Monday, July 08, 2024

Fantastic Weekend!

I really should get out more.

I'm not sure what it is about this advanced age that has me preferring for the most part to just deal with small groups of retreating quilters, a few local friends and choosing basement sewing time over wanting to be out and about around crowds of people.

I am mostly content to just be faced with a project that has captured my attention, with something binging on some streaming service, or podcast, or just music.

But every once in a while, with much prodding and encouragement, I find I can have a wonderful time with friends playing social of an evening!

Knowing I was left "home alone" while Hubster Dave was in Oregon/Idaho (He is home tomorrow. Yay!) friends Cindy & John invited me out to the street fair in West Jefferson, NC on Friday evening.

We weren't sure it was going to be a go.  Just as we were arriving, we were welcomed by a huge downpour that had us shaking our heads, driving past, and opting to just go out to dinner instead.

And oh, how the rain came done!  "It's a total wash out!" was the concensus.

Cruiser's Grill was packed with folks who evidently had also given up on the promise of food trucks for their evening meal due to the rain - 

We watched the rain just cascade down the slightly hilly paved parking lot.

But wonder of wonders - by the time we were done with dinner the rain had stopped - do we dare go b ack and see what is going on?

Click to Play:

The headliner act was 20 year old Presley Barker and his 14 year old brother. They were followed up with the Hot Sauce Party Band from Charlotte, NC.

Quite a few came out once the rain had passed!  And the food trucks were back and busy with ice cream, kettle corn, funnel cakes and more.

Ellie doing her best impression of Superman.  LOL!

The consensus?  This girl needs to get out of her comfort zone and get out and play more often.  It was a joy to be out with folks tapping their toes, clapping their hands and we all sang along until we were hoarse of voice and full up with community happiness.

Thanks, Cindy and John for dragging my butt out there.

Where are we going next?

So this has been going on over the past few days in the QPO studio:

My County Clare Leader & Ender units are also growing quickly along side of my patriotic star blocks! I have become obsessed.  Seriously.  With both projects!

This is where I left things last night.

I'm going to keep going on these, knowing that I still have that Huka Falls quilt to finish.  

I've brought that one home as I am at the block assembly stage, and it is easily managed from here on out.  It's been my evening sewing at home thing...which will come to a close tomorrow when I pick Hubster Dave up at the airport.

This pile is making me so happy!

Quilt photography happened yesterday!

We had some light cloud cover yesterday morning which makes for brilliant photography without risk of glare in the morning.

Getting closer to having Hamilton Gardens ready for PDF release in just about a week!

And this is where I am this morning.

Lola is a creature of habit and as soon as I sit at my desk, she is right up in my lap and pegging for pets and giving me "the look."

Which is what prompted this morning's meme:

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's all in the way they look at you, right? 

There are days when I wish all pets came with thought bubbles just so we would know for sure what they were thinking! 

Happy Monday, everyone! 



  1. I wish there was thought bubbles for pets too.It would be interesting to know what my dog, Peeps, was thinking.

  2. Holly in Indiana10:06 AM EDT

    I am not sure we want to know what they are thinking ALL the time,

  3. I am a bit older than you and I also have become more reclusive with age, content to do my chores, work in the yard, or sew. My husband and I had talked about a road trip west for years. It dawned on me that time was zooming and if we ever wanted to do this, we better do it before our age became too advanced. So last summer, the kids promised to watch the pets, and off we went. We had a wonderful time and I wondered what had kept me from doing this for years. It also made me appreciate my routine more than ever, so I had renewed energy for my life. Good for you independently doing this. You look great in the pictures! Here's to new creative ideas.

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM EDT

    I also need to be dragged out sometimes. I find the older I get the more I just enjoy my own company and my sewing room. I do have a couple of really good friends though that are always fun to be around. Unfortunately they don't live close enough to do spur of the moment stuff.

  5. Glad you had a fun evening with friends, Bonnie. I have a difficult time getting out of my comfort zone at home too. The bands were fun to listen to, and I loved watching the kids dancing. :-) You've taken off with your County Clare and Patriotic Star blocks! I still haven't figured out a colorway for my County Clare. Wish I had a great stash like you do. Jenny

  6. Sally Warren10:31 AM EDT

    Dogs, on the other hand, would be texting you all day long!!

  7. Bonnie If it wasn't for the 2 year age difference (we share the same birthday month and day) I'd swear we were twins separated at birth! The things you say in your posts and videos, the type of quilting you do, your love for nature and animals, your love for vintage sewing machines, and your love for a simple clean lifestyle in the country really make me feel like we're connected somehow. I guess we're just soul sisters! Can't wait for Hamilton Gardens to post. My bushels of scraps are calling for just this quilt! Have a scrap happy week!

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM EDT

    The older I get the less I tolerate crowds. I don’t seem to have much patience for screaming kids in the grocery store either. I’m in the midst of a major sewing room re-organizing. Such fun! Fran in Pa.

  9. So happy for you that the rain stopped and you enjoyed the evening out with friends. Next time Hubster can go too. Love seeing the laid out block progress! RWB and BW is awesome. I need to cut up some scraps. Or look in my scrap Stash for squares of Blue! It's Quilt Guild week, so a Finish it day!

  10. Your Patriotic Stars is gorgeous.
    It's a good thing to get out and about, especially with friends.
    It was a quiet 4th for us here. But we could hear the fireworks go off downtown. They also have a yearly carnival for the kiddies.
    I'm waiting for my sewing mojo to return. 😔
    Blessings 💞 🙏
    Have a Sparkling day.

  11. Your Patriotic Stars is gorgeous.
    It's a good thing to get out and about, especially with friends.
    It was a quiet 4th for us here. But we could hear the fireworks go off downtown. They also have a yearly carnival for the kiddies.
    I'm waiting for my sewing mojo to return. 😔
    Blessings 💞 🙏
    Have a Sparkling day.

  12. I feel the same way some times... about coming out of the shell. I miss family, but when they are all gone I will be enjoying the quiet! I am so looking forward to the new pattern coming out. Between that one, & the other projects I am doing, I will be set for the rest of the year. Sadly, there will be no sewing this week unless I can steal a couple of hours tomorrow. My stepmom passed away last week so we are all in a frenzy trying to get everything lined out. Such craziness! We are finally getting a couple of minutes to rest. Enjoy the last of your quiet time before the hubs comes home. Happy quilting!

  13. Anonymous7:30 PM EDT

    Also finding I need to be dragged out as I age up! So thankful I also have a good friend who shares the " we have to get out somewhere " load. This past Saturday we headed to Marietta Ohio and took a quilting class on a restored paddle wheel. cruise and Quilt! The best!

  14. Anonymous7:55 AM EDT

    Hamilton Gardens is the most gorgeous quilt yet. I love the diagonal orientation. Thank you for maybe pushing me on to another great quilt project. Celeste

  15. My husband & I are so crowd adverse. We have no patience for screaming kids & their rude parents. If folks still behaved like they were in public not in their living rooms, we'd enjoy more time out. At least with the way we were raised, no feet on seats, be polite, say excuse me, & thank you, give people their personal space. Love the look of the stars blocks. Looking forward to the new release. Best to you.

  16. Anonymous8:16 AM EDT

    I agree with so much here.
    I was very curious--where did you get your 'front' pack purse? I love it!

  17. Well, there seems to be a lot of us who prefer to be at home, sewing or reading Quilting Blogs:):) When I do go out, I'm exactly the way you are Bonnie....Have a blast!!!I'm happy you enjoyed being with friends and enjoyed the Country Music!!!
    Blessings Bonnie!!

  18. Anonymous1:02 AM EDT

    I am with you on the crowd thing. Unless the crowd is out children and their children and their children. Then the crowd is wonderful to be with and when they go!! I watch the fireworks from the deck now.


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