Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hello from Mt. Dora!


“Overlooking lakes Dora, Gertrude and Beauclair, Mount Dora is situated on a plateau 184 feet above sea level.”

Well, by Florida standards, I guess 184 feet above sea level qualifies! LOL! 

I just love the history of places, and this little city is full of charm and interest – and ANTIQUE MALLS!  My only problem is that I don’t think there is enough wiggle room for me to see any of them because our day yesterday was filled with just GETTING HERE (by 9am!) after leaving Daytona about 7:30am. 

Will we make it in time?  Somewhere in the forest region (Where I even saw “Watch for BEAR” signs!) we lost GPS signal….

We lumbered along behind this guy for a LONG LONG while!

He must know the way.  He won’t get us lost….just keep following!

Me made it to the meeting right on time, got set up, got busy with book and goodies sales at the merchandise table….and into the morning meeting, followed by my presentation, a short break for lunch and wow…straight into a Chunky Churn Dash workshop in the afternoon. 


So fun to meet these ladies in person!

These gals were so cute – each telling stories about the other’s quilts, pulling up photos of current projects and mysteries-in-progress on their phones.  (Don’t we love our phones for quilt photos?  How many of you have more photos of quilts on your phone than family or pets? LOL!)


Sewing space for 40!

The place where the Lake County Quilters Guild meets is BEAUTIFUL and spacious.  And this is a very active guild with activities WEEKLY.  

However, all of the outlets were along the outside of the room and catching everyone in photos without them being dwarfed by the massiveness of the room was a challenge…


My long time friend Siobhan lives here now and she came to play!

Chunky Churn Dash is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog, and is one of those great quilts I tend to think of as a “Sleeper” because it doesn’t surface very often.  It’s been there for more than 10 years, and is still a favorite for a quick baby quilt or a Quilt of Valor.  Have you tried one?  

It comes together quickly from 1 1/2’’ and 2 1/2’’ strips from your Scrap User’s System.  I pulled all of the center squares from my ever-present 2 1/2’’ squares box for more variety.  So fun to choose which fabrics are going to play in each block.


So fun to see Doris!  Last time I saw her was Iowa last summer!


Oh the busy productivity!


Cute cute cute cute!

You’ll find the rest of our afternoon workshop fun in the video below.  Click to play:

The afternoon passed far too quickly, and before I knew it we were packing it up, shutting it down and making plans for dinner.

If I have my choice, I will always ask for something local that I can’t get at home.  “Do you like Cuban?” Was the question. Absolutely!  Let’s go!

The food was scrumptious, and there was great conversation with 7 of us at the table. There may have been a few margaritas going round for happy hour.  HA!

But the best part, was the charming hombre who came round to serenade us as we were finishing up.  Oh, I love a crooner with a guitar!  And it sounds all that much better in Spanish!

Click to play:

Off to the hotel, suitcases in the back of Peggy’s car….check in, drop off and then a drive over to Siobhan’s new digs!  I LOVED IT!  I love seeing what she is doing with her quilting space.

We talked about how daunting the prospect of moving a whole quilting space can be.  Coming up front and center with transporting 30 years+ of accumulated fabric, quilts, projects, collectibles –it feels like an unsurmountable task.  But she is so happy in her new space and I could feel it the moment she put the key in the door, and we entered.

There will be very special quilts coming out of this new space.

All of this activity and I was in bed by 9pm.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  What a Quilter-filled day it was.

And today we do it all over again with 40 more for Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling!

Oh…and before I forget….For those who were ordering the Paca Pressing Mats that I talked about in our 1/28/2018 Quilt Cam post. I received a very ecstatic email from Sue Donnelly who ownsWhat AH View Farm and she states:
Wow we’re working hard to do these orders and satisfy all these sweet people. I should’ve had them packaged ahead of time but didn’t know you’d even tested it yet. It’s a true miracle for our farm and the others we get extra fiber from. 
Would you be able to add to your next blog that we’re working as hard and fast as we can? 
We’ve told the animals to make more faster and will be filling the orders as quickly as possible! (I’m extremely picky about quality control) and will ship priority mail when ready. It may take a few days for orders received after this past weekend. 
I also need to only ship to USA right now. In a month or so I’ll have international shipping under better control.”
I think you folks have just blown her away!  Hooray for our Quiltvillians.  You have made a difference in the lives of some hard working alpaca farmers!  

I know folks will be patient with their orders because the animals can only grow their wool so fast and quality is important. You are going to love your pressing mats.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Yes, learning is a gift.  And teaching is a privilege.  I’m so grateful to be here sharing my love of quilting with the quilters of Florida.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. The Mt Dora area of Fl is wonderful. After living 56 of my years in Fl,, I enjoy the "older Florida". Where life is. Slower... Mickey does not rule the world. 😆 Just a difference pace, a better pace.
    Chinky ChurnDash is e of my gavorite Bonnie patterns. You can do so much with it.. even fussy cutting. The guild looked as happy as clams at hight tide ... smiling all of way.
    Have fun, enough the winter weather in The Sunshine State.

  2. How fun to catch up with Siobhan! I'm so glad she is happy in her new home. What a fun day for you both :-)

  3. How neat to see Siobhan. I remember her from our first South Eastern Quilters Retreat at the GA Nat'l Fairgrounds, I think in 2002. It was then called the Dear Jane Retreat.
    I know Mt. Dora bc my folks lived there & developed mobile home parks there. In fact, my hubby & I were engaged on a pier overlooking Mt. Dora. Enjoy! Angela from Middle GA

  4. oh, how nice the serenade was, he has a pleasant tone. Thanks for shaaring.

  5. Packing to move right now. Will finish sewing room by Friday. I am donating to my guild's charity group. Some of this fabric has been moved 5 times. Time to purge for charity.

  6. Cool that the alpaca mat will be going international - can't wait!
    I have enjoyed all my trips to Florida. Maybe one day we'll get to go again. So many places in the world and so little time to see it all! In the meantime I'll just sit and view Bonnie quilt trips! LOL!

  7. I had to do a double take, you are in my backyard!!!! Literally! I work across the street from Lake Receptions and live less than a mile away. Will you be here for the quilt show in Feb? That same facility is filled with vendors and fabric and quilts!!!! It's a great show! Welcome!!!

  8. You have a great bunch of friends. You make new ones everywhere you go! Lucky Florida quilters. You didn't mention it, but don't the Mystery Parts leave the Blog tonight?

  9. Looks fabulous,can’t wait for international shipping on alpaca mats.just love the wonderful variety of fabrics used in making the chunky churn dash blocks they all looked fabulous.
    Hope you have an equally wonderful day today
    Love and quilty hugs

    Anne xxx

  10. When I first glanced at your Learning is a Gift sign.... I saw Hearing is a Gift.... and since I don't hear I thought yep hearing would be wonderful.

  11. Mt Dora is a great place to visit and has many antique shops along with a huge outdoor antique market each weekend. Many of the dealers are great to work with when looking for that unique piece. I have snooped through many times and have always found a treasure or two ;)
    Hope you get a chance to visit a few shops :)

  12. Laughing a bit, Susie Q, I too mis-read the Learning for Hearing (what does that say about or ('seeing')vision? I'm thinking i must/should grab and print a copy of this churn dash pattern... the pictures from the group were indeed inspiring.... and btw i CAN hear, and my hearing aids have enhanced that gift wonderfully.... have your best day ever! every body... Cats from Carlsbad, California

  13. Chunky Churndash is on my list—I have way too many 1.5”pieces cut! Lovely to see Siobhan, knew she was moving but not where. Hope she gets back to blogging some day.


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