Thursday, December 29, 2022

Old Dogs & New IQ Tricks!

Here we are in all of our reflected glory -

IQ Guru Patty and I captured in the reflection of my IQ tablet as I try to take photos of settings and other things to remind myself of what to do when.

Yesterday was a GREAT learning experience - and it left me with more "What if?!" scenarios playing in my head - 

Last night while laying in bed I tried to focus on the things I learned and felt confident about, instead of the doubting nigglings on how to handle future error situations and things beyond my know-how.

I finally fell asleep realizing that no matter what happened, we'd deal with it one step at a time like everything else.

I had to chuckle to myself - because here I am getting all the technical trouble shooting info, when any situations might not even arrive until more than a year from now and I won't remember this training then either.

So focus on what I can do - and worry about what problems may arise later.  The brain can only hold so much with one day's worth of training!

She is so sleek and pretty!

We started out with loading designs, planning quilt layouts and choosing some simple patterns.

We worked with machine speed and stitch length and more technical stuff.

We played with a few different threads and adjustments.

This is NOT a pretty quilt!

Check out that farmer pig fabric on the back.  LOL!

We worked on moving design files from the computer to the thumb drive, to the IQ tablet and into folders to keep things organized as I go.  All of the basic step-by-step stuff.

I am so glad I spent time in Florida before Thanksgiving getting a bit of pre-training from my friend Terri so I didn't feel like I was walking into this unprepared.

After we'd done all we could and fit in as much as my brain could hold, I brought Patty up to the cabin to give her a little bit of a drive through our area and show her the "other" side of my life.

And then we grabbed The Hubster to head out to Corner Market to meet up with Marth and Don for burgers because no one was feeling like cooking after this long day either.

Mountain ridges in the distance - some snow still evident "Where the sun don't shine."

Today we have a high of 58 projected.  SO much different than just a week ago.  I'd like to think that winter is now past, and won't return - but I'm not fooling anyone on that front.

We'll just take today and enjoy it for the gift that it is.  Patty is heading back to North Georgia this morning and I'll be loading a quilt to start playing for real.

Thanks, Patty!!

I'm excited to really learn my new system and get some of these tops quilted and bound.

Speaking of binding -

Only 2 border rosettes were bound last night....someone was very snuggly and wanted her head in my lap at all times.  And that's okay.  

There are plenty of winter evenings still ahead to work on this binding a little bit at a time.

There are just a few more tweaks needed at my big computer to have everything ready for tomorrow's Chilhowie Part Six release.

Are you ready?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Say this with the excitement of a 5-year-old in a Batman cape!
You can do this!
String quilt shared by Siobhan.

Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. Bonnie -- something new is always scary and unnerving. Just always remember help is always just a phone call away. Often, there's a YouTube video as well. 😂 Gurl..... you got this!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on upgrading to IntelliQuilter! I do not yet have a computerized system but I have been studying the different systems so I'll be ready to buy one should the opportunity arise. There is an Australian dealer who makes teaching videos on using the IQ. Her name is Tracey Browning. She offers some of the beginner classes free, you might like to take a look.

  3. So much help can be found in the facebook group "Friends Using (IQ) Intelliquilter." I have a notebook full of help received from the members of that group. No matter which longarm you have or what problem you have, you can find help there!

  4. Love the picture of you standing next to the frame. It looks like so "normal". Yes, you can do this. Everything will be fine.

  5. I hope you saved your previous designs. Does the new program use the same quilt files?? I am so glad you aew back In business. Our Wind melted all the ice and snow in the fooyhills of the Blue Mountains. Happy Thursday.

  6. "a 5-year-old in a Batman cape..." When my good friend's son was a little guy, he once took her by the hand and said, "Come on, Mommy. Let's go save the day!" Still makes me smile.

  7. Oh, the excitement and the mind-blowing of learning something new. It was smart to take the pictures for future reference! As always loving the view of the mountain! No sewing today as we are going to a football game and getting out and enjoying the town and the warmer, more humid weather! :)

  8. Congratulations Bonnie! I'm so happy for you! Like you, I got my first longarm in 1995. When I got a newer longarm, it was a little (ok a lot) rough for me, but once I got it figured out, I was so happy. Big learning curve, big leap forward!. Have fun!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS BONNIE!!! You can learn this one just like you learned the first one. YOU are a natural! AND, thank you for your everyday blogs and OUR free mysteries. You make my day just watching them. You are appreciated so much.

  10. I'm halfway through Part 4 Chilhowie! I'm feeling pretty good about my progress, this is the best I've ever done at keeping up with your Mystery Quilt! Even though I enjoyed a quiet Christmas, January is already looking hectic! I hope to get all caught up and working on Part 6 over the coming New Year's weekend! Thanks again for the fascinating project!

  11. To be able to continue to move forward and learn new things, even to anticipate we may have a few bumps or even stales ahead is okay. Think of what has been accomplished to date. You must be so excited to be moving forward again.
    I’m sure you are aware of how many lives you have touched just because you wish to share your talents and life with others but I’d like to say thank you Bonnie.

  12. You are so inspiring... I would be scared to death of this machine!


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