Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quilt-Cam 1/27/2018 & Off to Florida!

Did you catch Quilt-Cam yesterday afternoon?

We had so much fun, and the hour flew by so quickly!  I loved it and can hardly wait until I can return home and get going on this project some more.

There were many shares happening during our time together.

This photo is by Jane Peck, and you can see me there on her tablet as she is arranging and rearranging her On Ringo Lake units and getting the blocks ready to assemble.

Looking SUPER, Jane!  So glad you could tune in.

As for me….it was a continuation of these string block units being sewn into BIG blocks, and I thought that would be a great time for me to show some more on webbing the block.

While I was doing MY thing – these things were coming in left and right (So many emails I couldn’t answer them all) and I saved these photos to share with you because the projects are just wonderful.


Shevelle’s On Ringo Lake!


“So loved On Ringo Lake and En Provance. Thank you for all you share. Shevelle”

I just love her fabric and color choices.  Just when I think I have pieced too many projects with gray, I think…..let’s start another!  It’s just beautiful!


Ellen’s CHRISTMAS on Ringo Lake!

“Hi Bonnie - just wanted to take this opportunity to show you my interpretation of this year's Mystery Quilt. I've had a goal off making charms quilts to user on all the beds in our home and I just need two more! This years' mystery helped me out!  I just loved making it and want to thank you for all the time you put into these mysteries. They are each so different and fun to make!

I've also been making neutral string blocks that I saw you working on a few blog posts ago. Very interested to see how you end up using them. Can't ever have enough string blocks!!! Thanks again for all you do!”

All of these On Ringo Lake finishes have been just WONDERFUL.  SO fun seeing them all come together.

Remember that we have ONE MORE MYSTERY LINK UP Coming up and I can’t wait to see ALL of the tops and quilts that have been finished, and any progress on quilts in progress as well.

I was originally planning to run it on Feb 1st –but let’s push it to MONDAY, February 5th, okay?  I’m teaching on the 1st and I’d like it to stay on a Monday.  I’ll be back from Florida then, and things will just be a bit better.  I will post a reminder on the 1st for those folks that miss this update telling them what is what.


Sarah’s Scrap Basket Quilt!

“Hi Bonnie! I’m in York, PA, adding some FMQ on my domestic machine to this quilt. It was a guild challenge for a scrap basket quilt, and thanks to your Scrap Users System, I had most of the pieces already cut and ready to go. The string pieced border was inspired by you as well. Thanks for all your generous patterns and tutorials over the years.
Sarah O’Sullivan”

Spectacular, Sarah!  I love looking at each basket and seeing just what you’ve put in it.  This is right up there with the string project I was working on as well!


Christa’s String quilt in progress!

“This is my string quilt I've been working on.”

What a great collection of scraps, Christa!  The white string down the center of each block looks great!  And this is a great lead in to what I’m working on!

This Quilt-Cam includes an in-depth explanation and demonstration of "Webbing the Block."

Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed.

Remember if all you see is a black box, it is likely that you are trying to view me through Internet Explorer or Edge. Please switch to a different browser such as Google Chrome, or view me on my
YouTube Channel.

This is the Paca Pressing Mat I was talking about during our Quilt-Cam time.  I LOVE this mat!

Alpaca owner & lover Sue Donnelly contacted me about her alpaca pressing mat after I posted about Jill's wool mat in California.  She explained:

The 15'' x 15'' alpaca ironing pad stabilizes fabric for sharp, crisp seams when you press because it sets the heat from bottom and top all at once! 

The mat is 100% natural alpaca color (grays and brown tones) with NO dyes. You will find alpaca insulates better than wool. This is for use with a dry iron and water mist or starch.

Since alpaca fiber naturally wicks away moisture and releases it into the air, the mat dries quickly between use.

The fibers were washed in organic orange oil soap before professionally needle felted and steam pressed.

Hand wash, gently push between layers of dry towel and then set onto a dry towel to air dry flat. 

Content 100% USA alpaca fiber, hand made in Columbia, Missouri for What AH View Farm. 

I have no affiliation, but I love how flat my string blocks are when pressing them on the Paca Pressing Mat.


Yesterday’s #quiltvilleoftheday

Idaho Square Dance from the Addicted to Scraps book!

I grabbed this one off the top of the “pack for my lecture” pile. as I was packing yesterday. Making this quilt was far too much fun, strips and squares all came from my Scrap Users System!

You’ll find the book at a discount in the Quiltville Store, and you’ll get a free Wanderlust PDF digital pattern sent to your email upon purchase!

Books will be sent when I return home from Florida.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Photo shared by Kevin H!

This photo actually had hands and feet in it – good thing I was able to crop!  Can you see that each star and the seams joining them are covered in embroidery stitches?  AWESOME find, Kevin!

And I believe this statement.  Life is beautiful when we focus on it being so.

I’m off to Daytona – catch you later from the land of sunshine, everyone!


  1. I appreciate whatever time you have for us!!

  2. Please tell us where we can buy the Paca pressing mat. I googled it to no avail.

  3. Found it by looking for www.wav.farm, but the page URL was: https://alpacainsoles.com

    Hope this helps.

  4. The highlighted link is under the photo of the mat. All you have to do is click it.

  5. Thank you for QuiltCam yesterday! Enjoyed seeing your new idea for using your string blocks-can't wait to see what the quilt looks like. :) The alpaca mat for pressing looks like a great thing to have as I have trouble getting my blocks to go flat with the regular pressing surface I have. Thanks for the info on that. Have a wonderful trip and catch you on the flip side!

  6. Pushing the link-up to the 5th will give everyone more time to sew during the Super Bowl! Thanks so much for all you share!

  7. Glad to know I have another week to get my On Ringo Lake up to the point of sharing. It was fun to watch you web those string Blocks together. I'm back into the cold and not used to these cold and dreary days. Have fun in Florida, I'm wishing I was still in Californina at teh beach. Just a bit jealous of your toes in the sand today.

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  9. Hi Bonnie - Hurray - you showing the alpaca mat finally gave me the idea of how to re-purpose my nieces alpaca sweater - which shrunk from a size M to a size 3 years old after a run in the washing machine. And it works just as you say - very flat seams with very little effort - thanks for the tip!(living in Norway there is no way I could have purchased this mat - postage from the US would probably be costing more than the mat itself).


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