Friday, January 26, 2018

A Bit of Razzle-Zazzle to My Day!

Birthday month is always fun.

And you have been spoiling me rotten with everything from birthday cards stuffed with cut off triangle corners as confetti (Thank you, Auntie Em!) to delicious edibles (Jeff and I are STILL sharing that huge cheesecake, Prudence!) and more.

The boxes were LINING the front hallway when I returned on Wednesday.

There are still some envelopes I haven’t opened up, parceling them out to make this birthday last as long as possible.

A very wise wise quilter told me that I should celebrate a day for each year of my life – 56 days of birthday celebration?  I like it!

Do you see this fun On Ringo Lake mug?  Forest Jane, our fabulous logo designer for all of our mysteries designed this one especially for me!  And you can have one too!


But while the back side of YOURS will say

I’d rather be quilting with Bonnie -

Mine says:
I’m Bonnie.  Quilt with me!

In other words, keep your hands off MY mug and get your own.  LOL!


You can even get a t-shirt!

Hunky guy not included.

And the best part?  All proceeds from items sold in our Quiltville Zazzle Store go to help those in need.  The purchase price is set at the lowest possible margin and any earnings go to buy fabrics, battings, yarn and other necessities.

Most folks don’t know that this is an authorized Quiltville endeavor.  My way of helping Forest Jane in her desire to give back something to the quilting community and those who need it.


Sewing Class at the library!

There are many folks who want to learn to sew and quilt but simply don’t have the funds to buy a machine or all of the supplies (fabric included) needed to begin.  Forest Jane hosts sewing classes for free at the local library, giving these gals a chance to light a fire under their desire of learning to sew.  It’s so rewarding watching them dig in and take off!

She writes:
These three pictures are the sewing class I do here at the library.  We have donated machines (plus my three) and I use some of the money I make in Zazzle to buy fabric, thread, sewing machine needles for the class. 

Great fabrics!
They LOVED making a 'burrito style' pillowcase, and were fascinated at how you turn the burrito roll inside out and suddenly the fabric is a pillowcase with all the seams hidden!

I think she is pretty pleased with herself!

(So cute!)


I wish I could hear the conversation happening here with these new sewists!
We made medium sized tote bags in this class.  They had the option to use a simple 9 patch quilt block for one of the squares.  I bought some fleece for this one, to use inside the handles.

So much nine-patch fun!
They were very proud of their finished, lined tote! I had the adults all model their tote, when they finished.

Solid squares looking great!
I hope I'm creating more sewing enthusiasts in the library neighborhood.

Look at those smiles!

I would say you are, Jane!

This just does my heart good!  Learning to sew, to make, to create can change a life.  I really believe it can.


Yesterday’s #quiltvilleoftheday – Moth in the Window!

Have you made one yet?

One of my favorite quilting formulas is working from two strip widths where one strip is half the finished width of the other.

The combinations are endless!

Moth in the window from my book Addicted to Scraps is made with 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" strips of recycled fabrics in all the colors I could come up with! It's a scrap lovers party!

Purchase of this book from the Quiltville Store will also send a free PDF pattern for the Wanderlust Table Runner to your email.

Quilt-Cam is on target for tomorrow afternoon at 2pm Eastern via Facebook Live! I’ll see you on my Quiltville Facebook Page at that time and maybe I’ll finally get some machine time in before I head to Florida.

ALSO!  Our Quilty Box Gift-Away is STILL going strong!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Just one more thing that can stop you in your tracks and halter progress! Chances are, others aren't thinking what you think they are thinking and what they are thinking really doesn't matter!

Are you guilty of this?  I  know I am!  Repeat after me “It doesn’t matter!”

There’s a Fabulous Friday ahead!


  1. Applause for your friend Forest Jane. Where would any of us be without experienced quilters to teach us techniques & encourage us to explore our creative nature. I am smiling this morning as I remember being taught how to make the Burrito Pillow Case. I was a Doubting Thomas when I began. I didn't think it would work. Bonnie, thank you for sharing & happy quilting to the ladies.

  2. How great to see the love of quilting and sewing being passed on. I think I need to go have a look at that Zazzle shop and see if I need anything, and can support this effort.

  3. i just ordered my mug, Forest Jane ur awesome, such a great cause!!!!!

  4. Hurrah to Forest Jane and her ladies, and to you for supporting them. I agree that learning a new skill, especially sewing, of course, can change a life. Increased confidence comes from holding something in your hands that you made yourself.

  5. The mug and T-shirt are awesome once again. Thanks, Jane!! Sew fun to see the new sewists projects from the proceeds. Glad you're still Celebrating. Tomorrow is Support your Local Quilt Shop Day. I might be out fondling fabric during Quiltcam. Catch it later on my YouTube.

  6. Awesome Mug!!! Just wanted to let you know the widget is not working on the new button for the On Ringo Lake Graphic. it still shows the old photo. :)

  7. What a win win when you purchase from Forest Jane at Zazzle.....my two tee shirts are pretty great too. So nicely made with the quilt logo bright and beautiful ( hunk not included is right , I didn't get one!)
    Happy Sewing and thanks for letting us know we are helping others to learn to sew.

  8. Bonnie, thank you for posting photos of your quilts. I'm now taking another look at Moths in the Window quilt. It looks so pretty in this photo. And I have the book!

  9. What a wonderful thing Forest Jane does for the people of this community! She is making the world a better place.

  10. I absolutely love what Forest Jane is doing! Thanks for the info. Will have to check out Zazzle.

  11. Fantastic post! So great to hear and its got me wondering what I can do to promote our art. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. How awesome of Forest Jane. Not only is she teaching a skill, she is creating some seriously happy faces. Thanks for telling her story. Need to go hunt down my Addicted book, I really like the moths!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. You are amazing and you have given me many gifts. Thank you.

  14. Maybe post an address for the ladies that sew at the library so people can send some fabrick.

  15. I read what you share instead of the news feeds, because I really like what you share much more! I like good things, such as these beautiful smiles from the ladies at the library that Forest Jane teaches! I think the quilting community is the best community in the land!
    Happy Birthday Miss Bonnie!

  16. Anonymous11:16 AM EST

    The mug is cute, but the guy is modeling the T-shirt is hot, you can keep the t-shirt I'll take the guy. I see you're coming to Bakersfield CA in April. I can't wait I signed up for the event.


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