Saturday, January 07, 2023

Triangles Off The Rails!

I am in love.

I'm still learning - but the sparking romance with my IntelliQuilter is blossoming into a full-fledged love affair.

Learning from my last foray with the wonky log cabin quilt and my overzealousness of choosing a tall design so there would be less advancing - you know "Cover as much ground as you can at one time..."

This time I scaled a design that wasn't too tall enabling me to easily quilt two rows before I had to roll the quilt.

And you know what I did for the first time?

I watched this machine in action as it finished one row, quilting right to left - and then in a completely amazing feat, it made a U-turn and continuously moved to quilt the next row from left back to right. All in one beautiful ballet of glorious quilting.


No, the 14 year old CompuQuilter couldn't do that.  It could only quilt left to right, and then you'd have to move the machine back to the right, advance the quilt and line up and start the next row.

I'm all about IntelliQuilter U-turns and sewing two rows continuously!  That's half the set up!

Off the rails!

How much fun is this?

And I found the Hedgehog of Happiness!

With one of the backing fabrics having a lot of blue - and liking how the blue of the hedgehog fabric played in the front - cooling down all of that chaos - I dug deep into the blue stash shelves to find I had enough of this to do the job, and have it completely gone from the shelves.

I'll put the binding on after the weekend.  As of now, there are two binding jobs ahead of this one, so there is no hurry.

On the hexie binding progress -

I've turned the last corner and am working up the 4th side. It's a slow stitching process, but it will get done when it gets done.  I'm shooting for binding 3 to 4 rosettes in an evening while watching TV.

Working my way.

Finishing hexies like this leaves such a nice edge.  I know I wouldn't be happy with trimming things off straight to bind, or having a separate binding go all the way around those 3/4'' sides.  Nor did I want to applique it to anything so I'd have a straight edge.

Of course, Ivy concurs!

And there are Chilhowie finishes already!!!!

I knew it would happen.  I waited for it - almost like waiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Eve.

Congrats to Yvonne who posted her top finish to our Quiltville's Open Studio group on Facebook last night.  Well done!

Check out Leah's colors!!  WOW!

I know there will be more fun shares coming through the weekend and into the weeks ahead.  

I love this part!  I get to see how everyone uses my own quilt as a jumping off point to follow their own creativity.  And this is what it's about.  It's not about making them all the same.  It's about following your own muse and seeing where it leads you to make this your own.

Other funnies.  LOL!

I just love chance encounters of Quiltvillians in the wild!

This is my morning.

Mother Nature is serving up some frosting and flurries this morning.

I have brought home my flying geese triangles and the blue/chartreuse New River Star top and will be working on that last border from home today while things get fluffy outside.

I intend to coast through this weekend and just enjoy it.

There may be a nap.  How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love the friends who know how crazy I am and still choose to be seen with me in public! 

Cherish your friends, each and every one!

Vintage drunkards path variation quilt shared by my friend Siobhan.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. I just love your hexie...... and want to finish my next eep the way you are doing this one.

  2. Mystery Marauders is a GREAT name for quilting group! This one was (IS!) so much fun!

  3. I love my friends! They keep me sane and love me back.

  4. I enjoy watching your progress on the hexie quilt. I am working on a jelly roll race quilt made from leftover binding. I put them in rainbow order. Anxious to see how it turns out.

  5. All the fun old fabrics in your Triangles. You're just giddy with your new quilting toy. Sew cool to learn new features and watch it work magic. Staying safe while it flurries outside is good. Hope To work some on my Mystery next week. My calendar is full this weekend. Rosdtip if roads are passable.

  6. I just love the Triangle quilt. I have been calling it Triangle Trips because it so reminds me of the Scrappy Trips quilt. The sharing of pics from people is so much fun. The colors of their Chilhowie quilts is inspiring to step out of my comfort zone.

  7. Thank you Bonnie for another wonderful mystery this year. It is a lot of fun to see more and more quilters join in because of facebook. Your reach is really extraordinary. Have the best weekend doing what you love.

  8. Glad you are liking your upgraded robotics. I certainly like the robotics on my new longarm SO much better than on the 14 year old midarm it replaced. Now if the mechanical repairs got finished on the new one (one repair completely boggled the first time, those mistakes fixed, but a second problem yet to be worked on, going on 4 weeks on a less than 3 month old machine), I could get back to quilting that backlog of tops I've got. Sigh.

  9. The triangle quilt looks great! It reminds me of your scrappy trip around the world quilt. You could name is Trippy Triangles or Triangle Trips.

  10. Bonnie - where can I find the directions for Triangles Off the Rails? I'd really like to try that one!! Thanks!

    1. I haven't finished the quilt yet - I will be providing the pattern in the futuer. Please stay tuned!

  11. I love when I see a fabric that I have and don't particularly like in one of your quilts as well. It makes me excited that you were able to find a place for it to dwell and I think if Bonnie uses it, I can too! Can't wait for this triangle pattern to come out! I have lots of bits that need to be used up. Thank you for always brightening my day!


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