Tuesday, July 02, 2024

From Virginia to Mississippi!

And Judy's Quilters are all on the road back to Mississippi.

I wanted to get to the retreat earlier this morning to wish the last of everyone off - but alas - Zoey Jo has decided to take an extra long walkabout this morning and I can't leave without knowing she is back home.  Crazy dog! She hasn't done this in the longest time.

We had an amazing week - and one of the most delightful things - the rains did come and cooled everything off.  Temps are in the 50s this morning!

So lovely!!

Judy brought both of her quilting daughters with here and it was wonderful to see how they have jumped in with both feet!

I think access to their mother's stash has something to do with it - and their quilts are so beautiful.

Scrappy pineapple, Grassy Creek  and Chilhowie.

All the Chilhowie quilts!

Indigo Way and Orange Crush, an old mystery still found at the bottom of the Free Patterns tab.

Winter BluesFrolicGood Fortune an a newly finished sampler top!

Mom, daughters &Indigo Way.

Thanks for  most memorable week, ladies!

Safe travels home, and we'll see you back next June!

A bit more of around here.

Click to Play:

I love these cooler summer mornings.

There is a whole lot of this happening in my life right now.

Click to Play:

Video at 2X speed!

Many more units to make - but I'm obsessed!

I'll arrive to an empty retreat house - it will seem so quiet!

I'll dig in to all the normal Tuesday things - laundry, organizing, cleaning - but at a much slower pace because it is my holiday week off!

There is a Leader & Ender challenge to put the finishing touches on...that's coming up very soon.

That is....if I ever get Zoey to come home from up the mountain. (She still hasn't as of yet.)

Wait a minute - I just heard her, and saw her chasing a chipmunk across the yard.

QUiltville Quote of the Day -

If I had a dollar for every time I've been in this situation.... 

If you know, you know!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Such a pleasure to see all of the "Bonnie" quilts in the over the rails pictures. Great job ladies. Great job Bonnie.

  2. I always love seeing all the quilts hanging over the railing and always seem to find a favorite…..but not this time!!! Seriously, I Love them all! Beautiful job, Judy’s Quilters!!

    1. same here! That was an amazing display!

  3. Lynn in Australia10:03 AM EDT

    Love the quote, made me nod & laugh, except I was thinking of "for those who said "I only came in for.........."
    The quilt display is lovely again! Mostly "Bonnie" designs this time.

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM EDT

    I love that the daughters made Quiltville Quilts with their Mom and came to Retreat. Just Beautiful, every one that you shared. I missed Orange Crush. Found Double Delight while cleaning and sorting. Travel safe Ladies. Happy Tuesday! Silly Zoey...

  5. Love your beautiful videos of summer in Appalachia. So lovely and serene. Love your strip piecing at 2X ! Inspired me to wanna do that myself! Love strip piecing! What fun. Thank you, Bonnie!

  6. Mary Ann10:56 AM EDT

    All the lovelies over the rail! It’s such a fun tradition!

  7. I am in awe of all the beautiful quilts hanging over the rail. What inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ride to work!

  8. Some gorgeous inspiration over the rail today!

  9. Such a special photo with the mother & daughters! I just loved that most of the porch quilts were your designs. It's so lovely to see them all in one place. I can name a couple of them that I have done, & one I am still working on... I'm hoping to have CHilhowie at least top status before I head back to school.
    I love to hear about Zoey's antics... I am sure she knows her way home! That quote was another positive note, & a laugh I needed today! Happy Tuesday!

  10. Anonymous5:31 PM EDT

    Or for the I only came in for two things and now have 10 moments. LOL

  11. Glad to hear Zoey has returned. Yes to the baskets in the middle of the store. I think that photo is the most quilts I've seen over the rail. What treasured memories for those daughters. I built some traveling with my Mom to visit carousels, and various historic sites. My Grandmother taught me to knit, my Mom taught me to embroider & sew, all the women in my family taught me to cook, and I taught myself to quilt & do lots of other crafts. Build those memories! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Buying the Quilt Inn was worth it if only for the railing to hang quilts on for show and tell!! I LOVE it!!! Keep up the great work.


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