Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Antique Shops & Quilt Shop Hops, Oh My!

There was much discussion on our way from the airport on Monday morning.

What would you like to do?  Where would you like to go?  Is there anything you want to see?

Well, those who have known me for any length of time would know right where to take me.

After some LUNCH of course, because I’d been up and running since midnight California time just to get here, and this girl was HUNGRY!

If you’ve never made a pilgrimage to Old Town Temecula, you must.  Such a cute cute area with old timey western appeal, restaurants, shops, and so much to do and see.

And the guild puts on a fabulous FREE outdoor quilt show in Old Town the first weekend of October every year, so put it on your calendar and come.

Linda and I chose a little Mexican cafĂ© for lunch, and then headed over to Grannie’s Attic Antiques, just one of MANY Antiquing haunts in town.

We couldn’t check me into my hotel for a bit yet, and what better way to spend our time?

I spotted the weirdest thing right off, and it was fairly disturbing:


Oh.  No.

Giraffes are so lovely to watch, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would want to hang a stuffed one on their wall.  I nearly cried.

Quick.  Walk past. Find a quilt to pet, or a vintage sewing machine to gush over….


Now that’s more like it!

Hello little Wheeler & Wilson!  Where did your bobbin plate go?

I had to laugh the whole way because Linda had told me “Well, we don’t have antiques like you have back east, so I don’t know if you’ll find anything you like here…..”  Think again, Linda!


Crazy Anne circa 1900 or so.


Made with our favorite (HA)  chevron units!

Things I absolutely love about vintage quilts?  Check out how many different directions the neutral stripes in the center block go.  FABULOUS! Let the stripes play whichever way they want!


This one was special.

Not for the patchwork particularly, though it was nice.


This one had an iron on label!

Someone took the time to document and attach this.

And then my heart skips a beat – because it is here in an antique mall instead of with family.

Still, this is a valuable reminder to label label label label your quilts!

We saw many other lovelies on our day including this childhood favorite:


Vintage Quilt Design HARDWARE!

I loved playing with these sets as a kid, and I have a set at home.  Each side of the wooden block is a different color, solid square or half square triangle.  FUN!

You’ll find the rest of our antiquing excursion in the video below.  Click to play:

And there were MORE antique shops, but this girl needed a nap and badly!


With yesterday morning on my own, I definitely got up to some sewing!

Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette on Netflix.

And from here we go into RAPID fire slide shows because there is too much too much too much fun to post them all one by one!  Marlene and her hubby picked me up to Quilt Shop Hop the 3 great shops in Temecula, and then meet up with the guild girls for dinner before going over to set up for my presentation.  SHOP HOP!!


And the mother lode!

Primitive Gatherings in Murrieta, CA!

It was a full afternoon and there was still an evening guild meeting to go!

We had a great time and I am rushing off to meet with the Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild for a Jared Takes a Wife workshop – my first teaching gig of 2018.  I’m ready to be back in the saddle and having some fun with a class of 40 today.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It starts now. It starts today. It starts with each and everyone of us.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Like you with the giraffe, that label saying "never been used" on that quilt separated from family made me want to cry. Maybe since the maker's name is in the picture of the label, someone in the family will see it and go retrieve it, and maybe even let it be used and loved. AND, does anyone know the name of the block in the colorful quilt at about 30 seconds in? Love that one.

  2. Bonnie -- I LIVE in Emporia, Kansas, and have almost all my life. I do not recognize the name on the quilt, though. That is so neat that someone labeled it. Wonder how it ended up in California! Thanks for all you do for the quilting community!


  3. Oh what fun! Glad you are having a great 1st gig of 2018. Antique shops and Quilt shops, best way to spend spare time. Love all the quilts!

  4. Interesting construction on the Crazy Anne. I would have done the quadrants as a pair of flying geese, but this construction makes sense, too. Just goes to show there are often multiple ways to approach a block.

    And, yes, the different ways the neutrals go indicates the challenges/fun of working with directional fabric.

  5. Valerie,
    the 4 leaves quilt block is named Anna's Pride (no. 4078) on page 504 in Barbara Brackman "Encyclopedia of pieced quilt patterns"

  6. BONNIE - you are a dream to show the label - I am a genealogy person, so I went on Ancestry and found a descendent that I think is related to that quilt maker - and I sent her a link to your blog... she lives in Kansas... wouldn't it be fabulous if the quilt went back home to the family because of that label???? You never know... I once was able to return an antique family Bible because I found a church bulletin stuck in it, posted on the church website, and a great-grandson saw it and was VERY happy to get it...Kathleen

  7. That giraffe is very disturbing but I am quite curious to know what price was on it.

  8. I love reading your blog each day, and enjoy hearing about all your travels around the country (and the world). The giraffe, I agree, not something I would want looking at me every day. It would be great if Kathleen is able to bring the quilt and the family together again. Sometimes, things that we expect to be passed down just go missing and we never do find out where they went. The Temecula Quilt Company! How many of us are participating in the snowball QAL. Just finished doing a bit of downsizing in my sewing room and can now get caught up on these blocks. I was just going to check your L/E lozenge QAL for any tips or tricks.

  9. So much fun to watch you wander the town I spent 20+ years in....have a wonderful time and safe travels.

  10. Well, I start with where you started... the giraffe...he is lucky to have the home he has and leave him at that. The lost quilt...we will hope that Kathleen will be able to re-unite the family with the quilt & the quilt owner will be more than helpful to see that it gets done. Loved the Crazy Anne quilt. Could anyone help me find a pattern for it, or know any history for the pattern? I so love your travels & all the information that you afford the rest of us who are stuck at home base most of the time. Have more blessings as the days go by.

  11. Carole Y, thank you so much! I will look that up.

  12. Indeed, Primitive Gatherings IS the Mother Lode... I just could hardly contain myself with the sheer abundance of gorgeous fabrics... the owner? buyer? must say to her supplier, "send me a bolt of everything"... thanks for sharing... safe travels.

  13. I've been to Temecula a couple of times - my daughter lives in SoCal. But didn't know there were quilt shops there - we only visited some of the many wineries!! And they do have a lot!!

  14. I recently watched Marie Antoinette as well. Very disappointed with the choice of modern music instead of period music. Working on a Double Irish Chain for Mom in law, she'll be 99 in March!

  15. As a charter member and past president of the Valley of the mist quilt quilt I was so sorry to miss the meeting but have the flu and couldn't make it. Hope you had a great time with our temecula gang and hope you can come back some day


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