Friday, July 05, 2024

It All Starts WIth One.

What else is a girl left alone to her own devices to do on a long independence day holiday weekend?

It all started with yesterday's Quote of the Day.

Star quilts have always been a favorite.

I'm down to only 10 blocks left to hand quilt on my Ladder Star, so SOMETHING has to fill the hoop next, don't you think?

I photographed this quilt in Pennsylvania in 2018.  I love the info feature on any of my saved photos so I can at least check the date of when the photo was taken - and then I go to my google photos to search that month to see if I have full shots and other detail photos of whatever that quilt is.

This is the star quilt!

I love the prints and plaids and stripes in this one.

Notice the substitution of pinks in the bottom left corner.  These are the things I love about vintage quilts.  She did what she could with what she had and made it work.

And that yellow border?  Very unexpected!  I had forgotten about that aspect of the quilt.

And before I knew it I had 4.

How many more will come? I don't know.  We shall see. Maybe just a table runner?  

But working with red, white and blue just fit the bill on the 4th of July somehow.

Along with the red, white & blue theme -

About 1 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic.  I know I'm not the only one who reaches their 60s and has to make big changes to their lifestyle.

What I didn't know at the time is how much this change would open my eyes and my palate to the most marvelous of recipes.

Instead of it feeling like a burden and focusing on things that I can't have - I opened my eyes to all of the things I could.

My meals are protein-forward and enhanced with veggies and some fruits.

I love berries, and since they are in season and can be eaten in moderation with my restrictions here is a little dish I've become obsessed with.

Yogurt Bake!

Did you know that you can bake yogurt?  It's high in protein and other good things.

This recipe tastes somewhere between a custard and a cheesecake and makes 2 servings.

I feel like I'm having a treat, not a limitation.


1 cup Fage total 0% Greek yogurt
3 eggs, beaten
pinch of salt
1 Tbl corn starch
1 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tablespoons sweetener of choice (I use sugar-free vanilla syrup but stevia or monk fruit or whatever have you works.)
1/3 cup mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, sliced strawberries)

Blend all but the berries in a bowl until smooth.  Pour into a small greased casserole dish. 

Top with the berries scattered across the top.  Do not stir.

Bake at 350 for 35- 40 minutes or until set and the center doesn't jiggle anymore.

This is SO good!  Here I've dished up 1/2 the small casserole and topped it with some sugar free maple syrup.  I'll save the second half and warm it up for breakfast tomorrow.

I've also been wanting to try this as a savory version minus the sweetener and the berries and adding chopped red pepper, onion, mushrooms and cheese just to shake it up. Maybe throw in some bacon bits?

This whole diabetes thing has given me the gift of curiosity.  What can I make that is healthy, tastes like a party in my mouth and makes me feel like I am not giving up on the things I love.

Best shirt ever!

This is what I wore yesterday.

And yes, you can get one too!

I did buy tshirts in Ireland and Scotland, but let me tell you my best secret - When luggage is at limits, I will often do some night time shopping from my hotel room and order something to arrive at home about the time of my return.

I didn't see anything like this while in Scotland, and loved it so much I bought one for me, and one for my dad!

Get yours HERE. #ad

Today was another slow start - as it should be on day 2 of a long 4 day holiday weekend.

This evening I'm headed over to West Jefferson for music in the park with friends.  

Folding chair? Check.

Bug spray? Check

Beverage? Check.

And my toes are ready for tapping.

What plans do you have or this weekend ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This morning is for rocking on the front porch listening to the wind in the trees and birdsong all around.

Vintage quilt found in Wytheville, Virginia. 

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous10:41 AM EDT

    yum! I try to avoid dairy - i wonder if a cashew or almond milk yogurt would work. I'll let you know!

  2. That recipe is right up my alley - although not diabetic, I am working on living sugar-free. I'm planning to give this a try!

  3. What a great outlook. While I am not diabetic, I have friends who are and am always happy to have something I can make for them, so thank you for what looks like a yummy treat! We are babysitting out twin 3-year old grandsons today. No sewing, but much fun!

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM EDT

    May I suggest another food option too for anyone with type 2 diabetes, sourdough bread. My husband was diagnosed some years ago and at that time I had a bread maker and baked bread for 2 years. Then lost interest and he was doing well with food choices. Fast forward to the fall of 2022 and went to a sourdough pizza class and it inspired me to start back making sourdough bread, but discovered all types of other recipes including deserts. The nice part too is that you can bake around your schedule which I always thought having a sourdough starter meant a daily chore. Not so. Just a thought I wanted to pass on. Sourdough has a low glycemic index and is good for your gut too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  5. Just curious as the approximate size of the casserole dish you used for the recipe??? It looks delicious.

  6. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am also diabetic and need to make better choices in my diet. I will be trying this, and I like the idea of a savory version - great for any meal topped with salsa. Enjoy your long weekend

  7. Quilting and more Quilting! Love your hst Star made with shirts. We all have them. Thanks for sharing your journey. Anything RWB is fun!

  8. Anonymous11:31 AM EDT

    Also have been recently dx'd with type 2. Went out and picked raspberries and blueberries yesterday, so will definitely try your recipe. Sounds delish!

  9. i hear you on the diet front...i am no salt diet person and that was a huge challenge for me...lots of foods now forbidden---canned, boxed and frozen stuff--as well as most restaurant food or pot luck suppers even...but i have been on a delightful culinary adventure and found lots of herbs and spices that don't let me feel deprived...

  10. Anonymous11:33 AM EDT

    Thank you for the "custard" recipe, it sounds like a great alternative for breakfast. Love your tee shirt. Hope your 4th of July was great.

  11. The star blocks are charming, the t-shirt is hilarious, and I am 100% trying that recipe soon.

  12. That dessert look delicious!! And that is the yogurt I use. Good substitute for my go to summer dessert parfait of yogurt topped with frozen raspberries. Thanks!!

  13. Anonymous12:36 PM EDT

    Yogurt bake sounds delicious. Do you have the Carb count for this dish? My husband is a type 1 diabetic and I’m always looking for good sugar free desserts too make for him. Judy Frederick

  14. Is there anything more glorious than to sit on your own porch listening to bird song with a quilt to stitch on?? Heavenly! (with hummingbirds to watch)

  15. Anonymous2:25 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I always thought type two came upon folks who are overweight like I am. I try to keep sugar free and low carb, lost 113 so far. There are lots of options out there for us. It sounds like someone educated you fairly well on what to do with that diagnosis. I never got that support from my doctors. I’ve learned so much on YouTube.
    Now I know what to do with all my spare half square triangles, thanks for the idea. Enjoy your weekend. Fran in Pa

    1. Fran, I just wanted to commend you on your weight loss. Best wishes, Jenny

  16. Enjoy your "me time!" That is rare & hard to find for me! Loving the new name on the square pegs quilt! Quilting is on hold for a bit. Taking time for family, most especially my Dad. Have a fabulous weekend! :)

  17. One of my easy breakfasts is a pancake: 1 mashed banana mixed with 2 beaten eggs. Pour into 8" or 10" fry pan and cook on low to medium heat. I let it cook slow so it won't burn and I don't have to turn it. You can add whatever berries you like or wait until cooked to use on top. I top it with either sugar free maple syrup or jam. Sometimes I just top with cinnamon and Stevia.

  18. I, too, am a Type 2 diabetic diagnosed in 1998. You are wise to take it seriously because high blood sugar doesn't make you feel sick and is easy to ignore. The long term consequences are dire though. Retinopathy, neuropathy, and more. I value my eyesight, kidneys, and feeling in my hands. I am not going to be able to quilt without eyesight and feeling in my hands. I have also focused on what I can eat, rather than what I need to avoid. Fortunately I like all vegetables. An occasional treat is allowed. I am going to make your recipe. It is somewhat similar to something I make. A French custard thing called clafouti.

  19. I make a similar dessert. A French custard thing called clafouti. Funny name but yummy. I call Type 2 diabetes a "rich country's problem." It's all in your attitude.

  20. Loved the recipe, although since I am staying away from artificial everything (and am not diabetic), I did use a little sugar. It was delicious and simple - perfect. Thanks so much for telling us about it. Your blog is a bright spot in my day, and I thank you for all your hard work, fabulous patterns, and guidance about how to devise fantastic scrappy quilts.

  21. Aby Dolinger6:16 AM EDT

    I am enjoying the audio feature of “reading” your blog posts. I agree, sewing red, white, and blue Star blocks on the 4th was too tempting an idea to pass up!

  22. Anonymous4:21 PM EDT

    The yogurt bake is so YUMMY; thank you!

  23. Thank you for the recipe! Just this week at age 77 I was diagnosed with Type 2 so I am learning such a new routine. I am anxious to try this recipe.

  24. Anonymous2:26 PM EDT

    Does anyone know the name of the quilt pattern pictured? Have one using this pattern made by husband's grandmother. Virginia


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