Wednesday, December 14, 2022

On To The Layout!

All the blocks are DONE!  Hooray!

Like all "so many blocks!" projects, this one got to feeling a bit like pulling teeth toward the end.

My brain felt like it was on autopilot, and I found myself with my eye on the finish line, instead of on the enjoyment of just simply sewing.

I've waited for this holiday hiatus where I could have some time to settle into the cold winter months ahead and have time to do just that - to sew without other plates spinning (such as a full retreat house) for a while.

Now that it is finally here, I still find my mind going a thousand different directions making it harder to settle in to just slowing down and enjoying the time that is before me.

Do you get that way too?

Cutting a bazillion skinny sashings.

And a bazillion more tiny cornerstones.

And the fun began!

I headed over to the inn and warmed up the Quilting Quarters by turning on the gas logs.

I moved the Bluetooth sound bar into the room, put on some music and moved tables out of the way.

This is going to take the whole floor!

Layout under way.

Yes, I prefer the floor.  The design walls are only above the chair rail.  There are no floor to ceiling design walls.

This is what I call "Quilter's Yoga" and anyone suggesting I do it a different way doesn't understand the way I work and how I will continue to work as long as I can still move and bend and stretch.  It's good for me.

(Why am I defending myself against the design wall police?  Because they feel the need to comment every time I share a design floor layout that I'm "Doing it wrong!" and why am I not doing it their way?)

How I left things last evening.

I stopped the layout process to go back to the QPO next door and cut more sashings.  I underestimated!

I'll continue on today.

My plan is to set up a machine on the other side of the room and get the top webbed.  Once it is webbed together, I can move it and finish the cross seaming elsewhere.

Or maybe I'll like sewing at the inn on my own solo retreat so much I'll just stay.  We'll see!

For those who have asked where the pattern is - there isn't one yet.

This is my current project and I need to make the quilt myself first before I can write the directions and make it available for you, so be watching for it in the spring.  It will give us all something to look forward to.

How are your  Chilhowie Part Three units coming?

It's Wednesday!  That means that Part Four is only a couple of sleeps away!

I loved seeing Padrea's arrangement in her post on our Quiltville's Open Studio group on Facebook. SO many fun shares are happening over there!

As a reminder:

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*Singing*  "Some times I feel like....Somebody's watching me....."

There was actually about an hour's worth of hand quilting last night.  Just like the star blocks, this thing is dragging on and dragging on and I'm ready to be done with it but there is still so much yet to stitch before it's finished.

How do you keep yourself focused on the end goal??  Because there are so many other things I'd rather move on to! LOL!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The learning curve is long and sometimes makes a wide swing in either direction but stick with it!
This is your love, your passion. Don't give up on it.
Isn't there just something so comforting about a simple puss in the corner nine-patch?

Have a marvelous Wednesday, everyone -



  1. If I am tired of a project I put it up for awhile and do another. Hexies are a LONG term project. Our grandchildren will write about those quilts - so give it a break.... big smile.

  2. I love your method of on the floor layout. I especially love the term "Quilting Yoga" I have trained my Granddaughter's to lay out quilts this way and the webbing technique. As for my Chilhowie quilt, I am still on clue 2 as my work is crazy this time of year. My Sisters and I are all sewing Chilhowie and some of my blocks are lovingly called "Chilwonkie" ... but I'm fixing them! Tip: Do not sew late at night when your brain is tired!

    1. LOL I love "Chilwonkie". I'm gathering clues/fabric right now since I have a ton of other things in the UFO stage and want to start stage!

  3. When I get like that, a little outdoor activity does wonders for clearing my brain. And the exercise makes me more than ready to sit and sew again. Maybe take the dogs for a walk? Before the rain starts, that is.

  4. This is so, so fabulous! I am looking forward to making this in 2023!

  5. do people really tell you that you are 'doing it wrong'??? I can't imagine... I do feel that somtimes folks are suggesting a different/better way in order to be 'helpful', cause maybe you haven't thought of 'it' -- but believe me, i'd spread a quilt out on the floor -- if -- i were a little (no, face it, a lot) younger and thinner!!! Keep doing what works for you, i know i don't have to encourage THAT part of your creativity!!! as for hunkering down and powering through to finish a tedious part of a project? Focus is all i can say, and besides it's all sewing... just different colors, different sizes, different days... i think it's a point where you just want to BE on the next step and closer to finished! OR maybe you're ready to change up your 'style' a bit, larger scraps, more prints, a scrappy sampler? I know i don't know, just tryina give your thought processes a little boost... thank you, love, gratitude and Merry Christmas from Cats in Carlsbad CA BTW, lost a crown so it's off to the dentist for me first thing... sigh...

  6. Bonnie, tell the design wall police, you do you and I will do me. And this is how I do it. Besides, you are getting quilting and exercise at the same time. That is a win, win.

  7. I LOVE your design floor!! Have used one many times and sometimes a design bed too. Your blocks are fabulous and am anxious to see your finished top. Will wait patiently for the new pattern. You know what works best for your process. It always makes me shake my head when the critics pounce.

    1. Never thought to call it a design bed---but I've used one many a time.

  8. Others don't know how important it is to keep moving as we age. I say do it your way! Loss of motivation
    is why we have ufo

  9. hahahah, those design wall police must be new around here. my unsolicited advice for people who want to give unsolicited advice is: no one wants your advice. (See? I bet you didn't want mine!) Am loving your starry sunburst and your quilty yoga, but you got me on that question about how to focus: I have a studio full of squirrels....and one big nut.

    1. I love your focus comment. A studio full of squirrels...and one big nut. That's me too. lol

  10. How are you feeling today? It's comforting to know you get as frustrated and impatient with what feel like never-ending projects as I do...I was certain you were made of sterner stuff that just kept you going, and love knowing you also have to impose self discipline to finish up!

  11. Well, a big advantage of using the Inn floor for layouts is that no pets will be block surfing. You'll only have to lay it out once. BTW, I webbed my last quilt top and now I'm a big fan. I webbed it at my friend's studio and could then bring home to finish it. Thanks, Bonnie!!

  12. When asked why are you doing it that way and not our way reply why are you doing it that way and not my way. You do your way and I do my way. I am for suggestions but that is the stopping point no saying you must do it my way or your wrong. I want to know what makes one way right or wrong. This mentality irritates me beyond irritation. There are so many ways of accomplishing the same thing. Happy Holidays to you and your family and thank you for all you do for the quilting community.

  13. Ooooh, I love that layout! It makes the blocks really come together. You do whatever design option that works for you Bonnie. I do both design wall and design floor depending on the project. Whatever works.

  14. I do Quilt Yoga too! No design wall big enough. Glad you have the Inn to lay it out. Stay warm weather is getting frightful again in the PNW. Christmas is coming. Thanks for working out the kinks. Getting the numbers correct. Pretty blocks all in a Row.

  15. I use the floor when basting a quilt, I swear I do at least 20 planks if the quilt is very large. Planks are easier than being on my knees.

  16. Oh Man, I didn't want to like the new quilt you are working on. Seeing it on the floor with the sashings and cornerstones made me fall hard. I can hardly wait for the pattern in 2023. I always need a pattern. I am not good at just sitting down and making up a pattern. I will add this one to the list of your patterns I want to make! I love them all. Always do you. That is what everyone loves about you.
    Happy Holidays and Big Hugs from Southern Cali....

  17. When I was younger and less arthritic the floor was just an extension of my table. I used it for laying out blocks and also for pinning the quilt. I miss those days but age catches up with us all eventually.

  18. I love putting y quilt out on the floor! My design wall is too small for a huge layout and I like to see it ALL on the floor before I start webbing. Thanks for showing us your fun design!

  19. This is one of those quilts that as I was watching you grow your pile of blocks, I wasn't really sure if. But, seeing it laid out and with the sashing, I think I like it! :) 2 more sleeps until the next mystery clue, and we get out for Christmas break! Hopefully I can get my little pile of UFO's whittled down just a bit. I am in the middle of Clue#2.

  20. I don't have a design wall so I use the design floor or the design bed. Do whatever works best for you.

  21. I also use a "design floor" to lay out my blocks! It's a totally legitimate deal! Sadly mine is the middle of my living room. It's the only spot there is room, it's a small house. As for the design wall police, I might be inspired by the little devil on my shoulder to use a bad work or two to express my feelings about their criticism. haha

  22. Love the kitty picture. Haven't seen any doggo pictures in a while. Are they okay? Any snow frolicking's yet? Yes, you do you. That is why we watch and read about you.

    Polly Blank

  23. There's a fine line between offering suggestions or asking why someone does things the way they do and cramming advice down someone's throat. And that line is often easy to cross in writing.
    Does quilter's yoga turn into quilter's Twister when you decide a block in the middle needs to be swapped with another? Or do you walk on the blocks if needed to reach the middle?
    Good for anyone who can work on the floor like that.

  24. Ooh, looking forward to this one when it's patterned! I've always wanted a big project to make use of the Tri-Mate ruler and this one looks like it would be perfect for that.

  25. My house is so small and so overstuffed with stuff that I am seriously thinking of rigging up my design wall on the front of the house (I actually have a design wall thingy ready to install but no wall space to put it on). In the meantime, I use the living room floor. Come and get me, design wall police!


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