Tuesday, July 09, 2024

A Quick Post -

My stack of County Clare blocks is growing steadily!

This is the space behind my machine at the QPO Studio - this desk is wide and deep and I like it that way!

I haven't counted them yet - I just kind of like how they look here, all of those scraps playing so nicely together!

It's fun watching them stack up while I work on the red/white/blue star blocks that have taken over.

All of this from recycled shirt fabrics?

Yes!  Click to Play:

I'm half way already! Maybe.

Why the push?

I'm nearly done with the hand quilting of my Ladder Star quilt.  There are only 6 1/2 blocks left to go. Something new needs to go into the hoop!

I'm on my way this morning to pick up Hubster Dave at Tri Cities airport in Blountville TN. He has been on a red-eye flight from Boise to Atlanta and as I type this he is waiting for his connecting flight that will bring him closer to home.

It's 1 1/2 hours derive to the airport so I'm heading out at 9am to pick him up.

The dogs will be over the moon to see him, and so will I.

That's why this post is a wee bit short.  Nothing to report, and I'm heading out the door.

I did do this and sent it off yesterday.

I'm nervous.  I'm excited. I know it may let skeletons out of closets that have been locked for years.

But I want to do this while both of my parents are still alive.

It's going to be hard to wait the projected 6 weeks before results come in.

Have you done your DNA test?  Did you find anything surprising?  Are you glad you did it?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Up, at it, and adulting this morning!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Well drive safe and welcome home Dave.
    Me thinks you are a fast sewer! You
    Get so much done. Good for you.
    It is so hot and humid here.
    Have a Sparkling day
    Blessings πŸ’ž

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM EDT

    Yup, did the DNA several years ago, no surprises. Got more surprises following the leaves on ancestry. Go all the way back to 1400's in Scotland on my dad's side.

  3. Liz Carman9:33 AM EDT

    I did my test years ago and did find something very interesting. In all my Irish and Northern European background, there was a tiny percentage of Spanish ancestry. As a history buff friend of mine pointed out, the Spanish Armada was off the Irish coast for quite a bit of time in 1588. It appears that some of the men got off the boats!

  4. Yes, I've done the Ancestry DNA. Our mother prided herself on being an only child. She was totally unaware that she was surrounded by distant cousins. Me, I actually dated several distant cousins and was oblivious. Go figure. Enjoy.

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    While your parents are still alive, you should have their DNA tested. My mom did hers but my dad passed before I even thought about doing it. You get better results because your parents are one step closer in the genetic pedigree. Good luck. PS, I found some lovely people after doing my DNA. In fact, I found a cousin that no one in the family really knew about.

    1. As a genealogist, yes, yes, yes, please have your parents tested!

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM EDT

    I did the ancestry tests on both my parents and myself. My parents passed a few years later, before any skeletons came out. The only skeleton I’ve found so far is that my mom’s older sister may or may not be my grandfather’s daughter.🀷‍♀️ She was born 7 months after they “eloped”. Does it really matter? Not to me. All parties have passed now, so we will never know for sure. It’s been 5-6 years now, I work on my genealogy regularly, and that’s the biggest skeleton to pop up!
    Tracy Jacobson

  7. Family lore said that my mother was the product of an illicit affair between my German/Jewish grandmother and a Cherokee Indian. Ancestry told me that was only a story - not one drop of Native American blood in me! My only wish is that the technology had been available when she was here on earth.

  8. Not planning to do a DNA test, too many people able to find out the information. Both my parents are gone. I don't think I really need or want to know of any unacknowledged relatives. I also have some deceased relatives with checkered pasts. I don't think they did anything bad enough to be followed up with DNA matching, but getting contacted because my DNA is "close" to something from some crime scene would not be fun.

  9. my mother, brother and daughter did theirs...found out we have serious scandinavian roots...and my daughter's portuguese heritage confirmed with 8% iberian peninsula!

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM EDT

    My husband and I have done the DNA test. He likes genealogy and found some interesting things. My half sister finally found out who her father was. With that info she found several half siblings. It made her so happy to finally learn where she came from. I have heard of so many people finding half siblings from their parents "wild child" years. Most happy endings.

  11. I did do an Ancestry kit and the surprises were the countries and areas that my genes lead to. Makes me want to double down on finding an ancestor with ties to Norway and Scotland!!

  12. Anonymous10:28 AM EDT

    I have my dna at 23 and me. I wanted to know the health answers. I also knew there were skeletons, just didn't know where they were. They were found. I even talked to him on the phone. He lived 2 miles from me growing up. LOL!!! Surprised to find out that I have some African dna in there. Explains my very curly hair. It is well worth the money and time/patience to have your dna done. I hope you have a good outcome with your results.

  13. I did the DNA test. It confirmed the identity of my great-grandmother's birth mother. And, unbelievably, my mother was 100% British even though her father's ancestors came to NY in the early 1600s.

  14. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    Found a half brother with DNA testing. Thrilled!!!

  15. Anonymous10:54 AM EDT

    No matter what the DNA results show, you'll be fascinated. I took the test several years ago. As more people are tested, the results have been refined. I now know the counties in Ireland that part of my family comes from and my mother's family is basically just from Wales and England even though they immigrated to the US in the early 1700's. But I've learned fun facts as well: I get a burst of energy when everyone else is heading off to bed; that's a trait I inherited from my Dad. Who knew?

  16. Anonymous11:03 AM EDT

    The DNA didn’t really surprise me but it did make my Mother reveal a couple of secrets. I love ❤️ all of the blocks! ❤️πŸŒΊπŸ¦‹

  17. The Stack of Blocks look sew good. Yes, I have done the DNA test. It was interesting that my sister had different results. I didn't know we had people who migrated to Africa. Mostly Great Britain on mine. A little Irish and German.

  18. Sheryl Carpenter11:20 AM EDT

    Did my DNA a few years ago. So glad I did. It cleared up a lot of my questions about my past.

  19. Anonymous11:21 AM EDT

    My DNA is so boring. Since many came in the1700’s and were pioneers we thought we must have Native or African or Spanish Americans in our past. But no, Scotch-Irish-English mostly. It verifies what Mama told me.

  20. Sheryl Carpenter11:21 AM EDT

    My son ask about doing his because of his father's side. Told him to go ahead but be prepared. His dad was a long distance truck driver and single. He could have siblings across the country. He choose not to right now. Lol

  21. Aby Dolinger11:25 AM EDT

    Adulting is doing housework when you’d rather be sewing!

  22. Anonymous11:47 AM EDT

    Yes, I have done DNA testing through Ancestry. No big surprises (so far!) but it is fun to fool around with. My kids are both adopted and DNA testing for them could lead to learning more about their birth families, if that is their wish.

  23. Anonymous11:56 AM EDT

    My cousin did, and we found a new relative! A woman had a brief fling when she was young with one of my relatives who later passed away. Little did we know, she had a daughter (who also has two kids)! So my great-aunt got a new granddaughter and her first great grandchildren!

  24. Anonymous12:44 PM EDT

    Doing the adult thing instead of quilting. Hubby had heart surgery (CABG) and is recovering well, but it's a long road so I put the quilt stuff away for a while. He's more important. I have never had UFO's but right now there are half a dozen waiting for better days. It's good to have something besides his recovery to look forward to. Chris

  25. Hi Bonnie! I did the DNA test a few years ago! It’s very fun to see all the cousins (4 or 5 times down the line that I never knew existed ) And seeing on the world map where your family ordinated from is fascinating! I haven’t looked to find relatives across the pond yet. Have fun with the discoveries!

  26. Anonymous4:37 PM EDT

    We all have skeletons, we need to pull them out in the daylight and dust them off from time to time.
    Gina from WV.

  27. Holly in Indiana7:16 PM EDT

    I did send my spit in several years ago. My mother was abandoned at 3 years old with a family that kept her rather than send her into the system. Mother is long gone and this service was not affordable when she was alive. I am 70 now. The first day I found my deceased grandmother, 4 aunts and uncles deceased and a first cousin from them. She said our grandmother raised her and never a word was said about my mother. She sent a picture of her and grandmother, my mother is her mother’s twin. After hearing the horrible life my grandmother had with her paramour, my mother got the best end of it with her foster family. They had a birth certificate forged to enroll her in school. I am still getting many cousin hits as my grandmother I found was one of 10 kids out of West Virginia. I have narrowed my grandfather down to a Ohio family but have no interest in contacting them.

  28. Anonymous7:58 PM EDT

    My time is shared between quilting and genealogy. I did my DNA a few years back. My dad’s parents were Ukrainian and I am 50 percent. I was born in England, no English DNA. Irish, Scotland and Welsh. DNA matches eventually proved that my English great grandfather was not who my grandmother said. It is a fun journey. Have fun.

  29. Anonymous10:49 PM EDT

    I did my DNA and found out I have an older sibling. Definitely mixed feelings.

  30. I myself haven't done the ancestry DNA test but my son did his. Yes, all sorts of skeletons, including a few children who didn't belong to the fathers.... and this is going back to my grandparents and great grandparents generation.

  31. I was surprised at the percentage of Scottish ancestry I had. Once you start researching, Ancestry will send you lists of possible cousins , relatives etc. It's really kinda fun and amazing

  32. I did my Ancestry DNA this year and was surprised by the findings! I was sure I would be of mostly English descent, but my largest percentage was Scotland! Scotland has always been on my list of places I'd love to visit! It was also interesting to see all the famous historical people you can be traced back to, which included a president, two queens, famous writers and inventors, and even Pocahontas. It was all so fascinating!

  33. Did Ancestry to check on my ethnicity. Nothing surprising there. However, ended up finding an older half-sister through 23Me no one ever knew about. All our parents are deceased so we've had to piece the story together. And boy is it a story! Even my Dad's siblings knew nothing, but I can proudly say she has been welcomed by her new found family. She is over joyed as she grew up as an only child with a very small extended family.


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