Monday, January 02, 2023

Welcoming In 2023!

What a difference a week makes!

We spent New Year's weekend on the mountain - just puttering around comfortably on things at hand.

No big celebrations - no parties, dinners, entertaining.

I have only made it to midnight a handful of times since we were married in 1981.

When we were first married we lived on Mountain Standard Time and that meant that the ball dropped in NYC by 10pm and that was good enough for us.

10pm is STILL good enough for us!

What could I accomplish with a whole weekend to just putter?

I have turned the corner ton my knife edge finish binding, and have reached beyond the half-way point of the third side! With Ivy's approval of course.

Working on borders for the blue/chartreuse New River Star quilt!

I am going with an inner flying geese border - mostly because I think it needs something rather than just a solid piece of yardage to finish it off.

But also because I had these scraps that weren't used in the center and this would help me clean up my cutting table - no lie!

More on this to come.  I'm going to be taking the whole thing back to the QPO where I have more room to get the borders on.

Could this be my first machine quilting job of 2023?  Looks like it!

Refresher on what the quilt top center looks like HERE.

Sun rising on January 1, 2023.

It was such a beautiful day with temps pushing 60f by afternoon.  I just couldn't stand it - I had to get out in it, and the dogs had to come too.

New River with ice breaking up.

Big ole ice bar in the center...

It was about this time that my hoodie came off and was tied around my waist.  It was just so sunny and warm.  I wish it would stay that way, but I know it won't.

So we get out and soak it up while we can.

Watching the chunks of ice floating down the river was pretty cool, and the dogs of course loved ALL the smells.

Chunks of ice still on the little burbling creek below the waterfall.

The waterfall is still pretty frozen as it's in a place where the "sun don't shine" but we are supposed to be fairly nice for the next couple of days so who knows?

Click to Play:

I just love that sound!

And the girls loved being out, too.

More frozen from a different angle on our way back.

It was just gorgeous out!

Making our way back to the car, parked just before the bridge.

Little breaks in the weather like this are to be grabbed with gratitude.  There is more winter headed our way starting with rain later in the week.  Then snow.  There will be plenty of time to quilt inside until spring arrives - but I'm glad I got a chance to get out yesterday.  it was a gift!

Today - It's the official "HOLIDAY". There is on USPS service today, so no mail needs to go out.  

I've got some things at the QPO to take care of, and there is that border to work on. 

What do you have plans for today as we step into 2023?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

A brand new year stretched out before me is the best gift of all.
I'm excited over many things that will be happening in 2023 but the best decision by far was slow WAY DOWN through my holidays, and spend them with my family.
Name one thing you are excited about that will happen this year in the comments!
Let’s get 2023 rockin’!



  1. Happy New Year! My daughter is getting married this year so 2023 will be filled with showers, parties, and lots of love and family togetherness! I can't wait!

  2. New grandbaby due in February!

  3. What a beautiful area. I would do the same as you. Enjoy God's beauty. 2023 will be another year of sewing for Shrine Hospital Childrens Erie. I pray I live long enough to use all the fabric scraps that quilters have given me.

  4. My first great grandchild will be born late April or early May. Wish I could be looking forward to a week at Quiltville Inn but not in a group that got chosen.

  5. My fingers are crossed that we are going to Ireland this year.

  6. Blessed New Year! I hope to get lots of UFO's turned into quilts and off to new owners, thanks to my new long arm (whose carriage sadly went into the shop mid-December, but hopefully comes back this week).

  7. I will Turn 75 & will celebrate (like I do every 5 years) with my cousins in Indiana!

  8. We are making progress on renewing our relationship with our son and DIL. I'm really looking forward to a year of more meetings and getting together with them and our young grandsons!
    On the quilting front I have two new projects I'm very excited to begin! I'm challenging myself this year to take on harder projects. Chilhowie will be my L/E.

  9. My oldest son and his wife are having a baby in March. This will be our first grandchild - we are so excited!

  10. I will be learning how to use my new longarm. It has been staring at me for a while. Now is the time to "get to it and do it". I am excited.

  11. I started tracking the weather for a temperature quilt!

    1. I just finished adding the last days of a temperature quilt for 2022. What fun!!!

  12. There's a New Granddaughter coming to make a Quilt for. I'm loving Chilhowie, maybe I'll do her Quilt with pinks in place of the Purples and Lavender where the Oranges sre. Starting new projects and finishing more than last year is my goal! That waterfall is awesome, even when frozen with ice chunks .

  13. Happy New Year! Spent a quiet day yesterday, today some errands. Hoping to make a UFO list to finish up some projects in the near future! Sure hope 2023 is a healthy, happy one for you !

  14. I'm looking forward to lots of quilting time in the new year!

  15. I am looking forward to a decluttered, organized, functional sewing room as I am doing the 2023 Declutter Challenge presented by Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts.

  16. Happy New Year! My wonderful news is there is a grandbaby and great niece to come in August. I have a mystery quilt friend this year. We decided to sew together!

  17. First great grandson due in June. His sister was born in June of 2021 so I'll make him a companion quilt to her Sun Bonnet Sue quilt. Plus other things too! Grands and Great-Grands are so sweet!

  18. Happy New Year Bonnie and everyone! We are expecting grandbaby #4 in June!

  19. My expat son and his GF got engaged on New Year's Eve, and their Hearts of Hope Quilt was FINALLY delivered today to them in Lviv!

  20. I am expecting my first two great grand babies. One in February and one in August.....yeah

  21. I will be a grandmother in February!!!

  22. My son is getting married next month. There will be travel involved.

  23. I'm coming to Quiltville Inn in February!

  24. I am looking forward to quilt retreat in February, and looking forward to actually getting my Long Arm up and running, and me finishing quilts on it! Happy New Year everyone!


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