Thursday, January 04, 2018

Projects On the Go!

My reasoning for coming back up to the cabin in Virginia on Tuesday was two-fold.

There was a “CHANCE”  that my tooth would be ready for this implant and I could start off my 2018 teaching year with a full set of teeth.

It was all dependent upon the lab, and though the dentist’s office was willing, due to the holidays, the lab won’t have it ready until NEXT week, and I’ll be warming my toes in the San Diego sun by then. but I do have good news:

I’ll get this tooth the day before my birthday toward the end of the month.  HOORAY!

The number 2 reason for coming? I spent all day yesterday cutting out and kitting up for two “On the Go” projects for hotel sewing time over the next couple of months.

They are cut and baggied and ready to go.

The black fabric that arrived (THANK YOU!) is an absolute match to the gifted bonus triangles that have become star blocks, and I was able to cut out the remainder of what I need for my trip to San Diego.  A borrowed featherweight and I’m good to go – Just. Add. Thread!


Parts for project #2!

You saw me working with red string blocks a few days ago.  There are more of those to come.  I have a project that has been floating in the back of my mind for a long long while, and I finally figured out how I want to do it. 

If all goes well, this pattern will be a digital one, And when the new book is ready late fall, those who purchase the book from my website will get not just ONE free pattern with purchase, but TWO. 

We are going to do this next book release up BIG!


Yesterday’s  movie selections included this one!  SO FUNNY!

Have you seen it?  I just adore the movies from the 40s and 50s in all of their black and white glory and if you have a chance, sit down and enjoy this one.

I followed it up with this one:


A Millionaire For Christy!

Fred MacMurray and Eleanor Parker.  Check out this trailer! (He was so young, and pretty well buff!)

Such a funny movie, I know I'll be watching this one again.

Both of these movies were from the collection I received for Christmas from my mom & stepdad.

Today’s plan?  I can finally sew! 

These have been waiting for me!

Two “On the Go” projects, a hand hexie project for airplane time, 2 hand quilting projects, one for the cabin, one for home, a project to piece at home, and one here at the cabin means there are 7 things currently going at once. 

I think that’s enough for a while!

As I’ve been sitting here typing, the wind has really started to blow, and the snow is starting to fall.  Not a lot, but fine white sugar flakes that may accumulate through the day.

I’m staying put and hunkering down.  I have all I need.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Spool quilt shared by Kevin H.

We can always strive for better with a good chance of reaching it, but striving for perfection is the sure way to insanity!

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. Happy quilt journey! I will follow you :) Your irish chain/ log cabin project is on my todo list waiting for an easy way to sew it. I tried one block, but was thinking : "Bonnie would have done this much easier" :)

  2. I’m curious about your kits that you make when you travel. I’d like to hear more about that sometime!!

  3. I'm so excited that you will be in San Diego next week. I'm planning to attend Thursday's guild meeting as a guest so I can see you in person. 😀

  4. You make me feel much better about all the projects I have going! Seven is nice number; I'm currently working on three (no hand work projects yet). Sew glad you watched It Happened on 5th Avenue. It is one of our favorites. Will have to look up A Millionaire for Christy. Loved seeing your "on the road again" kitted up projects. I think I will do that for the day retreats I go to -- always prepared. Were you ever in Girl Scouts? Say hello to the Pacific Ocean for me while in San Diego next week. Safe travels, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  5. You are SUCH an inspiration!!! I have settled down to tackle my enormous mountain of scraps... in boxes, bins and grocery bags ALL over the studio. as well as yards and yards of fabric and projects residing in the "California" room.. I wrote on another site that chaos takes up space... and it was like a bolt of lightning when i realized what I had written!!! Listen to yourownsweetself, I said to myownsweetself!!!!!

    I understand you coming to California during the winter! I hardly need a sweater. Wish the timing (daylight hours) for driving to Temecula were better. Maybe I'll get to meet you someday; however, thru your blogs i feel i already know you and family, i guess i want you to know ME... and with all those you have met, I'm sure you'd recognized ME in no time! Smiles, hugs and laughter... travel safely, enjoy that new lap top and keep on keepin' on... Health and Happiness for you and yours i the new year... MomCat

  6. TCM just ran a marathon of the Thin Man series. So good! William Powell and Myrna Loy.
    We laughed and laughed. If you have not seen them they are a must see.

    Thanks for all your inspiration Bonnie.

  7. I agree, I'd love to hear more about how you organize everything with multiple projects and 'on the go' projects.

    I am currently working on five myself - a binding for my Scrappy Sister's Choice, the piecing on the mystery (still making geese and their units), a BOM for Jo's Country Junction's challenge, my hexi/applique handwork, and a leader/ender rail fence (Ariel's quilt from Jo's freebies). I feel quite overwhelmed at times.

    Wishing you safe travels for your first trip of 2018.

  8. So glad to hear the black fabric worked out for the project! Can't wait to see what you do with the blocks. I'm sure it will be spectacular!

    Sandy A

  9. I agree w Becky above. I have my ways of kitting up a project, but would love to hear how you do it. Esp. since you travel w projects so often, you probably have a few tips or tricks that we haven't though of yet!

    I hear you about keeping multiple projects moving at once. I have a big old spreadsheet where I keep track of all my quilt stuff, some of it concrete info, some of it brainstorming and working out how I want to do something, like you've been thinking through the red string block idea. If anyone else saw my spreadsheet, they'd think I was completely mental. ;)

    Who knew Fred MacMurray had such guns back in the day! ;)

  10. Yea for Sew time at Quiltvilla. Stay warm. Mysrery Friday again tomorrow for me. I need a ghost sewer to trim all my Block parts...lol

  11. I think you might just have 9 things going because if I remember right you have a different leader and ender for each place. LOL Thanks Bonnie stay warm.

  12. I wrote on another site that chaos takes up space... and it was like a bolt of lightning when i realized what I had written!!! Listen to yourownsweetself, I said to myownsweetself!!!!! by Cats above.
    I think you should use this for a end saying. She is right. If our bins and tubs of scraps were at least ironed flat, they would be much smaller.
    On the road again. I think I'm a big like you. I don't want to just sit. I like to keep my hands going. Might as well be quilts!
    Polly Blank

  13. I thought it was mandatory to have at least 5 things going at a time! hahahaha I hope you have a safe trip! I look forward to your posts!!!

  14. Bonnie- Stay warm and Happy Sewing! I love your purple Star Blocks. I can't wait to see what this will be! Can't wait for your new book, either.

    I hope you will be able to travel back home when you need to. The way the east coast and the south is getting hit with storm after storm, I worry about all my friends back here!

    Kasilof, AK
    Just light dustings of snow for the last month. Record temps, of 44 two days ago, 36 yesterday and 30 today, makes for an ice rink to drive on!

  15. I love starting my day out with your words of wisdom - and sometimes, a good giggle. Inspiring!

  16. Yes, I enjoy all the inspiration and love your “ words on quilts”! My mantra is “better than it was”... better is better than getting stuck and doing nothing! Happy and safe travels to you! Ox!

  17. Lots of projects on the go but once you break them down it doesn't seem so bad!! haha
    I have rediscovered my hexie project. I work on it here and there. Also trying to catch up on the mystery but first I have to finish a quilt top for a class I am teaching!


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