Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Bind a Little, Quilt a Lot!

This happened yesterday - bringing the total of "Quilts in the binding line" to three.

I have loved this blue print since it first came out - the delicate leaves and dotted background - so classic.

Alas, this is the last of it!  

There was just enough to bind this quilt, leaving a 2'' strip left over to find its way into something via the Scrap User's System.

Do you get a bit sentimental when you finally use up the last of something you've loved forever?

Folded  and ready to carry home.

The Wonky Log Cabin is in line ahead of this one.  And both of these will take less time than what has been my on-going nightly date.

But I'm almost there!

2 1/2 rosettes to go!

I should be able to finish this one tonight.  Finally!  It will be done - all done!  But wait -

See the blue pin? Why is it there?

Because when looking at the BACK of the quilt there was an interruption in the quilting detail.  

I turned it back over to the front to see that I missed the hand quilting at the top two hexies on that rosette.  Sneaky dark busy fabrics!  It's hard to see!

I can fix that tonight and then check for any other blank spots that may have missed my needle in the hand quilting process.

And the question remains -

When this binding is done - and the other straight bindings lined up behind this one are also complete - what will occupy my needle for feet up and tv watching time in the evenings?

Check this out!

Jeanie writes: 

Thank you for such a cool pattern.

I'm not sure if I am slowly getting better at this or if it was just an easier pattern, but it went together beautifully.
Looking back, I started following your blog in 2017. I have really grown over the last few years. The first quilt (Exploding Tardis in En Provence) was no where near perfect, but it was a great learning quilt. I still think your mysteries are training quilts.

This year things went pretty easy for me. No issues with cutting, so I didn't run out of fabrics. My points were actually on point (a few exceptions), I started Christmas week and finished yesterday (Jan 8th). It has a nice clean look. Yes, I know it has flaws, but overall I think it looks fabulous.

Thank you for taking the time to create these mysteries. I look forward to whatever comes next.

Thanks, Jeanie!  It looks great - I love your color choices!  Bravo!

And this from Tina:

Hi, Bonnie…. Thank you, so much, for your mystery.  You work so hard for us and wanted you to know my appreciation.  You are always so inspirational….  

Here is my version of Chilhowie…. I used a constant for the orange and teal (yardage I’ve had for years….small print for orange that worked out perfectly).  I changed out purple for yellow and did yellow and low volume scrappy.  

I absolutely love the result!  I don’t have social media but I wanted you to see it..  I’ll be piecing the back from the remaining yardage.  Feels so good to finally use this up…I had so much fun making my 2nd BH mystery..(My first was Grassy Creek, which is gorgeous and on our bed in our RV)

I plan to remake this in patriotic colors with gold….that will be stunning!

This is tremendously fun and summery, Tina!  Great job!

There are so many Chilhowie quilts being shared - it's SO fun to see the tops come together this quickly.  I think everyone liked doing block assembly DURING the mystery so they could see it grow all along the way.

If you missed yesterday's post - we've got a Jan/Feb '23 Quiltmaker Gift-Away happening!  Head on over to THAT POST to get your entry in.  Drawing happens Saturday 1/14/23!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Actions have always spoken louder than words.
Variable star quilt made by me in the late 1980s. Pieced and machine quilted on my old trusty Kenmore.
It lives at my dad's house and no matter how humble it is, he loves it and keeps it on the couch at all times.
I'm headed to Arizona for some family time at the end of the month and I'm really looking forward to it!

Have a terrific Tuesday, folks!



  1. Yes! I do get sentimental about using the last of a favorite fabric. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Still loving that triangles quilt.

    Yay on your almost-finish on the gorgeous hexie quilt! Also loved seeing the way-back quilt that lives at your dad's.

  2. So happy for your family time!

  3. Oh wow!! I absolutely LOVE the blue version of Chilhowie!! I had to do a double take. And the yellow one is so soft as well. This is definetly one of my favorite mysteries!! Happy Tuesday!

  4. So glad you get to go see your Dad in Arizona. Today is my Momma's Birthday in Heaven. I'm kinda in a puddle, thinking about all she did for me and taught me. Love that your dad keeps this quilt close by. The Hexie quilt finish is Awesome. Your sons are both lucky for the time you've spent making these treasures for them. Can hardly wait to see it swaying in the breeze off the Quiltville Inn. hint, hint. Happy Birthday Month.


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