Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mountain Bound!

All of my ducks were in their proverbial row by 1pm yesterday afternoon.

Sadie and I headed out, waiting for the moment we saw mountains on the horizon.  Can you see them?

There.  In the distance, just below where the sky turns blue.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s snow was quickly melting – by the time I reached North Wilkesboro, NC hoping for a rendezvous with a certain vintage telephone chair (that I should have just purchased LAST VISIT!) the temps were already into the low 50’s f.  SNOW BE GONE!

I love the beauty of a lovely snow fall, but it’s the aftermath of crunchy ice encrusted rutted roads that I don’t like.

As to the chair?

I park the van, run inside and make a beeline for the back as I exclaim over my shoulder as I go “Is that telephone chair that I saw a couple of weeks ago still by the back door??”

“Sorry, Bonnie you should have picked it up when you first saw it, It sold on Saturday.”

I think the thing that hit me more was that he referred to me by NAME, not that the chair was gone!

The customer at the front counter who was making her purchase was grinning and giggling.  She said “I told him who you were!  I’ve been reading you since you lived in South Carolina!”

There are quilters EVERYWHERE!  LOL!  We had a fun exchange and though I will miss the chair, the encounter with a random quilter was worth the stop.

Next time?  Just buy the danged chair and worry about where you are going to put it LATER!


I followed this plow for miles at 30 mph until he finally pulled off and let us by!

I have no idea where he was plowing – it was likely the one plow owned by Allegheny County, NC!  Our little train of about 8 cars picked up speed and moved on down the road at a much better pace once he pulled over.


Uphill and slippery where the “sun don’t shine!”

Poor Moby.  We only made it half way to the gate before we started spinning and sliding backwards.  I’m a total wimp when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Moby is all-wheel-drive but that doesn’t mean I have the right tires or the know how to forcefully spin my way up the 11% grade to the top.

It’s a good thing that The Hubster was already here, he came down in his 4WD pickup and we loaded everything I had brought from the van to the pickup and up we went.

Those 50 degree temps?  They are not reaching this road yet, so it may be a few days until it is passable by van.


There is SOME sewing going on -

This is the continuation of the project I was working on at Jill’s in San Diego last week.  Whoowhooo!  Just wait until you see what this is going to be!


My canister set as found a place on the counter!

This is the set I also picked up on “Chair Discovery Day” (See above) and I love how they look next to my lovely stained glass spool nightlight.  I love the texture of these big logs that are not only the outside of my cabin home, but the inside surface as well.  Big and chunky, rough-hewn and timeless.


Branding from the bottom of the canister.

I’ve looked this company up online, it seems they aren’t in business anymore, but I was looking for some possible way to date these canisters…I came up empty!  

I don't care if they are newer rather than older, and I love the stylized pine cone motif – perfect for cabin living. 


There isn’t much left to quilt on this!

Will I finish this project by my birthday Tuesday?


Last night’s view from my hoop with a glowing fire beyond.

Cabin bliss!


So much for Sadie supervision!

She is such a funny dog.  She doesn’t play with toys, she doesn’t like rawhide chews or other bones.  It’s like she thinks she is “too respectable” for that kind of dog behavior.  

But when it comes to laser lights?  SO FUNNY!  Click to play:

Endless hours of entertainment…gosh she is a fun dog!

The plan is to stay up here until Wednesday morning when I’ll have to head back down to see the macular specialist for my macular telangiectasia.  From there it’s just a few days left at home before I head down to Florida for some guild presentations and workshop fun! 


Yesterday’s #quiltvilleoftheday

Mai-Tais in Paradise from the Addicted to Scraps book!

It seems like forever-and-a-day ago that this quilt was our first Quiltville cruise project.  We had so much fun mixing and matching unrelated charm squares, strips and other pieces. Fabric swapping at its best!

Oh how I love “kitchen sink” everything scrappy quilts!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I really needed this yesterday. Especially when people make unreasonable demands with anger in their correspondence.  Blow out the bad energy, and breathe in the peace!

I nearly let this person’s bad attitude ruin all of the pleasure of posting about yesterday’s retreat crashing when I sent an email back stating that she was in charge of her OWN Facebook news feed, and controlling the posts coming from our  Quiltville’s Open Studio group had to happen on her end, in HER settings, that there was nothing I could do to tailor them for her. There is a file in the files section of the group page stating just how to do it.  (She was threatening to report me to Facebook for the multitude of Quiltville posts in her news feed now being considered as harassment and I needed to hire more assistants to run my social media! LOL!) 

Breathe the bad out, breathe the peace in.  And keep on keeping on, knowing you are doing the best that you can.

Time to go sew something – have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Ignore the crazies. I love your blog and know where the "unfollow" button is should I ever change my mind. Have a great weekend!

  2. A friend and I had a conversation recently where we discussed the fact that so many people seem to only consider the world from their point of view, and if it isn't to their liking, they get offended. We now are "offended" jokingly and poking fun at many of them. I love your posts and if the time isn't right for me to read them, I just keep scrolling. People need to take control of themselves instead of monitoring and trying to adjust others.

    Keep up the posts! I love them!

  3. So sorry the snow covered road delayed your Quiltvilla arrival. I wondered what was behind the reason for your message in that post. Some people! Have a great weekend. Love the ones who love you.♡♡♡

  4. It's true that there are a lot of posts on the Open Studio page - and that's FANTASTIC! That means it's an active, vibrant community, which was the whole idea. I did turn off notifications for the Open Studio a while back, because the sheer number of posts made my FB feed a bit unmanageable. But, that makes it all the nicer to go to that page on purpose when I have a few minutes to sit down w a cup of tea and enjoy. Good grief. It's not that hard, crazy disgruntled lady who shouldn't be pestering Bonnie!

    Sadie, I hope you catch that dastardly red bug soon! ;)

  5. Marshall, Tx used to be known for the Marshall Pottery Store. Not sure if it is still there or not. I remember being a kid and all the women always wanted to go to Marshall.

  6. Hi Bonnie! I hope you are having a good day.
    I want to thank you for the trip down Memory Lane.
    When you first posted about the telephone chair, it brought back so many memories of my Grandma and Grandpa Roach. Their telephone chair sat in the corner of the dining room and every kid had to sit in it every time we visited. It wasn't as fancy as that chair and didn’t have the drawer, just a shelf where the very thin phone book was kept.
    Remember when there was only one phone in the house and the cords were straight? Thanks! KarenSue

  7. Sheesh! Some people are just a pita! Love your posts so keep up the good work! I am going through my quilting books because we are downsizing snd I already have my Bonnie Hunter books in the “keep” pile, no way am I giving them up!

  8. Whenever people say hurtful things to me (and I'm totally sensitive to these), I say to myself "this person has too many monkeys on her back and hasn't found her tools to shop them off. It's not about you.". These days, with the incredible amount of disrespect all around us, people seem to think it's their right to criticize in their outside voice. They blurt out everything and anything that comes to their mind!!
    I won't say "Don't take this personally" but rather take a deep breath and think "It's her monkey, not mine.". Keep doing what you're happy with. After all, that's all one person can be expected to do.
    Have a glorious day with your family in your own personal retreat!☺️

  9. Each of us are in charge of ourselves, no one else is. As for me, I love what people are showing in the Quiltville page, it inspires me to keep working on my quilts, especially finishing the your last two mysteries. I do have to scale back but love your enthusiasm and can't wait for your posts!!! Like you said, breathe in the good, expel the bad.

    Have an awesome day!!!

  10. Some people are useless to be around. She showed her obvious ignorance. LOL

  11. I am simply dumbfounded at the arrogance and self-centeredness of people today! Where did we loose that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? I apologize that someone has to rain on your parade. Just know that there are 10 times the amount of people who are ever so happy with you and all you do for us and the quilting world. Wish I could absorb some of the hateful feelings, just know you are VERY loved by others. Hugs, Janine Baker

  12. I have a friend who says " you can't fix stupid". Just roll your eyes, let it slide off, and carry on. I read your blog every day and enjoy all the posts on your FB page.

  13. I have found that most people in the quilting community are friendly, caring and welcoming. The few who are self centered and demanding reflect poorly on themselves. Very sad. I hope you can focus on the rest of us out here who feel so priviledged to be able to read your blogs, and enjoy your trips vicariously as you travel around the world. You are a very special person in my estimation. Generous with your knowledge and your time.

  14. So, we are both Capricorns. I knew I could relate.

  15. So, we are both Capricorns. I knew I could relate.

  16. Contact the Marshall Pottery Company in Marshall, Tx. They should be able to give you some history of your cannisters. After all, the company on your jars would have been their competition. If that doesn't work, I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce could help you.

  17. Contact the Marshall Pottery Company in Marshall, Tx. They should be able to give you some history of your cannisters. After all, the company on your jars would have been their competition. If that doesn't work, I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce could help you.

  18. So sad that people feel the need to try to make you feel bad. She probably grew up with that mindset. I know I did and it took me years to stop being so judgemental of others.

  19. We went to that pottery factory last time we were in Marshall, TX, but, that was about 20 years ago. I think it closed about 10-12 years ago.

  20. Hooray for u Bonnie! I need to do this too.

  21. Well, bless her heart.

  22. Another blogger I read who is also a little tenderhearted feels the pain when people complain about her content. I have a solution - scroll on by or delete me. It isn't my problem you aren't happy. Control your own happiness by solving "problems" not complaining and escalating the anger within. You have so many great things to add to peoples lives, they need to just figure out what you contribute to the quilting world and if they don't like what you are offering - bye.

  23. Bonnie, I think you handled the situation well. I'm more and more amazed that nowadays people are unwilling to be accountable or responsible. If that person doesn't like what is in her FB feed, then she should stop "liking" and "following" or stop FB altogether. Also FB, to some degree, now controls your feed. It puts things in that it thinks you want to view. I do not FB. I follow you with Blogger. All that is in my feed, is what I subscribe to. Have a wonderful time at the cabin!

  24. I see your blog daily, it is crispy to study.
    Your blog is very useful for me & i like so much...
    Thanks for sharing the good information!

  25. Bonnie, am sorry you didn't get your telephone chair, but it was a neat encounter, just the same.

    My kitties are crazy about the laser lights too. Yes, pets are entertaining.

    I think the gal who had issues with the social media needs a chill pill; and she learns to be responsible to learn how to use her social media. NOT, that I am any expert, but I do not blame others for my issues.

    No sewing today, but I finally have my house back, so will sew tomorrow, and take my neighbor, who is recuperating from hip replacement surgery for a walk.

    Snow and woodsy areas, I know all about that. The main roads to town are clear, but N. Cohoe loop still has ice and some snow on it. OUR Road is solid snow and ice. Luckily the new snow from this last week has covered the ice up, which makes walking much easier and safer.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and time at the Cabin! I get to sew the next few days, too.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where we are back down to normal temps, and it looks and feels like winter again!

  26. You know there is Always that One person,that's all I'm saying. Haha

  27. Dearest Boonnie, That was a fun story about being spotted at the antique shop. Quilters! Regarding the pottery, and you may already have searched this way but a friend who deals in antique and vintage ware had me look for 'vintage pottery' on the sale sites like Etsy, and Ebay etc. Oh, and: I too, take things personally that were just a jerks and I was in their line of site. Prayers for a healing heart.

  28. So sorry Bonnie that these people keep finding you! You have millions of happy admirers, including me, that you keep creatively producing & happily reading your amusing (etc etc etc) posts. Sent pictures of the canisters to my sister-she knows everything! :) Will get back to you if anything is solved. Can you start a file called 'stuff it?' although that would mean they're still there..ah well just a thought. We DO all love you. Susan

  29. Bonnie, so sorry about the crazies! Like you said, breathe in and move on.
    Happy Birthday coming up! Hope it's a good day for you. So glad you got your new tooth by your birthday! What a present. Sadie...she is a delightful and pretty dog. Our little King Charles Cavalier is so much the same...will not play with toys, does NOT like raw hide chews, loves other little treats, people food bits, and we have played with her with a laser..she will chase it around the room for hours! What fun! I love your canisters. Wish I could find a set like them. So sweet! Going to go finish binding (Sorry, I machine bind) two children's quilts for donation today. Just have to sew the bindings on and sew the labels into the bindings and wash them. Have a beautiful day, Bonnie.

  30. WE LOVE YOU Bonnie! Keep up the excellent work. My friends dog also loves the red light. An it it too funny to watch. Have a great day and let the negative bounce right off your shoulders. :)

  31. Happy Birthday Wednesday Bonnie and don't let a lemon sour your day. I found a line drawing art picture that said, "He discovered his reset button early on, and there were not many things that bothered him all the rest of his days just because of that." Artist Brian Andreas

  32. It is so sad -shaking my head- at the rudeness of others and here you are helping and guiding so many with your blog,books,etc. ! Just remember 99.99% are truly grateful for all you do :)!!!!

    I havent had any luck on researching your pottery either but Marshall Pottery used to be a great place and a big deal out here. The retail store had several different themed rooms . The Fiestaware in all different colors at a great price was so much fun to shop through. They had a Christmas room all year long ,so beautifully decorated with items you couldnt find anywhere else. The plant room was great to go through and they had all kinds of hard to find kitchen ware and gadgets. The unique part was the long window where you could watch the potters actually making the white clay pots and painting the finished ones- and signed by the potter on the bottom. Always a great place to visit but sadly closed now.....

    I have been wondering how those colorful elastic shoes you bought and wore to China have held up and are they still comfortable?
    My husband and I watched Alias Grace and loved it - thanks !

  33. Oh dear Bonnie, some people just don't know how rude they are. I also get lots of posts from Quiltville but you don't have to read them all if you don't want to and I love to see what other people are up too and see all the various quilt conitations and clouds.Glad you can "do a frozen" as my friend says and "let it go". I love and appriciate what you do very much. Also love your everyday posts that are not quilt related. X

  34. Bonnie-here is the information on you canister set from my sister in Midland. As promised. :)

    "Marshall TX is where all of that light pottery with blue stripes comes from. There is a lot around. Also popular are pieces with flowers and bluebonnets. Think this is one of many potteries from the area or he was a potter at the big pottery. Supposed to be a huge thing. They also make most of the red clay pots available today. Pieces with one
    individual name sell for more of course."
    Susan R

  35. I looked up MacTel, and there is type 1 (one eye affected) and type 2 (both affected). Which do you have? I am so dismayed by this! I love your blog and books and everything BH!

  36. For what it's worth, Facebook has made some changes and people who have blocked certain content are now seeing it anyway, regardless. I use facebook to play a few games, now that Yahoo has dismantled all of theirs. My friends who had previously blocked all that info are suddenly having it appear again and there is nothing they can do about it. Of course there's nothing I can do about it either. :(


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