Saturday, December 03, 2022

Gettin' Cozy With the December Quiltvillians!

After a two week break, it's so great to have the Quilting Quarters and Hen Den full of so much creative activity!

And I am so tickled that things are made even more festive with Christmas music playing throughout the halls.

It's such a happy place - full of quilty projects and good cheer.

That doesn't mean that the rip-it and swear jars aren't receiving deposits, however - usually to much laughter. Followed by the passing of the no-whining sign to the next recipient.

Goodness, this is fun!

And there is goodness coming out of the kitchen as well!

Check out the Santa Bananas!!

I thought these were so cute and ingenious.  The mouths are a red M&M, and the eyes are those elongated chocolate sprinkles, just pushed on there, and all held together with skewers.

Wouldn't the kids and grandkids love making these?

There is much sewing happening in every corner.

Rhododendron Trail is happening here!

This became this in no time flat:

One evening it was just getting started, the next morning it was complete!  I love this!

So much discussion with the hum of machines!

Sharon's rolling stone blocks are going to be beautiful with her collection of floral fabrics.

Something festive is happening here!

Oh, I love the dots!

Tracy is filling up her corner!

Remember these?

This is Tallahassee Tango from my July/August 2019 Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker.

Even funnier - I couldn't remember what the name of this block was.  I had to look it up.  LOL!

Just another block on my "I want to make a real quilt out of this" list that got pushed down by other things.

I love Tracy's use of florals in these too!  Fun!

I spy some Crazie Mazie in solids happening here!

Of course, the best place to relax is in the Hen Den!

Is she binding or ready for a nap?


You can't see it but the fire in the stove is putting out a delightful comforting warmth.

It's a good thing - we've got yucky rainy weather and it makes staying inside and quilting with slippers on the best way to spend this weekend!

On top of that - I'm happy to report that I have finished with the re-editing of the Free Patterns tab.  Everything that remains has a mobile-friendly printer-friendly PDF in place.

I finished the last two yesterday.

All of those old tutorials from 2005 and before have been updated.

The one thing I can say about that ugly chore is that I can really see growth over the years.  In how to present and word things so they are hopefully understandable to everyone, even the newbies.

There are some great quilts under that tab.  Just because the tutorials are older, doesn't mean they won't work up great in today's fabrics and styles.

The only thing I will NOT be rewriting are the old mysteries found at the bottom of the Free Patterns tab page.  There are too many parts.  They can still be printed from a real computer, they are just not mobile friendly.

And now that that's done - maybe I can actually get some time at the machine today?

What do you have planned for your weekend ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't give up yet!
It's a brand new day.
Look at things with fresh new eyes and start again.



  1. now that the 'housekeeping' chore is done it's time to let your creative child out to play!!! yay yay yay.... it's all about the quilting and thank you for bringing us all up to date! phew! Yup we have moved forward, i emptied a dresser drawer full of hand-quilting patterns, last week... time and quilting march on! thanks to you for your efforts to keep us current, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  2. Today Downton Abby is planned with lunch at my daughter's. And of course some time at the machine sewing the 2 inch squares - the never ending 2 inch squares.

  3. I'll have to check out the Free Patterns page.
    I've made so many of your quilts Bonnie.
    I promised the guys I'd make Lasagna for them so the sauce is cooking on the stove first .
    Glad you get to sew today.
    Raining here too.

  4. We have a below zero chill happening in the PNW. Glad you could hang out in the Hen Den. Laughter is the best medicine. Lots of design wall fun blocks!

  5. The quilting in the Quote of the Day is amazing! Thanks for the great 'wall shots,' they are so inspiring.

  6. What a great idea with those banana santas on the skewers!

  7. These ladies are so creative - with their quilts AND their food!

  8. I made "Old Tobacco Road" because of the name. It was one of the most enjoyable things I ever sewed. Probably because it was like working a challenging puzzle.


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