Saturday, January 06, 2018

Oh, So Close!

I’ve reached center!  But I’m out of time….with just about 6 blocks left to cover with Baptist fan quilting.

Oh, so close, but yet so far.

My callouses were rebelling by 11pm and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open to push this quilt to finish last night.

But you know what?  It’s okay!  Because the next time I come up here it will be to celebrate my birthday on the 23rd.

I’ll have a tooth back in place on the 22nd, and this quilt will be finished for my birthday. That’s something to look forward to.

The “Oh, rats!” moment came when the dentist’s office called me around 5pm yesterday afternoon letting me know that my tooth had arrived and would I like to come in on Monday?  OH NO!  I’ll be flying to San Diego toothless on Monday, and I told them to just keep the appointment I made for the 22nd. 

I have been happily following along on YOUR On Ringo Lake progress!

I love the togetherness that mystery season brings! This collage was shared by Beth to my Quiltville's Open Studio group on Facebook! She writes:

"My 12yr old Granddaughter working along side me on the MQ today. She prepared the blocks ready for sewing. My heart is full "

This does my heart so much good as well! Thanks for sharing, Beth!


Another TOP is complete!

From @missquested – “On Ringo Lake top assembled. It’s a good thing there’s only one mystery a year because assembling the top was quite the challenge. I’ll need a year to recover.”

LOL!!  It’s gorgeous!  This has been so much fun to check the hashtags on instagram and see what folks have posted.  I’ve scrolled through all of the shares and chatter happening in our Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook to see how fabrics and colors are coming together.


On Ringo Lake in Rainbow Colors!

From @messygoat – “Here it is, after some SERIOUS quality time with the seam ripper and realizing that I struggle with sashings that alternate direction like this. Ella tested the #onringolakequilt #quiltvillemystery and has declared it acceptable. I’ll trim it up and probably add a narrow border of bright to anchor the edge, but I chose not to overwhelm the edges with large chunks of more color mania. This was a fun one for me— and a challenging one! @quiltville_bonnie Thanks for another great mystery!”

And there will be more shares come Monday when we do our next Mystery Monday Link-Up.  So exciting!

There was more aviary antics outside of my kitchen window yesterday.  These little babies are BUSY!  Click to play:

It makes doing dishes ALMOST fun.

I’ll fill the feeder up to the top before leaving this morning, but I know that food won’t last more than a few days.  I won’t be back for a couple of weeks so they’ll have to fend for themselves until then.

Am I crazy to say that worries me for them just a bit?  Oh geeze, I’ve turned into a crazy mountain mama singing “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag……”


This action continued and I love how different each block is!


36 on the design wall!

And they will be waiting for next visit, too.

The two kitted-up quilt parts are in my bag, ready to go home to be placed into my suitcase for evening sewing time while in California.  These blocks will stay here as “cabin project” for the next time I am up as well.

As soon as this posts, I’m warming up the van as I clear out the fridge, set everything straight and I’ll be on my way home.

Would anyone be up for a Sunday Quilt-Cam?  I’ll need to see if we can squeeze it in tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll give a definite in tomorrow’s blog post.  Be watching for more info!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

That thing called gut instinct? Listen to it!

Don't let other people's opinions make your decisions for you.

(This one really hit home to me!)

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!


  1. Yes to Quilt Cam. Hunkered down in Boston packing away Christmas and heading to the sewing room for a long weekend. Sunny and six degrees here. The Ringo quilts are amazing. 😊

  2. I'll try to catch you on quilt cam tomorrow. I'm not going outdoors unless it's absolutely necessary. I did complete another quilt block yesterday, inside where it's warm! Currently it's a balmy 6 degrees in north central MD and the sun is shining brightly! We have had more than our share of the cold freezing temps. If my kitty didn't have to eat, I wouldn't be venturing out this morning. Safe travels, Bonnie.

  3. On Ringo Lake is amazing... so many folks making such terrific assortment of this quilt ... switching colors here and there, or completely. Thinking this wild " disturbance" has been brought on by the coral/orange 😆. Did you do this on suppose? 😉

    Not to be concerned about going wacky what with your birds... it was a fat friendly beautiful squirrel for me. Thinking it is our mothering instinct!

    ENJOY San Diego..post lots of photo..
    Hugs and prayers for safe travel

  4. Definitely up for Quiltcam. Bring it on!

  5. Now, I am singing, Feed the Birds. Almost is how my On Ringo Lake is doing. I got Pains, they're multiplying. More Quilt Yoga in my forecast. I wish I could be home for Quiltcam. I have early Church this year. Catch it later on You Tube. I would never think to do the Mystery in Rainbow colors. Pretty! Yea, for our Birthday Month!!

  6. You have probably answered this question before but I missed it if you did. What is the name of the quilt pattern you have on your design wall at the cabin. I LOVE it. Happy and Safe travels.

    Judy from cold Michigan

  7. Bonnie - I had to laugh when you said "Be nice Guys"! I am always imploring our birds to get along!! I have a bird feeder outside of my sewing room window - it can be a bit of a distraction but wonderful if I am feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Five minutes watching is all I need to get my head screwed on straight again!! Safe travels today and Monday and thanks for all you do for us (and the birds!)

  8. Oh Bonnie, I love that you share your progress, those 3 new blocks are great, purple is my color and I love that purple one. Can't wait to see what you do with these, I can only dream and imagine and that never does the quilt you turn them into justice. I too have not heard the name of this block but they are beautiful and I can see where they would become addicting. Praying for safe travels for you, enjoy yourself.

  9. Quilt Cam would be great!

  10. Love to have Quilt cam tomorrow, or whenever you have time! Also here in Ohio the really really cold weather is supposed to let up some next week, maybe the same east of here, so probably your birds will do well in your absence...

  11. Oh yeah I'd love you to come sew with me tomorrow on Quilt cam.....I am so close to having my top come together. I spent more time with Jack on this one than any of the other mysteries.....have to say it was tough to get through being sick but thank goodness I had the quilt to focus on instead of not feeling well and missing my Christmas visit with my granddaughter :0(. You are the best Bonnie thank you so much for the annual mystery, I hope it never ends. Hugs, safe travels and Happy Sewing.

  12. found one of your wonderful quilts on pinterest - denim made for Katrina victims - and wonder if there's a pattern. i've just got a pile of jeans & i've looked at dozens of quilts and yours is my favorite. it's this one: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/09/early-morning-quilt-top.html?m=1


  13. thank you for the font, I cannot control it on my computer. love the little birds too! any idea who the crested little buggers are? Wonderful to have the "old" quilt almost done! Enjoy your time in the sun, and looking forward to Quiltcam on Sunday!

  14. Just loving your quilting on your dear Jane quilt, how exciting to know the next time your at the cabin you’ll finish it.
    Your design wall is lookin so beautiful with your blocks up I love them a lovely rainbow of colours.
    You did give me a chuckle telling the birds to be nice, I say this to my 3 cats every morning when I’m feeding them and mum is giving the two younger ones a cuff around the ears lol.
    Looking forward to a Sunday quiltcam I won’t be able to watch it live as I have visitors today, but I will catch it later on YouTube.
    Hope you have safe journeys and enjoy some warmer weather.

    Love and quilty hugs

    Anne xxx

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