Thursday, January 12, 2023

Things That Zazzle!


The fabulous Forest Jane has entered Chilhowie items to the Quiltville Zazzle Store!

Every year my friend Forest Jane creates our wonderful mystery badges –  I send her some images of the quilt, and away she goes - 

You'll find the images at the bottom of this post so you can right click and save them to use as your quilt labels, or wherever you want to use them to show your participation.

And then she goes one step further.  She places the logo on things that are useful and needful in our Quiltville Zazzle Store – marking items at the LOWEST possible profit margin, and then thanks to your purchases, all proceeds go to benefit those in need – from children to adults, in giving them the gift of creativity.


You can read more about Forest Jane's involvement in this cause HERE.

These free workshops are available at the Cherokee Library in Tennessee.  Your Zazzle purchases help supply yarn, fabrics, machines and notions for these worthwhile projects!

Now to the good stuff - some of the Zazzle items for Chilhowie are shown in the top photo of this post.  There are mugs, magnets, tee shirts and hoodies.

And each item has several options!  My favorite of course are the mugs -

Mugs come in 10 oz and 15 oz sizes.

Make mine 15 oz - I like big mugs and I cannot lie!

Each has a beautiful Chilhowie Logo on the front -

And "I'd rather be quilting with Bonnie" on the back!

You can also make yours an insulated travel mug -

Or make it a stein! LOL!

FJ will be adding more items to the store.  If you are interested in tote bags, aprons or anything else, please leave it in a comment to this post and I'll have her check for your requests.  I don't want to overload her email.

I'm grateful for the graphics work she does so freely for us, and this is a small way we can thank her - as well as helping to bring creativity to her underserved community in Tennessee.

And those graphics you can grab?  Here they are!  I've posted them in "Original size" so the largest one may run into my margins.  You can right click and choose "view in new tab" to see what the real size is.

Thanks again, FJ! These are awesome!

In my own world -

Yesterday I loaded the ancient basket quilt top to machine baste.  

I now remember why this top has in in the unquilted top pile for more than 15 years and why it was NOT a good candidate for machine quilting.

Early in my quilting life I thought that all that was important was 1/4'' seam.  A FULL 1/4'' seam.

I wasn't aware of "unit size"  Just seam allowance width.  

I didn't take into consideration that the fold of the fabric over the seam takes up more space and can shrink a unit.

I didn't know that thread weight also plays a factor in getting things to come out the right size.

And there is more - but it was all about learning that seam allowance is only right if it brings you to the desired unit size.  If it doesn't, it is not doing its job.

SO - My alternate plain squares are a bit full because they didn't have seams to shrink them down.

No worries - the hand quilting will ease all of that in and it WILL quilt out!

But first - there are three quilts to bind with straight edge binding and my fingers are doing the happy dance of moving more quickly.

How is your own week progressing?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love this vintage 4 patch nine patch quilt. Simple blocks make me happy!
Answer me honestly - when you read this quote, did it raise an unconscious smile? It did for me!

Keep that smile on - it looks good on you!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. YES, i smiled, i smile at Lola and Ivy, and say good morning, to them, too... choose "happy" sometimes it's a struggle in the face of what life serves us, but we can choose to carry the challenges with a smile and a happy heart... thanks, for reminding us. Cats in Carlsbad (it's sunny today) California...

  2. PS: I love love love the variety in this blue and yellow 16? patch... cats

  3. basket quilt???? that doesn't look like a bonnie quilt....but i love it!

  4. Your words of wisdom always make me smile. Yea, I like the T-shirts so I can wear them to the Quilt Show where I share the Mystery Quilt. It is hung so I don't have to climb a ladder for that picture. Will it be done for March? We shall see. Happy Thursday. Almost your Birthday week.

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    Your work is amazing. I would have never guessed the quilt on the longarm is yours. There are simply not enough pieces. LOL Happy quilting.

  6. WOW!! I can't believe you're up to 18 mysteries already!! Is there a list somewhere?! HA! I know I have done about 6 of them, a couple of them twice! :) Love the 9 patch in the quote. Happy Thursday!


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