Friday, January 20, 2023

When Ideas Blossom!

That project I talked about yesterday -

The one I said I needed to revamp and maybe go bigger because the size I was sewing was insanely small -

It's going to work!

I have switched up my color plan though and put the aqua away - I have used that quite a bit and decided to pull in some vintage looking greens.  

Why greens?  Because I had just sorted a bunch of them and they were hanging out on the long arm rail!

Strip sorting station. LOL!

My "planned goal" through this 2 months of winter break was to empty out some boxes of gifted scraps and finally sort, cull, and cut down the contents so my Scrap User's System gets some new life and I can stop mumbling about those boxes that need to be dealt with.

It's those greens in the middle that are calling my name right now.

And these blues.  Yummy!

I sort everything by color.

Pieces big enough to be considered yardage or fat quarters have been folded and put away.  Pieces smaller than half a fat quarter are the perfect size for cutting down into various strip widths. 

This is the small stuff - the stuff that needs cutting down. So much good fabric here, and it is amazing how cutting it into strips and sorting them by color family makes everything look more appealing.

But as squirrels come and squirrels go and squirrels happen:

I left the scrap pile and started playing with these!

I've been using a mini kaleidoscope ruler, but these can also be paper pieced.  It's got a long way to go, so it's a project to watch happen over the next while until the quilt is made, quilted, bound and a pattern written.

It's going to be a longish-term project.

This was my first too-tiny foray.

My thought was that I could use crumbs and do it random scrappy colors/neutrals but it's too tiny.  I know that.  It was insane. 

And while I love intense piecing - it would be borderline ridiculous and I wanted something a bit more color planned, so yes - going bigger is better and changing directions is sometimes a good thing.

Lola found a safe space to stay out of the way of the scrappy whirlwind!

As seen in the wild!

Check out Karlene's gorgeous Rivanna quilt in blue & green!
It's absolutely stunning, Karlene!
Shown here during a guild presentation with Sarah and Lani - they are all members of our BEAST Quilters!
The PDF pattern for Rivanna is available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

The response my newest PDF pattern Unchained. has been WONDERFUL and that makes me so happy that you can't wait to dive in and make it, too.

Did you enter to win on The Gift-Away Post? I'll be drawing for 2 winners to each receive an Unchained PDF pattern from me along with a Roy G. Biv Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

I have placed the PDF pattern for Unchained at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed!  Price discount good through 1/31/23.

Optional but helpful: I used the Simple Folded Corners or Simple Folded Corners Mini for the stitch & flip corners in Unchained.

And to sweeten the creativity:

I've cut the price on Winter Blues and Forever Mine 25% as well! NO COUPON NEEDED!

But hurry - Winter blues is only 25% off through 1/31/23.  Forever Mine pricing good through 2/14/23.

TODAY!  Not sewing.  My headed out for lunch and a round of antique mall hopping with friend Martha!  What a great way to spend a non-snowy (but chilly and very blowy) Friday!

Who knows what we will find?  I only know that I need a break from the studio to recharge my batteries before diving back in.

Okay - the truth is, I can't face that fabric pile that needs to be pressed and then cut down.

How about your day? Do you have anything brewing for the weekend ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them and grow from them that defines the direction we are going.
Keep at it!

Happy Friday, folks!



  1. My goal today is cleaning 2 upholstery chairs. Then I am going to correct one more mistake on my Leader Enders and find some fabric for the backing. I just want to get it to the quilter so I can start on the mystery quilt. Of course I have to walk my dog shortly and again later this pm. I am glad to have her because she is great company and I get anywhere between 4 and 5 miles in a day. Love Lola.

  2. Lola is a priceless princess who steals the show every time!

  3. I second that about Lola stealing the show! It was all I could do to not laugh out loud! ( my kids would have thought me weird!) Love a good squirrel project. It's nice to know it happens to the best of us! Today's goal is just to make through the day and then this weekend I am quilting on the long arm machine!! Happy Friday!!

  4. my goal for the day is to finish putting together a quitlt as you go scrap quilt have to sew 3 sets of 2 rows together and bind it for donation quilt. but before that 3 of us are going to quilt shop 10th anniversary event and lunch.

  5. You inspire me to dig into my scraps instead of working on my Chilhowie. That's my plan today, trim, layout and stitch blocks. How far can I sew? Have fun with Martha.

  6. We will be celebrating 🎉 our grandson, who is a brand new Marine. Probably not much sewing this weekend.

  7. I was sorting through some scraps last night and was wondering how you decide what to cut up and what keep as yardage. Now I know. Thanks for the mini tutorial. Your new project looks amazing. Will be watching.

  8. That picture of Lola is absolutely priceless! She is such a sweetie!

  9. I found an old project I was piecing by hand. The fabric side label says Gunne Sac. That says it all but I love working with the soft colors and fabric. I know our new fabric is much sturdier and brighter, but vintage is lovely, too.

  10. Your picture of Lola is wonderful. Such a cute cat. I just finished the 9 patches for the mystery quilt and am working on the 4 patches. Better late than never. Hope you had a great day with Martha.

  11. Congrats on your latest pattern release, Bonnie! It's a beauty.


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