Monday, December 03, 2007

Mystery Quilt List

Boy,you sure are hearing from me a lot lately!

I have set up a quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com list for those working on the mystery so they can talk back and forth about fabric choices, post pictures, post their progress, and fill the list up with all sorts of quilty chatter. Those not participating in the mystery are also welcome to join even if you just want to lurk and learn.

To register, simply click this link

Hope to see you there!


Annemiek said...

No fancy rulers, and not enough stash over here, but I love to lurk and learn! I'm positive this quilt will turn out great as they all are!

ForestJane said...

And I'm just flabbergasted (and flabby too, but let's not get into that - lol) at the amazing response on your quiltvillechat yahoo group, WTG! I thought you'd have a hundred or so participants in your mystery, and wow, in less than 48 hours, you've exceeded 550 members! *gasps*

I already have the ruler, the omnigrid version, and love it.

Can't wait to see what we make next!