Friday, January 27, 2023

Baby, it's Cold in AZ!

It's 8am.  And it's 34 degrees!  

Not exactly the pre-spring-break that I was hoping for, but at least unlike the white stuff that is currently falling at home in Virginia, there is nothing here we need to shovel.

Because it has been on the chilly side, we've basically stayed in and relaxed - until yesterday afternoon when we broke away to catch a matinee showing of "A Man Called Otto" featuring Tom Hanks.

Hooray for outings!

Of course, The theater is close to Costco, and there were needful things on our lists, and it got some steps in for my turning 83 year old dad, so it's all good.

Just nothing really exciting to share photo or story wise - so let me share some color I find inspiring!

This bunch of flaming read caught my eye on my evening walk just before dinner.

I don't think it even knows that it is only 34 degrees out.  Oh, and add wind to that.  But isn't it glorious?

There has to be a promise of spring in here somewhere!

And this I found quite amusing:

I thought they were doing tree maintenance, but when I looked closer, it's a palm tree camouflaged cell tower.  LOL! 

I looked at the stand of "real" palms to the right, taking in the organic shapes of their trunks, then looked at this imposter and laughed.  

It's like they are saying "You are not one of us, and you can't fool us no matter how many fronds you put on!

I sat here for a while and watched the birds -

Yesterday the sky was full of honking Canada geese and they all made their way to this pond.  Oh, the cacophany! If they came south for warmth, they are not finding it here this week.

I love watching the geese fly in formation.  And seeing them plan out their landing and touch down effortlessly into the pond was wonderful to watch.

As the light started to go, I caught another "Bird convention" on my path home.  Of course, they were not happy that I was coming right down the sidewalk toward them and they began to scatter.

They took flight straight for the pond.

I've often thought that if I lived here (Or wintered here!) that I would gladly be out walking these paths every day, maybe twice a day - just to see what the birds are up to.

There is a peace and serenity found here.  Even if I am a bit unsettled having nothing to keep my hands busy.

Maybe I should have taken up knitting.  LOL!

Sun just about gone -

I wasn't even going to write today because I didn't think I had anything worth sharing, and then I realized that the things I write are for ME more than anyone else, and these moments I want written down because they are so precious to me.

Today I am headed to my Sis-in-law's.  It's been 3 years since I have seen here and so much has happened in the last 3 years.  She has a new grandbaby.  She also has a new husband, having gotten remarried in December.

(If you are new, Sharolyn was married to my brother Mark who passed away 4 years ago due to brain cancer.)

I will get to meet her new husband Todd this weekend at a family birthday dinner.

I am tremendously happy for her.  She deserves all of the happiness the rest of her life can hold.  And yet somehow it makes me miss Mark even more. I guess that's normal.

Time marches on.  Sometimes 4 years ago feels like it is way in the distant past.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday.

Okay.  That's all I have for now.

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Any relationship, be it a friendship, a partnership, a marriage, and even a relationship with extended family members takes work.
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Vintage album block quilt found in North Carolina.

It's Friday! Have a great one!



  1. The missing of a Brother like a Parent never ends. Just My Sister and I left in our family. all of my Brothers and parents are gone beyond this life. waiting for a grand reunion but not too soon. Lots more Quilts to make. Thanks for your thoughts. I love seeing the AZ that my Father went to when he was missing my momma years ago. The geese make a lot of noise in our Pioneer Park here too. spring is coming but first Mother Nature has some 5degree temps next week for us in the PNW. Happy Fri-Yay, Shop Hop Day!

  2. It has been an unseasonably cold winter here in Arizona. Glad you are taking it easy and enjoying yourself.

  3. Oooooh, bougainvillea, my favorite 😁 thanks for sharing, I can dream about a rain free climate for a few minutes.

  4. Dear Bonnie, Thanks so much for sharing your blog and photos of AZ! They are lovely photos. I lived in AZ for 4 months back in 1979-1980 during the winter months taking care of a lady who had MS. I, too, lost my brother at an early age of only 52 to cancer. Both of my parents are gone too, so enjoy your time with your dad and being in AZ! It's really cold here in Hudson, WI, and the next 10 days are going to be even colder. Enjoy!!!
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  5. In the town near us, there is a cell tower camoflauged as a ginormous pine tree! I'm so happy you are able to visit your family.

  6. Oh, the colors! So beautiful! I for one am glad you are writing your story. Thanks for letting me read about your endeavors it helps me with mine. Loved seeing the oranges on the trees in yesterday's post. Things I don't get to see in person. 4 years seems like a long time ago, I've lost my mom that I took care of for 4 years and we have moved 3 times! Love hearing that your sister-in-law is moving forward, it's a good thing. So bittersweet though. Lots of love coming your way.

  7. So fun to read your blog today, Bonnie. My husband and I are visiting Phoenix from Washington state for four weeks and I echo your sentiments about the cold and the beauty around us. At least the sun shines so we can get out and walk. It's been funny for Tom to experience frost delays on the golf course. I'm content to be inside our condo at my sewing machine. I'm making a quilt for my very excited sister's first grandchild, a baby girl. Im hoping to get to go to San Diego in March to gift it in person at the baby shower.

    Cherish the walks through Costco with your dad. I lost mine a year ago. He loved Costco and I loved going with him.

  8. The palm cell tower looks more real than the pine trees they are using here in the Carolinas. At least the height is matching a bit more than here.

  9. Loved the movie - also the book: A Man Called Ove . Tom Hanks was perfect in the role. Understand there is a Swedish version with subtitles. We always miss the ones we love. always.

  10. Palm tree camouflage! Here in northern Illinois we snicker at the evergreen tree camo...but hey, I guess it could be worse! Enjoy your family time, Bonnie.

  11. A dear friend passed away three years ago, and I miss her still. When I heard that her husband has a new "girlfriend" (he's 80-ish), I had a twinge of pain. I missed my friend even more. But I do realize he deserves some love in his life..
    We saw A Man Called Otto - Tom Hanks did a great job. I loved the book and was pleased the movie stayed true to it.

  12. I hope you enjoyed the movie. I'm actually in the middle of listening to the book that A Man Called Otto was based upon. It's called A Man Called Ove (pronounced OO vae). This was Fredrik Backman's first novel and J.K. Simmons (who does the Farmers Ins commercials) narrates the book. I'm half way through and it is quite good. I find myself crying and later laughing as I work on a paper pieced king sized quilt. OK, back to quilting and to my Audible book. Enjoy your visit!

  13. Quilting wìth a group of friends today. They were admiring my Chilhowie mystery quilt as i was putting it together. Three of them were heading to the blog to get the pattern for themselves.....

  14. I love watching the geese come flying in for a landing on our pond too. It's really funny when the pond is iced over! They come skidding in on those days. Very entertaining either way.

  15. Yes, it is cold in AZ this year. Have been here for 22 years and too cold this year. The movie with Tom Hanks, A Man called Otto, is a great one. I enjoyed the book, too. Pretty much followed the book, A Man called Ove. I liked the book, too. Come back during the summer and enjoy the heat we are not having this winter. Hugs, Anne in AZ


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