Tuesday, January 03, 2023

New Year's Eve Side Trip!

What's another fun way to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Well - it didn't start out as a celebration kind of thing, but the maintenance light on the van has been on for a while indicating it's time for an oil change and tire rotation.

The van uses synthetic oil, so it can actually go a bit longer, but it was time.

I thought to myself  "The oil change place wouldn't be too busy on New Year's Eve, would it?"

And it turned out that they were slammed, and half of the staff were out sick.

So what's a girl to do when she finds herself free wheeling in town on a Saturday morning, New Year's Eve or not?

I headed to the local antique mall - only there was not a parking spot in sight.

Does EVERYONE celebrate New Year's by heading to the antique mall?

Once I found a spot to park in the next parking lot over, and walked my way into the mall I could hear what the big deal was.

There was an auction going on!

I don't know about you, but I love listening to the auctioneer as they ramble and raise people's bids until they finally reach the highest bidder for the win.

It's fascinating to me!

After a while though - I took to wandering.  There was nothing on the auction block that I was interested in, and I really couldn't see what was going on up at the front from my standing-room-only perch at the back of the room.

I don't know about how things are where you are - but lovely vintage quilts are getting harder and harder to spot.  

I smiled when I came upon this one. How sweet are these blocks in their 1940s prints?

There were plenty of bad stains that will never come out.  But it was cheery enough for some photos, and I'll likely use one of these close up photos for future Quotes of the Day.

This is what we call "Catch & Release" because we can't purchase and save them all.

A Singer "Red Eye"  in a non-Singer cabinet!  Those curved drawers are the cat's meow!

I don't see sewing machines out and about like I used to either.  My hope is that they are all home and being loved and used by someone - not discarded while their treadle legs are turned into tables or bathroom sinks.

Oh, small vintage wash stand love!

There is something about Victorian Era furniture that captivates me - just look at those knobs! 

I also love the two candle stands on either side of the back board. Washing by candlelight, anyone?

Birdseye maple!

And those knobs!

Nothing came home this day.  But I got "petting time" with beautiful pieces, a treadle pedal and some quilt photography.

I headed home before ALL of the auction traffic let out making the parking lots even more of a jumble.  The grand escape.  Whew!

Another New Year's finish -

Blocks all laid out -

All sewn together -

In line for quilting!

This project so far doesn't have a name.  I've called it "Triangles" since it first started at the end of June or beginning of July.  All I know is that it was started before the foot/face break.

No borders are going on this one....and let me just say thins: It did not use up near enough fabric!

The size is 80'' X 90'' - A good full size.

it still needs stay-stitching around the outside edge to keep those seams from popping open.

It's busy busy - so quilting is going to be simple.  

Maybe by this weekend?

How are your Part 6 blocks coming along??

I am loving seeing all of the different color combos coming together.  It's exciting!

I have loved this "build as we go" format we've played with over the past couple of parts.  I think it will make everything not be so overwhelming when we finally hit the finish line.

Do you like it this way?  Putting things together as we go so it keeps the momentum going?

Today I'm finishing up the graphics for Part Seven and doing some step out photography - getting everything ready for Friday. 

Thursday I have an eye doc appointment in Boone and they are going to dilate my eyes so Martha is taking me.  We'll have lunch out before my appointment time - 

Anyway everything needs to be ready before Thursday because I don't know that I'll have computer time (or want computer time) after that appointment so I'll be ready for Friday morning.

We just keep juggling the "must do!" things, don't we?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The start of a new year reminds me of the first time I open a new blank book - all the pages are empty.
How will you fill yours?

Have a terrific first Tuesday of 2023!



  1. Wow! The Triangles blew my socks off. That quilt is gorgeous. Just Wow!

  2. oh happy days! My Craft Optics glasses have arrived and i'm so thrilled. My mac. degen is degenerating and requires injections and for about 5, 6 weeks I've been unable to sew!!!! Imagine? couldn't thread the needle, was unable to keep two pieces of material lined up! just so frustrating to read and print the mystery and wish to be able to join you, even reading is a challenge ... sigh. Well, 2, 3 days in now, I'm becoming accustomed to their fit and use and my son & DIL, made them a Christmas gift!!! amazing and so generous. and thank you Bonnie for the nice discount allowed and of course for recommending them... I have retinologist appt, for Wednesday and thank goodness no dilation required this time, thanks Martha for driving "our" Bonnie... it's helpful to have a friend along, fortunately, I'm very close and can manage to drive myself, but the rest of the day is pretty much a "loss" sigh...Gratitude for 2023 and the improvements on the planet... thanks for the antique mall trip... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. I am not a regular commenter, but I really, really like the triangle quilt. I also like how it currently looks like a nice pillow all rolled up waiting to be quilted. I hope your eye doctor appointment goes well.

  4. We have loved going to auctions for years. Haven't been for a while but have picked up an unfinished double wedding ring quilt top for less than $10, antique tablecloths that I use a lot, piano books ( I play) vehicles etc that we use for a while and then have sold for what we paid for them at the auction.

  5. Gorgeous wash stand! Wow.
    I agree about that triangle quilt, it's a beauty....rain all day here.

  6. Love the triangles top! I'm almost done with clue 6 and I'm loving it!

  7. The triangles are sensational, as is Alicia's "layout"! Today I am catching up on Chilhowie and planning which of my many WIPs will be next.

  8. I have so many "bonus triangles", what a great project to use them on! How about "Triangulating Around the World" ? Love this new Chilhowie format! It is fun to get a better idea of where we're going and hopefully not as overwhelming in the end. Thank you Bonnie for your generous sharing of this mystery and of your life every year!

  9. I had to laugh when I saw the tongue drum on the washstand. We have one - an impulse purchase (why would we ever need a tongue drum?) MANY years ago. The grandkids love it and it is tuned well enough not to be too annoying.

  10. Agree that is a beautiful washstand with gorgeous pulls! Thank you for visiting antique malls so I can see the lovelies like that Singer in your area. Oh, how I wish I had my mother's Singer that I learned on. Of course, she loved newbies like my grandmother and who knows where it went. Meanwhile I just bought a new Janome on which I can also quilt my quilt tops. I am thrilled. Nothing like your set up but for me and the recipients of the quilts it marvelous. Just gave another away who is getting over a very difficult marriage and divorce. She and her children are moving out of her parent's house and into a place of their own. Another way to love her and her family!

  11. Good luck with your eye appointment! Loved reading about your “window shopping “ day. The triangle quilt is amazing!

  12. I know I have made the right decision because I Iook forward to the mystery quilt each year and a new clue every Friday. Thank you, Bonnie, for giving us soooo much to look forward to.

  13. I absolutely love the 'triangles' quilt - it's like an Ocean Waves quilt on steroids. ;) So fun!!

  14. Bonnie I love your triangle quilt! Wow! Also loved seeing antique store treasures. Those drawer pulls are the cat's meow! Thank you!!

  15. Yes, I love the way the Blocks are being assembled as we go along with Chilhowie. keeps us guessing. I don;t guess too much. The final layout is your SECRET! Blog reading before Stitching while it's snowing in the PNW again today. Yesterday's snow melted before noon. Nice antique Quilt, yes we cannot save them all. Thanks for braving that parking lot.

  16. Love your triangle quilt, so much color it brings joy upon looking at it. As to Chilhowie, being a long time mystery follower, yes I am enjoying the pace and construction of this years mystery. Putting the "big blocks" together creates more anticipation of what it is going to become. My additional fabrics finally arrived so I can get back to 4 and put 6 together in time for Friday....at least that is my plan.

  17. OMG I love the triangle quilt! And Alicia's Chilhowie is to die for, just gorgeous!

  18. Quilt name...You had a BREAK during the SUMMER.....Summer Break would be a cute way to memorialize this quilt.

  19. i just webbed my quilt together using your tutorial. Bonnie Hunter you are a GENIUS! it was soooooo much easier and took half the time! thank you for always sharing your knowledge. have a great 2023! nancy

  20. Love love love that triangle quilt! But I am still working on Rivanna--also tons of triangles. Just my cup of tea, obviously!

  21. Jelly Beans...your triangles quilt reminds me of a bag of specialty jelly beans😊 I am loving how the instructions for THIS mystery quilt is assembled. Much more interesting to build as you go, kinda like when when my kids were little and building Lego sets, but better!


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