Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Back To The Drawing Board.

When you know it's right - it's right.

It's right for YOU.

It might not be right for anyone else, and it is crazy how people's opinions will fly suggesting all kinds of things that to you are NOT right, but are right to them.

This was my progress over the weekend on this quilt - and let me tell you  something.(and you may already know) 

Don't trust a computer diagram because what looks good on quilt software on the screen may NOT translate well into a real quilt.

Trial and error and seeing things in real time apply here, too.

I like this.  A lot.

I wanted the blue at the edge of the quilt - not the neutral, to emphasize the blue that is IN the quilt.

Half the quilt world things I should have turned those geese around with the flat part inward toward the inner border. I didn't like it that way.

Again - feel free to do that on your quilt, but this one is mine. if I put the blue edge of the geese against the inner border, that border disappears.

I thought I wanted to do this - and I spent a lot of time doing it:

I don't like this. It's too heavy.

The blue edge of the geese DO disappear against the blue border.  The inside of the quilt is overshadowed by the border.

I looked and looed and looked at it and knew it was all wrong.

So last night I sat with Jack the Seam Ripper and  spent my evening unsewing.

The blue border can be used elsewhere.  But it had to come off.

And another something - If your seam ripper is ages-old and is not easily slicing the thread, it is more of a hinderance than a help.  Retire it and get a new one with a sharp blade in the curve.

It only took a couple of hours - And once it was off, I felt so much better.

We don't have to live with our mistakes simply because we spent a long time making them, or we fear it will take a long time to correct them.

We are back to square one.

The lucky stars part of this job?  the seam allowance was pressed toward the outer blue border so I didn't have to repress and possibly distort the geese at the edge.

I'm thinking I'm going to do a second row of geese.  These geese only make a 2'' border and that doesn't seem to be enough, but the solid blue border was too much.

More geese in my future.  But I'll have a happier finish the way I envision it.

And a gentle reminder to folks who jump in with what they think are better solutions - but are only their own opinions of what they would do:  Thank you, but I've got this!

I've also got this. Sigh.

There is more cutting ahead before I clean this up - but I'll get there.

I need to hang that "Fabric Addict" sign - maybe today?

It's really a rainy yuck day today.  It's a good day for staying in and cutting more flying geese.  Maybe binging something on Netflix or listening to a podcast.

I feel confident in my new direction and I'm going with it!

Ivy says "Then why don't you quit yammering on about it and just DO IT!?"

Okay then.  I'll be at the cutting table if anyone needs me for anything -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I do believe in this statement, or as the saying goes "As you sew, so shall you reap!"
Or in quilting terms - so shall you rip!

Keep the good vibes going so the good vibes keep coming back.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Oh Bonnie this quilt is really growing on me I love all the secondary designs happening. The blue border did detract and I’m sure you will find the perfect solution. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it’s so nice to see you finding just the right solution, have a wonderful New Year stay safe love and hugs xx

  2. Lovely Quilt and since it is yours I believe you should do it the way that looks
    right to you and others can do it their way so everyone will be happy..
    Have a good day and enjoy making more fun with those geese..

  3. Hello Bonnie, I like the quilt pattern but I would have removed the dark blue border as well. I'm curios to see how a second border of geeses looks like. I might add a small light blue sashing in between (the same color as between the inner part and the first row of flying geese) but this is just my personal opinion and I even couldn't tell if it would look good. Looking forward to see the finished top and quilt.
    Regards, Ulrike
    Btw. I'm not a native speaker so disregard any misspelled sentences.

  4. I LOVED the first photo, and thought that was your final solution. Saw the heavy blue border, and agree with you. Now you're going to add more? You're the expert (both because of all the quilts you've made, and also because this is YOUR quilt), Bonnie, so I'm sure it'll be lovely, because it already is.

  5. Ivy is such a lucky girl, i remember when she came to you asking if there was "room at the inn" -- i would have guessed she was pregers too, but it turns out no... such a sweet girl... anyway, i am sometimes oneo f those busy bees with a good idea of course, i have to share, because you couldn't have possibly thought about it... wrong, but i only mean to be helpful... LOL.... I LOVE THIS FINISH and agree the solid blue was too heavy, one would have thought it a nice anchor, but it'll be interesting to see how another row of geese look... my CraftOptics finally arrived and i am so glad i ordered them... !!! my macula degeneration is degenerating (age related wet) and am getting injections, sigh, but the glasses have helped tremendously, not in curing the problem but improving to the point where i can sew with the acceptable amount of accuracy and satisfaciton! and my son and DIL made it a Christmas gift -- how generous a gift!! Am so glad you recommended and i did tell them you sent me!!!! Happy New Year to a ll from a very soggy but grateful, Carlsbad CA

  6. I just love this...
    "We don't have to live with our mistakes simply because we spent a long time making them, or we fear it will take a long time to correct them."
    So brilliant and so profound!
    Thank you for the inspiration, and the reminder to listen to your own intuition vs. the opinions of the world!

  7. I just love this quilt! I want to scream it every time it. I have shown restraint. You are welcome (hahaha). I love that green and have been looking for some. My son just told me about a sale at Hobby Lobby today, so we will fight the rain doledrums with a trip to Johnson City! Happy New Year - late.

  8. You are the Boss of your Quilt! Good that you had a spare ripper. Way to listen to the Quilt and not the Critcs. Waiting to see the new idea.
    Happy first Wednesday of 2023.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your process with us. It is so interesting and informative to watch as a project goes from a new block idea to lots of blocks to layout to borders -- including the parts that don't work out quite as planned. I'm really looking forward to this pattern release!

  10. I am enjoying the progress if this beautiful quilt. Looking forward to the final design. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on why things don't work. It will help me as I move forward on this quilting journey.

  11. Bonnie I love the geese border the way you have it . I know the next border will be just as lovely. Thank you for all your inspirations. Hugs from Clemmons.

  12. I LOVE it! But that's a quilt I would never make because of those yellow triangular shapes--they'd be the end of me! I don't even like the 'peaky and spike' shapes as they always get wonky on me. But I'll admire yours (from afar--LOL).

  13. I do love seeing before and after pictures and these pictures really illustrate what you are talking about : the blue border overshadowing quilt, good to know that it is okay to change what does not please you! Happy Sewing Bonnie :0)

  14. Love love love this quilt. My first thought was add a blue border after the geese but as i scrolled saw how that just did not work. anxious to see your finish

  15. Good morning, Bonnie. I love this new quilt you're creating and can't wait to see the additional geese you'll add to the border. You inspire me! Have a great day.

  16. Well, I appreciate seeing the changes in direction. More power to those people who never make a mistake and therefore never learn! Have a great day!

  17. I agree that the blue border was too much. I love it just the way it is now and thing it would be great with just a blue binding at this point, but interested to see what you do next.

  18. You are so right Bonnie... our opinions are just that.... our's! You always seem to capture the right elements in your quilts... as much as we want people to agree with us there will always be some that don't... and that's alright too. Have a great New Year! Jean

  19. Seeing your geese set that way on the edge makes me want to try it too, with a second row of geese offset. hmm - what do I have that's stagnating at the border stage?

  20. I just saw this morning a post that said, "In 39 days the sun will be setting at 7pm", and I am enjoying that thought, because it will speed by in no time at all. I often wonder why others share their opinions when they are not asked for or sought out. Others need to make their quilt their way and let peoples creative endeavors work themselves out. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  21. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like this. But, seeing it all laid out on the floor I am in love with it as well! I love the gentle reminder of the " you do you." How did you make the green stars? Was it a template? Also, I really appreciate both quotes, I am still learning every day from the mistakes I have made in the past. A day at the cutting table with the rain sounds like a lovely day, and sadly one that doesn't happen very often around here.Miss Ivy is just as gorgeous and witty as her momma! :) HAppy Wednesday!

  22. Hi Bonnie: I love the geese as the outer border. And You are right- That blue outer border did look too heavy next to the rest of the quilt. I think it looks just fine w/ just the one geese as the border; but if you think it is not enough, then so be it. It IS YOUR quilt, after all.

  23. I love the flying geese the way it is now. It looks so delicate!

  24. You are sew COOL! Just keep being YOU!

  25. However you finish your quilt, it will be amazing. I have no doubt of that. Thanks for sharing the change in direction. I imagine that most of us have had a change of direction. I know I have. Peace and love to you.

  26. Thank you for your comments about living with mistakes. I am in the process of ripping out an entire FMQ border design because the bottom orange thread showed through the black top. It was subtle but I couldn't stop seeing it and it's a gift so it has to go! Love your quilt without the blue border.

  27. You've got a great eye for style and color. Like you advise your fans, it's best to trust your instincts. Thank you for all your generous blog posts and free patterns. Happy quilt season.

  28. I really love it in the first photo, it reminds me of the edge of a postage stamp.


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