Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Getting It Together!

I posted the webbing demo on Saturday - and continued on with my day finishing up the cross-seaming on my current project.

After drafting this quilt up, I had no idea what to name it so I just called it "New Star" as not to be confused with any "Old Star" pattern, I suppose.

It's kind of stuck.  

It only needs one little addition to the name.

Wilson Creek runs behind Quiltville Inn...flowing just a bit more than 1/2 mile eastward where it empties into the New River.

And there I have the name for this quilt - New River Star.  It works for me!

This, however, did NOT work for me!

I encountered a hitchhiker! So this is where missing cornerstones go when you can't find them?

No, I didn't grab the ripper - I just grabbed the scissors and trimmed the excess as close to the seam as I could get and carried on with it.

Center together!

Now what to do with borders?

All of the pulled fabrics I was working with were at the QPO, and I didn't feel like hauling it all up to home to work - so I'll be taking this top back down today to try on some different ideas - either for a plain border solution, or maybe a pieced one.  It depends on what will work best for the quilt, and how much work I want to put into it.

Today there is a flip flop of my calendar happening -

I was supposed to have installation on the Intelliquilter for my long arm happening the weekend of Jan 7th -

My installer contacted me yesterday and we decided it was best that she come this week where weather isn't a problem, rather than wait to see how weather will pan out deeper into January.

She is on her way, coming from the North Georgia mountains.

This put me on a short notice tizzy - because she'll be staying at the inn as this is a couple of days of work ahead - one to install, and another day to train me on it.

We have had FRIGID temps this past week as you know, and yesterday I went over to throw some heat on at the inn.  The goal is to have things warmed up for her by this afternoon.

That also means that there is some vacuuming to happen, a kitchen to clean, and bathrooms to clean because nothing has been touched since our December Quiltvillians left.  House keeper Susan doesn't come back until the 2nd week of February!  (So yeah, it's all on me.)

We also went to Lowe's last evening to get me new table top for the long arm cut.  I'm getting rid of the plexiglass top, and instead putting a top of whiteboard. 

There is a studio to clean this morning as well as getting the retreat comfortable.

Because folks asked to see the back -

There isn't a lot of rhyme or reason to the quilting - it's just texture.  I did not outline every hexie - they are too small for that - only 3/4'' per side.

I quilted X's in the neutral areas and through the bands of borders around the center medallion- I outlined motifs and rosettes.  I quilted a 3 line starburst in the centers of the rosettes and other places where it made sense. 

It's not going to look like a discernable pattern of anything particular on the back.  Not like quilting feathers or fans or clamshells, etc.

Just loads of texture!

I've had questions on the kind of quilting thread I used - I quilted this one with YLI in a tan color.

I really like the YLI hand quilting threads - they don't knot up and tangle as much as some of the others I've tried.

Do I have another hand quilting project in the works?  Not sure!

I think with the installation of the Intelliquilter and the learning curve that is about to befall me I'll save my handwork time for bindings.

But then...you never know....one of the first projects could include some machine basting and away I'll go again!

I mean, once you've built up really good hand quilting callouses, it seems a shame to waste them!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Looking forward to all of the lessons coming my way this week!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Hi Bonnie, I got a new device for Christmas, I'm going to see if it will let me add a comment to your blog. I love the quilting on your hexie quilt. I had one that I did similarly. It was just a little too daunting for me to think about going around all those hexies. I had to laugh at your hitchhiker, I had a similar hitchhiker not too long ago that I dispatched in the same way.

  2. I really like the secondary patterns that emerge in the New River Star quilt.

  3. I have acquired an OLD quilt top (Grandmothers Garden) which has done well with an OxyClean treatment. From a photo, can you guess about when it might have been pieced? And how can I send that photo? Thanks. And as always, I really enjoy your blogs!

  4. when i started reading, i felt an "Oh, NO!" coming, with all the heart-breaking weather reports coming from east of me (that's a lot of weather!) I was thinking bad weather had delayed your installation! So glad your "problem" is scurrying around getting the Inn and QPO ready! Sorry this is all on you and Susan Housekeeper isn't available!!! Could you bribe Martha with an offer of use of the newbie??? shhhh, i have a million great ideas, just don't tell her I volunteered her... that's seldom appreciated. Hugs and Blessings, I'm excited for this next step, hope the hubs is about over his flu/cold bug... and your weather holds steady... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Happy that the New Star top is together. That had to be a bit of a beast to web but it sure beats trying to keep things lined up properly.
    Hope the install goes smoothly and you find it easier to retrain your brain than you think.
    Anna in IL

  6. Don't be scared of learning the new machine. THere might be some different features on it that will blow your mind!! I know it's daunting at first, but it will pay off in the long run! I like the name of the new quilt, it's perfect!For me I am finishing up a binding on my daughter's quilt. Happy to finally get that one done. Then it's spending time at the cutting table getting caught up on the mystery quilt! Have a great day!

  7. Glad the installer is on her way. I bet she's going to love the inn. I am again in the sewing room trying to get all the blocks of triple treat done before I start on the MQ. All the clues are printed and are with the fabric. I am a person who hates UFOs. I like to finish one quilt before I start another. I eish you. Bonnie, and e eryone else a healthy and Happy New Yesr.

  8. Love New River Star! Name is perfect for the beautiful quilt. I've started a new large quilt with a gazillion pieces and of course modifying to have it scrappier. I miss your instructions, since it's not your pattern! I think you are the best there is with instructions especially when tackling something a bit more challenging. I've quilted and pieced for years and once in a while step outside my comfort zone. I find it so healthy to learn new stuff. I'm still a novice with my long arm. Constantly finding something new with it and determined to not let it get the best of me! Looking forward to reading about your learning experience, so excited for you!

  9. You will love the new addition to your longarm and Patty is a great teacher.

  10. That's good news that the Imtelliquilter is being installed sooner. Learning lots of new things is a good thing. She will enjoy your Inn, nice to have it close to the QPO.
    Happy New Year, Almost Our Birthday Month!

  11. I think this quilt is nice

  12. Really looking forward to New River Star! I was at a fabric shop that was having a moving sale and bought a huge amount of the chartreuse in the Moda Grunge line. That is one colour not in my stash. I bought a robotics system in the fall and I learn something new on each quilt I do.

  13. Love New River Star!! Perfect name for such a beautiful quilt! Enjoy your new IQ!!! A friend has it and taught me to use it for both E2E and custom quilting. If this hand-guided only quilter can learn IQ, I'm sure you'll have no issues with it...but unlearning something is more difficult than learning something new! Have fun!!! So glad she is beating the nasty weather that will be coming!

  14. I've dealt with hitchhikers by trimming close to the stitching, pulling out the vertical weave with tweezers (a few strands at a time), and then the horizontal strands just about fall off. A gentle tweeze gets them without damaging the stitches.

    You can probably guess I've done this often! Usually happens with strip piecing that gets trimmed, seem to another piece, and there's wee bit of a piece left in the 1/4" that hangs on creating bulk.

  15. I'm requilting a 1976 twin size or larger quilt and I'm using YLI quilting thread. It is amazing how many hand quilters haven't heard of it but I agree it is very good.

  16. I am kind of dense! I just now saw the blue star! And then the Green Star!!! How beautiful!

  17. New River Star is the perfect name!

  18. I only use YLI handquilting thread and agree that it doesn't tangle like other threads plus it is strong. Love the look of the hexie quilt.


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