Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Quilt-Cam 1/7/2018 Re-Cap!

We were able to squeeze in a Quilt-Cam hour on Facebook Live on Sunday afternoon!

Was I EVER ready to sew by then!

Jeff and I had been working at getting all of the mail order caught up and ready to go out and I was in dire need of a break!

And evidently SO WERE YOU because so many emails came in with photos and stories that I couldn’t share them all.

Isn’t this a gorgeous vintage machine?  I love that pineapple block that is caught just under the needle, and it makes me smile to see that room key seam guide stuck into place, giving her the seam allowance she needs!

This photo came in from Laura who was watching and stitching along.


Getting ready to do a promo clip ahead of time!

I took this photo by accident, instead of clicking video record….but it shows you my treadle and light set up, and the layout of my basement quilting space from my side of the monitor!


The showing and sharing and contact from others was fabulous.  Doesn’t this one just melt your heart?  Linda W & her 4 year old granddaughter!

Hi Bonnie, Here is a pic of me showing my granddaughter how to use her new sewing machine. Sami turned 4 in December and has been interested in sewing. We bought her a little Janome that stitches beautifully.
We just had ​our Christmas party yesterday.  She wanted to make a backpack for her Barbie so we just made a little bag with straps on top, very primitive. She was so pleased with her project.
How many of us learned to sew by dressing our Barbies and other dolls?  Oh so sweet!


Suzy K’s On Ringo Lake top!
My ON Ringo Lake is ready for basting and quilting.... fun project.  Suzy
This excites me to no end!  I was also able to share my own On Ringo Lake during our Quilt-Cam time together.

The most amazing project I have been watching come together was shared by Renate.  Years and years have gone into this, each hexie so tiny, and her vision so HUGE!


Oh my goodness!
I love you for doing Quilt-Cam in the afternoon, because then I can truly watch you live!Thank you! 
Thank you for providing so much fun, I followed your mystery with big eyes and itching fingers, but I want to finish my Hexies, so this goes on my wish list for after. 
Here some pics of my big miniature Hexie Project, it is growing while I am watching you: 
This is the second part of four, almost completely assembled during our winter holidays after Christmas.

A close up!


This is the middle of parts four and five.


Check out the pirate ship sunk to the bottom!
I hope you will have a wonderful new year!Rain from Germany
I am totally gob smacked with the magnitude of this project!  Seriously, it made the simple hexie border I am working on as a “flying project” look like child’s play!  WOW!

I hope you’ll enjoy everything else that was shared during our time together during Quilt-Cam.  I’m back to sewing simple string blocks on a 1918 Singer 127 Sphinx. 

So glad we got to squeeze in this bit of time!


This is where I need YOUR input!

And it won’t take you any time at all.

At the request of my friend Katy Jones editor at Quilt Now Magazine, would you mind taking 10 minutes of your time and filling out the following survey?

Quilt Now is based in the UK and is now available in Barnes & Noble stores across the USA. They are looking for input from us as to what we would like to see in their publication!

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Flying in to San Diego!

My flight was long, but uneventful.  When I think about how far away this is from home it astounds me.  That time zone travel can be a bear.  In this case IO was up at 3am to head to the airport at 4 am, with my flight boarding at 4:50 am.  3am eastern time is midnight California time, Arriving at 10am California time meant my body thought it was 1pm and I’d been going for 10 hours straight already.  Crazy.

After a bit of lunch (and some antique mall adventures which I will share tomorrow!) it was decided that I simply needed to check in to my hotel and take a nap.  And I did.


I spent my evening doing this!

A borrowed featherweight and Goonies on the Syfy channel!  The goal was to keep myself up until 10pm California time so I would sleep all night and feel fairly normal today.  It worked! 

Today’s plan?  It’s a lecture evening, so there will be time for hitting some quilt shops today, and meeting up with the guild girls for an early meal before lecture set up time.

I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow!

Links are coming in from all over for our current Mystery Monday Link-Up that started yesterday.  Remember this one is going a full week, so you have lots of opportunity to share your progress through your blog, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr.  Join in!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This one simple thing can make a huge difference to someone’s day – including your own!

Much love from rainy southern California -


  1. Quilt cam was FUN to watch you Treadle! Makes even me want to do String Blocks. And that is a far stretch. Ask Judy D and My Other Quilt Buddies. The On Ringo Lake pictures I'm seeing are urging me on with a Passion to finish! Sewing some long seams to day. Quilt guild tonight. I hope to send some more pictures of my NON Bloggy Friends who are working on the Mystery too. I said there were 6 here in Walla Walla, but I remembered at least 2 more. We'll have to have a REVEAL Party at the LQS when they catch up. You're in my Time Zone. Have a great Lecture tonight. I can't wait to see what you found in the Antique and Quilt shops there.

  2. I am still working on my mystery quilt. I look forward to mystery time every year. This is the 5th mystery quilt for me. Today Sami and I had another sewing lesson. Now she is making a quilt. I gave her a stack of squares to sew together. I told her to put the pretty sides together so that they kiss. When her Daddy came to get her, she took him up to the sewing room to show him what she had sewn and told him they are kissing. Sami and I both got a thrill seeing our picture on the blog today!

  3. I've been looking forward to seeing you at quilt guild in Temecula for months! The flu bug hit over the weekend and I was just too sick to get there....it's only 10 miles from where I live. Oh well, glad you made it safely and are well. Will look forward to your posts and antique shopping. Blessings. Patty Mc

  4. That hexie project blows my mind. She has the patience of a saint.

  5. Oh, my heart was warmed seeing the picture of Linda and Sami working together. How wonderful they picked up on Sami’s interest in sewing AND that they bought her a real sewing machine (not a toy that doesn’t work well). I bet that machine will be something she keeps forever, even after she gets a full size machine further down the road. That would be a neat one to take to quilting workshops!
    Renate’s quilt is a show stopper! She needs to make a book about it. Seriously.

  6. Bonnie, watching this quilt cam today. Can not sew well with the shoulder. Please know, I learn more helpful tips and ideas from you on quilt cam then could fit in 1000 books! No joke! How sbout the knickle measurement in the string pieced corner... sweetie, I do love the way you think.Going to play quilt cams instead of tv, Netflix etc... you are better, entertaining and just a delight.
    God bless you


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