Sunday, January 14, 2018

Super-California-Istic-Expialidocious Show & Share!

Oh, my goodness, the amazing showing and sharing happening in Southern California!

Yes, tops and partial mysteries-in-progress are always a welcome sight at any gathering of quilters!

I love to hear the stories, especially when groups of friends are encouraging each other on to a goal of completion.

We all know that a lot of living goes on between each seam and that is what makes the completed quilt itself so special.  With each stitch we have climbed MOUNTAINS not only with quilt progress, but in the walk of our day to day life, accepting each challenge and growing through it.

Even a partial quilt top shows the many hours of effort one puts in.  THANK YOU for the best part of my visit – the show & share segments where I get to know just a little bit more about YOU.


Fabulous mystery finishes in Temecula!

Isn’t this En Provence quilt just gorgeous?


A Sparkling Crab-Apples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

I also spy my Wonky Wishes on the table, can you see it?


Garlic Knots variation with yummy quilting texture!

(The light was just right at this venue!)


A Scrappy Mountain Majesties finish from the last time I taught at Quilt in a Day!

Glorious in Green!  Pattern from the free patterns tab


Oh, Allietare!  I get so excited to see these!


On Ringo Lake blocks being assembled as Leaders & Enders during class!

There are many more in our video below!  Click to play:

I especially love the pair of Double Delight mysteries, did you know that this and a few other mysteries are available as free patterns at the bottom of the free patterns tab?? Perfect for your group sewing!

I left San Diego yesterday a few hours later than I had planned, but Jill and I were able to get in a couple extra hours of sewing time in the process.  It’s always wonderful when I get to spend some extra time in the home of a friend.  I hadn’t seen her since we arrived back to the states from China.

I’ll be seeing her again next January as she and her hubby and many others are joining us on our Quiltville Goes to Japan trip!  Have you considered coming?  Don’t forget our Quiltville Goes to Kenya tour in October of 2019.  It’s going to be an amazing year.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself…there is so much in 2018 to experience, and we are just beginning.

There was plenty of time for this yesterday as well!

I worked in a couple of rosettes from my shop hopping in Temecula.  I am so happy to see hexie border #3 growing.  There is loads of travel time this year, so I’m hoping this top is done by Thanksgiving.  Can I do it?  We shall see!


Airport Pick Up!

Hello, Sweet Girl!

Waking up to 20 degree temps this morning was fairly rude considering that weather in San Diego is back up to GLORIOUS.  But I’ve got Florida coming up at the end of the month, and Asilomar in California coming up in March to look forward to.  MY FEET SHALL THAW AGAIN!

I’m looking forward to the next 2 weeks at home here to work on things both immanent and frivolous, including calling the dentist tomorrow to see if we can move that crown appointment for the implant UP a few days.  The sooner I get this tooth back in my mouth the better.

And sewing time.  Oh, yes – there WILL be sewing time!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Temecula, California during workshops last week!

Wishing for change is not enough. Sometimes, you've got to reassess and change your approach!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Such a treat to see all your lovely quilts all made up and the mystery in progress. Thank you for including us in all the fun.
    Hope you get you tooth sorted soon I really must phone my dentist and get mine sorted.
    Enjoy your home time

    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. What fun to see all the different colorways of your patterns ( PS - I just finished my EnProvence!! yay) Glad you were warm,..... sorry about the cold wake up!

  3. Show and tell is always my favorite part of your classes, and of my guild meetings as well. So nice ro see so many mystery quilts. I have put off On Ringo Lake in order to fonish En Provence. But I have been kicked out of my sewing room due to my husband painting th window sills for the new windows we had installed last summer. Not only did I have to move my cutting table but stuff from other rooms have been stored in there. Luckily yesterday was my guild's open sew so I got to do some sewing, and to use the large tables there to measure and cut borders.

    Sorry you're cold Bonnie. Here in Alaska we are one a temperature roller coaster. A week, 10 days ago we were hovering around zero and yesterday the temperature went over freezing and rained. Yuck! Today it is again warm, but there is lots of ice underfoot with water on top. The main roads are okay, but yikes the side roads and especially my driveway!

  4. And the rest of that quote is "So if you want something else; DO something else."
    Love that quote. It keeps me straight many times.
    Have a great day, Bonnie, as you always wish to us.

  5. I love seeing the Double Delight quilts. Mine is in a totoe, someday it will become a Leader ender to the Finifh. It was the first Mystery I tried on Quiltville. I missed show n Share at my Guild mtg. Thank heavens for the pictures that were taken so I could see them all close-up! Getting my On Ringo Lake ready for the next Link-up. I have 10 of us here in WW now that are working on it.

  6. My favorite part is the show and tell, too. You could make that longer (please) and more time on each one. It takes me a while to soak it all in.

  7. Marcia- are you able to pause the video? That's what I do whenever I've got to look closer. :)

  8. Bonnie, if you think your feet will thaw out when you come to Florida, think again! It's cold here again - only 52 this morning and you know anything below 70 is jacket weather for us Floridians!! LOL!! But you're always welcome to the Sunshine State!!

  9. Forgive me if I should already know this - I am so interested in the hexagon quilt you are working on. Is that a pattern I could look at or something you are doing for a future pattern? I would like to have a project to hand piece. Thanks.


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