Thursday, July 04, 2024

Independence Day 2024 -

It was one of those nights where deep sleep eluded me.

So it was a surprise to me to finally wake up this morning, look at the clock and find it was already 8:30am.

I guess I made up for lost sleep after all!

Independence Day.

And I'm solo because Hubster Dave went to Oregon for a friend's celebration of life  - and is spending the extra holiday time with his brother and family.

Son Jason arrived at uncle Bruce's yesterday - and they will be together for the next few days.

I love this for them.

I spent the longest time out on the porch this morning just enjoying the morning - even thinking that I would pass on writing this post today. (photo ablove)

But instead, I'll keep it relatively short.

Yesterday was full of much piecing and watching of documentaries.  Click to Play:

There is more to go - but not that much more.

"Where did you get your triangle papers?"

I drew them up on the computer.

"Where can *I* get the triangle papers?"

The printable template will be included when I release the pattern - likely January.

There is a lot coming in a short amount of time.

Leader & Ender challenge is *ALMOST* ready. Be watching for that in the next few days.

Square Pegs block became Hamilton Gardens quilt!

And I am releasing Hamilton Gardens likely July 17th - it's a day when I am in between retreat groups.

I changed the name as there are already several "Square Pegs" named quilts out there, and with this layout it reminds me of our visit to Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand this past January.

And I am also piecing this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery behind the scenes.

So while things may seem a bit quiet and less informative on the surface, rest assured I am paddling as fast as I can beneath the waves.

All 3 in one zoomed in shot -

Zoey and Ivy and Mabel all enjoying the cool evening last night - This shows how hard it is to capture moving targets when zoomed in by cell phone from the front porch above.

This day honors the courage and vision of the Founding Fathers and celebrates the enduring principles of liberty, democracy, and independence that define the United States. ⁣
On this day in 1776, we were no longer subject to a monarch or theocratic rule. ⁣
We were established under the belief that all men were created equal. No one - not even the president of the United States - was above the rule of law. ⁣
Every individual, no matter how wealthy or powerful, is equally subject to the law. ⁣
Benjamin Franklin wrote: "The establishment of our new Government seemed to be the last great experiment for promoting human happiness." ⁣
How are we doing with our experiment?⁣

Just some things to think about this Independence Day in 2024.



  1. I love you Bonnie. Your comments could not be more accurate or timely. God Bless.

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM EDT

    God bless you, Bonnie. Thank you for all you do and for giving us some good food for thought. Wishing you every happiness.

  3. Looking forward to your pattern release of Hamilton Gardens on my Birthday... Have a restful Fourth.

  4. Anonymous11:05 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I love your message and the quote on the quilt. I want to share it with note that it is a quote from you. This message is one we all should think about especially today.

  5. Enjoy your quiet time. It doesn’t come often enough.

  6. Anonymous11:10 AM EDT

    Thank you, Bonnie, for stating the facts. We are all equal. All of us. Happy 4th of July!

  7. Anonymous11:22 AM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie for your many patterns and your wise words! Linda R

  8. Anonymous11:28 AM EDT

    Hear hear! So appropriate for the situation currently happening. As usual, Bonnie Hunter is right on! Good wishes for everyone .

  9. Watching from Canada, and praying for all of you, our neighbours, long-time friends and allies. Blessings for all you do, Bonnie; thanks.

  10. Anonymous11:30 AM EDT

    Thanks for gentle reminders. Joyce R

  11. Anonymous11:47 AM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie. This year is especially a day for reflecting on our freedoms. Mary Ann

  12. Anonymous11:51 AM EDT

    A sane voice in a divided country. Thanks for your insight and posts.

  13. Enjoy your 4th of July! Nice to have quiet time to enjoy it. Love the Meme and thought that is in it. Thanks to our founding fathers. Flying my Flags for Freedom, long may they Wave.

  14. Thank you, Bonnie, for speaking out. We need more people to think hard about their choice for our country's future...our country...not just a President. Maintaining freedom is paramount!

  15. Anonymous12:17 PM EDT

    I know the paper tearing was not on fast speed, that is all Bonnie speed. Thanks, love the voice overs.

  16. Anonymous12:24 PM EDT

    Have a great time enjoying the quiet. It’s nice to have that every once in a while.

  17. Amen to that Bonnie. It's never been more important that we pay attention and be ready to vote.

  18. Genevra Mirenda12:36 PM EDT


  19. Anonymous12:36 PM EDT

    Bravo, Bonnie! Thank you for being one of the brave to take a stand against the clear and present danger to our beloved USA!

  20. Anonymous12:52 PM EDT

    Happy fourth to you! Thanks for all the time you spend creating ways to use up scraps. I am currently working on “Morning Glories” but should be done by the time “Hamilton Gardens” comes up. I definitely have an addiction to your creations.

  21. Thank you Bonnie! We all need to remember these words now and especially when we go to VOTE, to preserve this experiment and ensure that NO ONE is above the law. You asked, "How are we doing with our experiment?" I have to say it's threatened, and the threat is getting stronger every day it seems. Our politicians on both sides need to work together, not hurl accusations and insults. Michelle Obama said, "When they go low, we go high." We need everyone to go high. Go high and work together, please.

  22. Sadly we all are not equal and it would seem, based on recent rulings, the President of this country is now above the law. It's hard to be happy on this day of all days knowing that is the case. And wondering where we are going as a country.

  23. Oh my goodness Bonnie - you mentioned the mystery quilt! Bring on all the “when will it start posts”. LOL!

  24. Anonymous2:52 PM EDT

    Thank you for all you do for the quilting world, and here at home. So happy to know we are connected in thought in the most important ways!πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  25. Anonymous4:30 PM EDT

    Totally agree. Enjoy the solitude and creating. You're doing great. Happy 4th.

  26. Hope is a good thing. Thats what I receive each time I read your blog. Thank you for sharing all things quilting, your precious pets, and your family life. Your ending thoughts you leave us with is always a good soul search.

  27. Thank you, Bonnie, for your words. I have faith in the people of this country. The experiment will survive.

  28. Anonymous9:29 PM EDT

    Happy 4th of July, Bonnie. Let's hope it's not our last.

  29. Anonymous10:12 PM EDT

    It’s not often we have alone time with nature and pets and our thoughts on freedom and 4th of July celebrations! Amen to your message and history reminder for those that have lost sigh of that!
    - Gracie

  30. Janequiltsslowly12:18 AM EDT

    You speak for so many of us who are watching and wondering if this hope for humanity will continue. No one should be able to avoid responsibility for criminal actions even if they are done while serving as our President. With hope for our future.

  31. Kathy K.8:57 AM EDT

    Well said Bonnie! Have a lovely weekend!

  32. Anonymous6:02 PM EDT

    Hope all enjoy the long weekend! This Kiwi will definitely be adding ‘Hamilton Garden Quilt’ to her list! Thanks Bonnie, I’m looking forward to its release ☺️ - Rose, Christchurch, NZ πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

  33. My heart is bursting with joy at the response to Bonnie's comment.

  34. Brava, Bonnie.

  35. Anonymous7:49 PM EDT

    I look forward to the Leader Ender Quilt all year. Somehow I never manage to make it a true leader/ender, but the quilt turns out great whether I do it fast or slow! Enjoy your weekend. Alone time is important! Nancy Neely


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