My favorite quilt that I made is one I call dragonflies and butterflies. I loved the fabrics and bought them over a year. I just did not want to cut the large scale fabrics (24 inch repeat) up into small pieces. Finally, I saw a quilt using large triangles. I modified the pattern to queen size and used the fabrics (not all from the same collection) that I had. On a whim, I pieced several different ombres for an inside border (again, what I had). It turned out so pretty. Thank you for the inspiration and helpful suggestions. Please enter me into the draw for your new book.

  20. The quilt I'm working on is aways my favorite at time

  21. Just love your scrapy quilt. Can't wait to get your book.

  22. My current favorite is a scrappy Irish Chain made in Christmas colors. It looks great and now I have a Christmas quilt!

  23. Bonnie, you're killin' me, girl. Another fab scrappy quilt pattern to add to the to-do list! Still love a scrappy flying geese I gifted a few years back. Blessings to you for your kind generosity and sharing spirit.
    regards, Teresa

  24. Really a wonderful pattern! My most favorite quilt is also a churn dash done in 30's pastels with a cream on cream back ground. I don't know why it stands out more to me than my other quilts. Maybe it's because it's just so pure.

  25. Hope I'm not too late but must say I love your quilts. My favorite quilt was a plaid madness quilt that I put baptist fans on. Love your Kiss in the Corner and really love, love, love your Roll,Roll,Cotton Boll.

  26. I am finishing up RRCB and yet you have done it again! I MUST HAVE YOUR NEW BOOK! You are fabulous, Bonnie!

    Amy Jackson

  27. My favorite quilt just came back from the long arm quilter the other day. It's made with beautiful Asian fabrics, which I adore!

  28. Love those shoofly blocks and all that yellow! My fav quilt is a basketweave string quilt that I made following your awesome instructions! I made it king size for our bed, and my hubby loves it, since most of the fabrics are recycled - he can look at it and recall the kids' pajamas, his old shirt, and much more! I'd love to win your book!
    Jacque in SC

  29. I think my most favorite quilt is a scrappy nine patch set with yellow with red borders. I've been a fan of yours since you lived in Burley, ID and posted once about going to Sisters and your return trip home when you were stopped by a cop and how bad you had to go to the bathroom while he was writing a ticket.

  30. My favorite if I have to chose is " PINWHEL STRINGS" I made that one long ago before I "learned " to quilt, yes it is scraps.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  31. This is wonderful, thank you so much for your inspiration and patterns! They are terrific! Happy Quilting!

  32. Love, Love, Kiss in the Corner -- my next Bonnie quilt to make.

  33. This is my first time to your website and I loved it! I've seen your column in Quiltmaker and always enjoy it. I absolutely love the scrap quilt idea that you just posted; I think I want to try it!
    My favorite quilt is usually the last quilt that I work on. But, I must admit that I'm partial to a quilt that I made with fabric that I purchased in Paris, France when I had the good fortune to be able to go there for a short trip. The pattern that I chose for the fabric was from an Australian quilting magazine and so I think of it as my "international quilt." It was a pink floral with blues and reds and a dark brown. I even was brave enough to do my own quilting using my home machine and it turned out pretty good!
    Thanks for this web site; I really want to start doing some scrap quilting and I really like this pattern!

  34. Thanks for the pattern...I think I need to get some more yellows or raid some friends stashes...LOL...sharing is caring...my favorite quilt is the one I made for my dad's 80th, a dissapearing 9 patch using fabric with tools as he was a cabinet maker and he just loves it and shows it off to everyone...bless him...would just love your book...hugs..LindaB

  35. My favorite quilt ever is the log cabin!! I love scrappy and old fashioned and it fits the bill for me. I have made so many of them!!

  36. Ruth
    I've made all your mystery quilts and am currently working on Roll Roll Cotton Boll which I believe is my favorite. I also loved Double Delight. Thanks for all you do for us. I love scrap quilts-they are so much more interesting.

  37. Scrappy Bargello! I made one with a bundle of "Portugal" fat quarters...So Pretty!

  38. I LOVE your site and all your wonderful ideas!! I have done several scrappy happy quilts and string quilts lately and those are the most fun. I've visited thrift shops in the area, but their prices are so high that I may as well buy new at a store! An old out of style sweater I looked at the other day was $17.50!! I was looking at some to reuse. Your site is the site I go to for new ideas, to use up small pieces, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  39. The favorite quilt I made is a double Irish chain with hand-quilted stylized horses in the counterpanes. Ladies at a care center helped me hand quilt it and suggested I use prairie points around the edge. It was a group effort, we had fun, and it was for my horse-loving daughter.

  40. Theresa VF11:25 AM EDT

    The most favorite quilt I ever made was when my granddaughter wanted to be right there with me while I was cutting fabrics. She wanted her own quilt so while I was cutting and tossing pieces I was not using in a box, she was sitting on the floor picking out pieces she liked. Sometimes I would tell her, no that's too small, or that's just right. I made her a quilt that we did together. She still has that quilt 10 years later.

  41. I would have to say the first one I made is my favorite. I have only made two as I am a novice but that first beautiful blue toned quilt now hangs over my bed and it started me on this wonderful quilting journey and makes me smile when I walk in the room.

  42. As Rita above, I too favour the Churn Dash. The scrappier the better! Bonnie, I love your quilts, patterns and your wonderful blog. I would be honoured to win one of your books!

  43. My favourite is the same as Rita above...I just love the Churn Dash, and the scrappier the better!
    Bonnie, I love your quilts, patterns and of course, your blog. I would be honoured to win one of your books!

  44. My favorite quilt is a log cabin in straight furrows that my mother made for me when I was a young 22. It was made in the 60's, with red centers and scraps of calicoes and plaids. I could pick out scraps from clothes she or I made. Thanks for the patterns you post for us to use, and all the ideas that you inspire us with.

  45. My all-time favorite quilt was made to honor my aunt. It was made from drapery fabric samples she had collected; my cousin and I found them when she moved to a nursing home. I squirreled those away with no one knowing and combined them with remnants I collected over the next 2 years. They were truly surprised by the quilt! My aunt said it was the most beautiful quilt she had ever seen and insisted it be entered in the fair. I won a 1st place ribbon but the most wonderful prize was the gift of love and confidence my aunt gave me!


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