Saturday, January 13, 2018

Scrappy Bargello at Quilt in a Day!

Look who I’ve got in the sunny parking lot of Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, California!

I love this lady!  Eleanor Burns is my quilt hero!

The El Camino Quilt Guild is lucky to have the use of the wonderful classroom space at Quilt in a Day for their guild workshops, and I was happy to be back, both with the guild, AND at Quilt in a Day!

If you are anywhere near San Marcos, just outside of San Diego, you need to make a beeline and spend some time exploring everything!


Such a fun place to shop!

And as it is my birthday month – ALL MONTH – There are some goodies coming home with me.


Fabric inspiration is everywhere!


Around every corner, bolts are saying “Pet Me!”


Using the TV set design wall!

Scrappy Bargello in plaids looking GOOD there!

Some classes you are lucky if you go home with a couple of blocks and a bunch of spare parts to turn into more blocks at home.  I LOVE teaching the Scrappy Bargello class because anything and everything goes, and most folks went home with 2 panels done if not 1!  The panels are the full length of the quilt center, so 6 panels do this quilt.

And it is easy to tailor the size of quilt you want as you work the quilt by length.  If you want a quilt that is 60’’ long, use 30 strips.  If you want a quilt that is 86’’ long, use 43 strips.  The panels are 12’’ wide, make as many as you need for your width.  You’ll find the free pattern for Scrappy Bargello under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Give it a try!


Sewing and pressing go hand in hand!


Ready with a hot iron salute!

This workspace is so wonderful!  Light and bright and all of the tools we need right at hand.


Cutting loops of squares from our panels.


Stitching lengths together, after adjusting squares up or down.


One done, more to come!

If you want a fun sew-along day with your guild or group, you should give this one a try.  It ALWAYS works and it is so much fun to do.  I really should deplete a bit of the 2 1/2’’ strip stash and make another!  Maybe the next time Mona and I get together we should do one together, too. 

You’ll find the rest of our day’s activity in the video below.  Click to play:

Thanks for all of the fun, Quilt in a Day and El Camino Quilters!


I hope we get a chance to do this again!


My “Stitching at Jill’s” project.

I have had the luxury of quite a bit of sewing time while on this trip.  Up at 5am, 2 hours of sewing time happened before having to leave for Thursday’s guild presentation, and yesterday’s class.  There was evening sewing time as well – we luxuriated in our leisure time while Jill’s hubby Bob got busy in the kitchen fixing us scrumptious dinners.

Boy does Jill ever have a keeper!


Last night’s unwinding!

And it turns out that this morning we’ll have a couple of hours to stitch as well….upon getting up at 4am for my early flight, I awakened to a message from Delta letting me know my flight was delayed by a few hours, and now departs at 9:50am! 

When there is nothing you can do about any given situation, you find a way to turn it around into something good, right?  As soon as this posts I’ll be back to the machine for a couple of hours stitching with my friend.  Priceless!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Don’t just let go of the things you can’t change – find a way to embrace the chaos!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Love their name, "El Camino" Quilt Guild. They rock!

  2. Safe Travels home. Good to get some extra sew time with Jill! Love Eleanor Burns. The Scrappy Bargello looks fun.

  3. I love making these Scrappy Bargello's! They ARE fun and easy :) Safe travels :)

  4. oh Bonnie, enjoy the SALE bIN by the front door !!!!

  5. Bonnie, the video there is a blank vintage machine (I think a 301??) and it has an interesting seam guide on it. Do you know anything about that? I have never seen one like it. (It is shown at the 31 second of video.)

  6. Sally Langston Warren, that looks a Dritz Magnetic seam guide. About $3.50 at JoAnn Fabric, $4.50 Amazon, $6 at Walmart. I'll bet your LQS has one.

    Bonnie, that sure looked like a fun class with a fun guild. Glad you had sunny weather too.

  7. I love hearing about the lucky quilters that get to attend one of your workshop. I was hoping to attend the one in Ocala, but it was closed out already before I got down here to join. Hope to see you at your lecture.

  8. So wonderful to see El looking so good after her recovery year! Happy we had some nice weather for you. The scrappy bargello looks great.

  9. Scrappy Bargello looks like a fun way to use up a lot of 2.5" strips! DH and I are considering a move this year or next to the San Marcos area to be near kids and grandkids. I can only imagine the trouble I could get into at Quilt in a Day! I'll have to look up the El Camino quilters for sure.

  10. Bonnie, Thanks for the great video. Love seeing Miss El looking so healthy. she is a rock star. Love the scrappy Bargello--which book is it in?
    Also, I have decided to move into the quilt store--what an Eye Candy Treat.
    Wendy D-Long beach, Cal


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