Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Very Last Stitch -

I'm just going to sit here with this morning's photo of the sunrise for a bit.

I need a moment.

I'm having a bit of "What Now?!" anxiety.

No, really - it's kind of anti-climatic.  

The last stitch was taken in my seemed-like-forever hand pieced and hand quilted hexagon quilt. And I'm on the fence on whether I want (or dare?) to start another.

International travel is ramping up again starting in April (We are heading to Vietnam!!  Are you coming with me?? and I will NEED a travel project.

Nothing travels as well as hexies do.  At least in my book.  So we shall see.

Getting that last stitch in was not exactly easy.

Someone kept putting her head in my lap.

And that is precious too.

This morning I braved the chill of my porch to see if i could get some decent shots by morning light.

You will find more info on the knife-edge finishing under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog.  Just scroll down to knife-edge finishing found under the Hexagon tutorial. 

It really makes a nice finish for "shapely" edges such as this where you don't want to trim the edges straight, or go through the process of appliqueing them down to yet another border so you can have straight edges.

Sometimes the best finish for a quilt IS its own pretty picot edging.

Hand quilting detail caught by morning light.

I can't believe it is finished!

I also can't un-see the accidental dog faces in the large star points that surround the center medallion.

This quilt will end up with my son Jeff in due time.  I'll know when it is time to give it to him, but for now it's going to live with me for a while.

For comparison:

This one will be Jason's.

This photo is before I did the knife-edge binding on it.  It turns out I finished Jeff's almost exactly 1 year after Jason's.  Of course, Jason's top hung around a lot longer before I dove in to hand quilting it.

Zoey - always at the finish!

(Binding complete.)

There is a small stack of hand binding to do on the 3 finishes that have come off of my new IntelliQuilter. (Yes, I've been busy!)  But after that - what?  

What will occupy my hands during evening TV watching time?

I feel the need for more Baptist fans in my future!

I pulled this back out yesterday.  I just don't feel like machine quilting is going to enhance this at all.

And I don't want feathers or cables or leaves or flowers.

Besides - once you've built up callouses this strong from hours of hand quilting, it's a shame to let them go!  So just keep quilting.

I'll piece a backing today and perhaps get it machine basted - which is something I have not done with this new system.

As for thread color for the hand quilting?  It's a toss up between grey and a light lavender. We shall see!

Don't forget - We've got a Jan/Feb '23 Quiltmaker Gift-Away happening!  Head on over to THAT POST to get your entry in.  Drawing happens Saturday 1/14/23!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It’s never too late to start over or begin something new.
We all have to start somewhere.
And we might as well enjoy it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. The quilt is splendid, and both are heirlooms.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Just gorgeous!

  3. I know what you mean about finishing a quilt. I had an experience once, when binding an applique quilt I had worked on for years, all but long seams done by hand, it took me several days to put the final stitches in the last 5 inches of the binding. It had traveled with me for way too long but when ready to finish was so difficult to do. There are so many experiences, thoughts and prayers in it and not many people understand that, how much of "you" is in the quilt. On to smothering to do-it-yourself into, Bonnie.

    1. Love this story! Yes, that's it exactly!

  4. Bonnie your hexagon quilt is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen! It is stunning! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Bonnie, it's simply stunning. Such a labor of love! Congrats on a monumental finish!!

    I think I've said this before, but I really love how you used the soft blue stripe fabric in that quilt. Beautiful design choice.

  6. Beautiful quilts, your boys are blessed indeed.

  7. Finally both hexagon quilts are finished! They are both gorgeous! I have seen the tops in person in Bedford, PA and they are fabulous! What wonderful heirlooms for your sons! The quilting sets it off. Kudos Bonnie!

  8. Your quilt is so lovely and all that hard work will be appreciated by your sons. When I finished mine I did some smaller projects!! But I am almost ready to start Patchwork of the Gods by Lucy Boston. I do so love love your blog. Keep up the creativity!!

  9. A fabulous finish and sure to be treasured when it is gifted. Your sons will always know that "Mom's hands touched every inch of my quilt". I'm interested to see what you choose for quilting on the new one... No leaves or feathers, so what shall it be?? Hmmm....

  10. EXQUISITE! Each one!! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  11. Bonnie it's beautiful! I've been struggling to finish hand quilting my hexagon quilt. It's not that I don't like hand quilting, I finished one and working on another but the hexagons just keep sitting there not being worked on. Maybe it's time to shine for me will be after my Christmas one is done. Like you say, it's a shame to let the callouses go to waste

    As for a travel project, what about a different shape? Diamonds or jewel shapes? Or maybe both mixed with hexagons?

  12. I made Alexandria by Jodi at Tales of Cloth over a couple of years - lots of different shaped pieces and what a great project for traveling. Can do medallion part and then surrounding parts as smaller projects before joining together.

  13. Your hexie quilts are heirlooms! Your boys will cherish them. I was just given 2 hexie quilts. They are both beautiful - one is a flower basket and the other a diamond pattern. I have never hand quilted anything of any size and am not sure how I should proceed. Finishing them with machine quilting is on one hand a plus but on the other hand a minus. Will have to think on it for a while. Thoughts?

  14. Two beautiful and stunning quilts. I am sure your sons will cherish them.

  15. What a fantastic finish!! I have always loved seeing it. Even Zoey says, "Don't put it away yet!!"

  16. Happy Wednesday! Zoey looks happy that you're finished. The Boys will enjoy their Quilts for years to come. Made with Love and stitches. I love the Basket Quilt. It's a Stitching Day in the PNW. No where I have to be. I love those type of days.

  17. Love the Hexi!!! Vietnam will be a great experience for all that ate going. I was there on business many years ago and was able to visit both Hanoi and Saigon. People are very friendly. Since I have been there, I'll opt out of the trip.

  18. You are the reason I got started in EPP, not sure if it was this quilt or your previous one but I am hooked. I have done a lot with hexies and other shapes and I am currently working on a sampler epp quilt of various sizes and shapes using all scrap fabric. I am not sure when I will get it done as other projects keep popping up but I am having such fun with it especially when working on it and

  19. That's a beautiful finish! My husband couldn't understand why I did a knife edge finish on a Double Wedding Ring quilt with scallops and points. He thought all quilts had to have a binding. I told him he was welcome to bind it himself! lol

  20. Gorgeous! Great gifts to pass on to your sons someday.

  21. LOVE the Accidental Dog Faces! We can never un-see that.
    Wow - what an absolutely stunning couple of quilts.

  22. I am thrilled! My husband and I will be traveling to Ireland with you in early June. Can't wait!

  23. Wow, wow wow!!! The hexi quilt is beyond gorgeous.

  24. The quilt is gorgeous! I, too, am coming to the latter stages of my hexie quilt and am wondering "what's next." Need a "to go" project for an international trip in late March.

  25. I am blown away by your epp quilts. Are they your patterns? Do you sell the patterns somewhere?

  26. I have a Lucy Boston Patchwork of crosses quilt with fussy cut designs in it. I was only going to do a few but got carried away with the fussy cutting and now it has 12 medallions all hand pieced together and ready for the next step. It has been "marinating in my pile of what now quilts". I think I found the answer to my question of how to finish this without cutting off all the edges. I am going to machine quilt the body but somehow do a knife finish on the picot edges. Thanks for the inspiriation. Your quilts are heirloms and beautiful. I am sure your sons will cherish them.

  27. Look at the Milliflori EPP. I can't unsee the dog faces now, either. Just cracked me up. Congratulations on the finishes!

  28. The hexie quilt is amazing!!!

  29. Ahhh Bonnie. Such a precious quilt. I really love both of them and admire your dedication to the art of quilting. And By Hand!!! I'm happy to hear that you will be keeping both of your hexie quilts for a while. When you create the masterpiece's that you have, it's like creating children and then when you are finished and send them out into the world, so much of you goes with them. Thank you for sharing your absolute beauty with us, both on the outside and inside.

  30. Congratulations! It is just gorgeous.

  31. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. Dog faces - ha, I didn't see them until you mentioned it, but I did see hearts.

  32. To all of you who have done hexies- I admire you and am always impressed by the outcome. I'll never make one because my hands won't do it, but I sure love to see them!

  33. The quilts are stunning, and I cannot even imagine all the time (and the love) that went into both of them - I am in awe. And I love the accidental dog faces with their tongues lolling. You are incredible Bonnie, and thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  34. Even if you are a professional quilter, Bonnie, this quilt is one for the records. It is absolutely STUNNING. Congratulations on a fabulous finish!!

  35. Congratulations on your finish. It is beautiful. Applique is good for traveling, too.

  36. the hexie quilts are stunning! I had a friend who used to leave a few stitches unfinished until she was ready to gift certain items, just so she could say "I finished this just for you!"

  37. Stunning quilt!!! Congratulations on finishing!!


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