Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sew Much Fun!

Isn't this texture great?

The quilting is where the magic happens - whether by hand, or by machine - it's the icing on the quilt!

I'm quilting it with Pinwheel 4  from UrbanElemantz.com.

I was so excited about finishing Triple Treat, getting it off the machine, trimmed and binding on that updating yesterday's post just slid by me.  I'll take care of that today.  I promise.

here she is!

I just didn't feel like this quilt required a border.  Some quilts benefit from a wide solid piece of something framing the outside - this one just didn't for me.

It gives me all the happy scrappy feels - just the way it is!

The flip side -

I am so happy with this back as well! My label is in the corner, ready for me to sign it. It's just a 7'' square of white-on-white pressed in half and basted into the corner.  It gets firmly stitched down when the binding is applied.

I hand sew the top folded edge by hand during the hand binding process.

The light was coming through the windows "Just right!"

Red binding for the win!

There are 2 quilts ahead of this one in the hand-binding queue.  

I'm on the second side of binding the triangles quilt -

That blue is just right!

I also finally have a name for this one - It's such a sweet quilt, it has only one piece - a triangle. it looks like spring to me with its rainbow of colors.

Not too far from me along Highway 16 is the little hamlet of Sugar Grove, Virginia.

It's another "If you blink, you'll miss it!" kind of place - And it might seem as if the biggest business in town is the Dollar General. (We are grateful for Dollar General living so very rurally as we do, so don't knock it!)  But I love the name.

So Sugar Grove she is.  A few more nights and the binding will be done on this one, and I'll move on to binding the blue/chartreuse New River Star.

After bindings are done, there is the new hand quilting project to pick up while watching evening TV. 

But what about more quilt tops? Anything else to quilt?

Not anything that interests me in any way shape or form.  There are a couple of UFOs that stalled in their early stages, and I might see about pulling those out and doing something with them.

And there is a project niggling at the back of my brain that involves paper piecing of scraps, but I think I need to upsize the block because if we do it in the size I'm testing now - you'll kill me. Plain and simple.  LOL!

I'm going to need a do-over!

One of these things is not like the other - They are not the same!
I am not sure where my brain was this morning when I stirred liquid egg whites into my freshly made cup of morning coffee.

I hope this brings a giggle, as it nearly gagged me when I began to stir and found egg chunks floating on top of my coffee. Bleh. Just - really. Gross!

Thank you so MUCH for your positive comments regarding my newest PDF pattern Unchained.

The response has been WONDERFUL and that makes me so happy that you can't wait to dive in and make it, too.

Did you enter to win on The Gift-Away Post? I'll be drawing for 2 winners to each receive an Unchained PDF pattern from me.

Our 2 winners will also receive a Roy G. Biv Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

If you don't know what Roy G. Biv means (And I had to ask too!) It's an acronym for the order of the colors in the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet!

This roll is the perfect color enhancement to round out your fabric stash.

Introductory Special Pricing:

I have placed the PDF pattern for Unchained at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed!  Price discount good through 1/31/23.

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And to sweeten the creativity:

I've cut the price on Winter Blues and Forever Mine 25% as well! NO COUPON!

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It's a foggy/rainy morning - and I'm going to go thumb through those UFOs and see if anything can be salvaged.

What do you have on your own to-do list for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

You have just as much an influence on your friends and those you associate with as they have on you.
Be sure these associations are leading you in the right direction!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. Sugar Grove takes my breath away....it's just gorgeous! I always did like my sweets! Appropriately named....LOL

  2. Love coffee, love eggs, but not in the same cup. What an eye opener.

  3. yes the eggwhite coffee did make me laugh . Love your blog Janice

  4. Egg drio soup? but of course, now egg drop coffee is a bit creative, especially in the early morning!!! Love Sugar Grove! Maybe I'll start a leader/ender project, how many years to colect that many triangles???? thank you (as always) for your contribution to my life and that of the" quiltville" community... stay safe and dry, summer IS coming, it's 41* and sunny at 7:17 a.m. PST, Carlsbad CA

  5. I sometimes add an egg to my coffee if I don't have any butter. Use a frother or emersion blender to stir. Turns out creamy, no chunks. YUM!

  6. Love the name of the Triangla Quilt. The frosting on top is like Sugar thar sparkles. Happy Thursday, almost your Birthday 🎂

  7. OMGosh! I laughed out loud when I read the creamer/egg debacle! I bet that cup went down the drain! I am on the downhill slide to finish up a quilt I have struggled to work on. I actually got a manual timer and made myself work on it til the bell rang. So looking forward to having it done and gone! Hope the rest of your day is nothing but up from this point on!

  8. I laughed too when thinking of eggy-coffee. Except for Podunk Pretties' comment; I guess this could be a "thing". My doctors are having me start a gluten-free type diet today to straighten out the intestinal tract. Wish me luck. I will be working hard on Chilhowie today to get at least 2 large blocks finished before it becomes an L/E.
    Love Sugar Grove name and quilt! The chains worked out beautifully.

  9. Eggwhite's in coffee would look pretty undesirable. You have really put out some beautiful quilts.Triple Treat is a favorite. Finshed mine, not quilted.

  10. Thank you, Bonnie, for giving me my first laugh of the day! It is a chilly foggy quilting type of day! Love the quilt finishes, the hst quilt makes me excited to start using up all of those triangle trims I've kept for ages!

  11. Getting ready for a comforter blitz Saturday and 2 weeks from Saturday. Lots of people do lots of comforters in 1-2 days. I am hoping for 40! They will go to a relief agency and then to global neighbors who need them.

  12. Thanks for the giggles!

  13. Bonnie, I always look forward to your blog every day... Sew and Sew!
    The egg-whites thing was funny from here!.. Not experienced that. Made Portuguese Egg Tarts at Christmas (yolks only). Had 8 egg whites hanging around for too long, and ended up putting them down the sink... No, I didn't need meringues for anything!

  14. Oh no! We needed liquid eggs for a recipe (easier than cracking them all) so I was worried that we'd pick up the opposite--milk instead of eggs or just whites instead of whole eggs! Too funny. Something I would undoubtedly do, half awake in the morning!!


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