Monday, July 01, 2024

Hello, July!

There is no doubt what went on here through the last weekend of June 2024.

We quilted until it was time to turn the page on the calendar and welcome in JULY!

Someone please slow down the speed of Summer passing us by - seriously.

I wait all year for summer and boom.  Gone in a flash.

Meanwhile at Quiltville Inn -

Much hilarity on Saturday - I arrived to the inn to find the "other" half the quilters gone on a quilt shop hop.  

Yep - the ones that stayed behind had a serious case of F.OMO (Fear of missing out!) when those who went Friday came back with bags and bags of quilty goodies.

So off they went in search of some fabric finds on their own and I'm SO glad no one missed out.

We have two wonderful shops within a 45 minute drive of the inn. And I love it when quilters come back and say "They had really great stuff - what a super shop!" and do a bit of retail therapy while here.

I'm sure it's fun for the shops to have visitors from far and wide, too.

SO many fun fabrics in Connie's Kismet blocks!

I have always loved the happy mix of string units when paired with traditional patchwork elements.  FUN!

Rhododendron Trail is coming along - I love these soft sea foam fabrics. And so yummy when mixed with the mustard gold.

Two fun projects underway here!

Jacob's Chain and Triple Treat  are both going to be beautiful!

Folks have been asking when the next Leader & Ender challenge comes out - and I can tell you sometime this week.

Judy's Stitchers head back to Mississippi tomorrow and I'll have time in the next several days to get it nailed down.  Stay tuned!

Indigo Way is coming along!

We were talking about how putting blocks on point is akin to magic.  It changes everything for the better!  I love an on point quilt layout.


Here's the pattern info.

Patches & Pinwheels variation from the Free Patterns tab.

And a bit of what was going on at the QPO Studio!

All of the tringles with turquoise centers are done - 

Now working in mirror image -

Neutral centers with turquoise corners.

There are loads of these to do. It will take a while.

Watch for the release of Huka Falls to happen in January 2025.

Meanwhile at home - this rhodie is finally reaching full bloom.  4th of July is usually blooming time for the woodland rhodies - the wild ones that grow in the woods.

This year they aren't doing a lot of blooming. Maybe it was the early spring ice storms we had? But this one is putting on a nice show.

I'm loving early mornings and late evenings on my own porch - I caught this photo of Zoey in profile while talking with my dad last night. Such a pretty girl!

I also took this little video on my way to the inn yesterday morning just to give you an idea of how summer as settled in here.  Click to Play:

I still can't believe it's July!

Okay - I'm off to the inn.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Are you ready to kick off this brand new week with a bang?

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!



  1. Had way too much fun and food this weekend. Driving back home today. No quilt shop stops for me. Maybe an In n Out stop. Happy July hope the crazies wait for tomorrow to travel.

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM EDT

    I enjoy reading about your journey through creating each new quilts. Your ability to create such beauty from scraps amazes me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. yes, summer goes by much too fast!

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM EDT

    -I love reading your blog every day. But i disagree summer seems to never go. My least favorite season. Can not tolerate the heat

  5. Debbie Myers9:31 AM EDT

    What a beautiful drive! The mountains are wonderful!

  6. From Pickering, Ontario, Canada.. We are celebrating Canada Day today... A National Holiday... Lovely to see your countryside there... Could be down the road from here!.. The weather was rainy and cool, yesterday. But the Blue sky and sun are back, as is a bit of summer heat.
    Bonnie thanks so much for your daily blog posts, it is always a pleasure to read each day! You are Amazing! Really AMAZING!. THANK YOU!

  7. I agree... Summer goes way too fast! But, it's only because it's my time off. It's too hot down here in South Central Texas. That is a great picture of Zoey! Safe travels to those heading home. I love all of the inspiration this weekend! Loads of great projects going on! Happy quilting!

  8. Thank you to whoever was making the poppies pattern. I have been looking out for a good design featuring poppies to adapt for my November wall hanging - this is perfect. Why November? Because I am British, though living in the UK, and the Sunday closest to November the 11th is Remembrance Sunday and we buy and wear poppies as a symbol and to support our national veterans charity.


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