Friday, January 12, 2018

A Presentation Day with Time to Play!

It was a full house in Oceanside, California as the El Camino Quilt Guild took charge of their new meeting location – the perfect way to start a new year!

I always enjoy listening to the different committee reports and getting a feel for how active a guild is, and what kind of fun they are having. 

I’m already jealous that there is a bus trip to the Road to California Quilt Show next Thursday, and I won’t be here to participate.  I would dearly love to go on a bus ride to a quilt show with these gals!

We had a great time and I enjoyed meeting everyone – the book signing table was mobbed and bustling – there will be more scrap quilts coming out of Oceanside, California!

After packing it all up and loading it back into Jill’s car, a handful of us gathered at Cheesecake Factory for lunch. 

And then Jill and I had one thing on our minds – to hurry back home to her house and spend the afternoon behind the machines with as much power-sewing as we could squeeze in.


No pulling pins, Baci!!


I guess he thinks that all of this machine time is “For the Birds!”


20 blocks have been sewn on this trip!

I ran out of variety on my purple/black half-square triangles, so will be cutting more variety at home to do the remaining blocks from the cabin.  I think I am only shy about 8 blocks all together – this is a great start to 2018!


Jill finished her Plus quilt!

And Baci is nodding his head in approval!

I just adore all of those fun neutrals, and you know how much I love orange!


Prepping more hexies!

After running out of triangular variety, I grabbed the brown fat quarters that I had picked up while in Temecula from a couple of different ships.  Being low on variety seems to be a theme for 2018 – I noticed while flying out that I just didn’t have enough variety in the brown shades.  I picked up 7 pieces, got them pressed, and did some cutting so they are ready for my busy bag.


Great reminder of this quick but so worth it trip!

Today’s plan is going to be SUPER.  I’m teaching at Quilt in a Day, the home of Eleanor Burns, my idol!

We are doing a simple Scrappy Bargello workshop from the Free Patterns Tab.  I LOVE this workshop, it is so easy and everyone gets so much sewing done.  The quilt is built in panels, and you can make them as long as you want.  I can’t wait to see the fabrics everyone will be using.  And this quilt is Jelly Roll friendly!

After the workshop we have plans to visit another quilty-friend, and who knows – there may be some more time for sewing when we get done.


Quiltville Quote of the Day

This I firmly believe!!  Comparison can stop your own progression.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. What a sweet bird! I am glad you am having fun, Bonnie-cakes!

  2. Looking forward to seeing where you're headed with the purple/black blocks. Those are fun!

  3. Sounds like a GRAND day ahead with Eleanor Burns and friends!!! I'm having a STAYcation ALL week at Road2Ca, I think I would have passed out-if I saw you there!

  4. It would be fun to see you at Road to California. Just extend your stay, lol. I have been watching Eleanor all of her 40 wonderful years. PBS was one of the only channels I got on our B&W TV in the late 1970's. My kids said they didn't like her voice. Mamma sure did, it was my sanity break from housework and babies.

  5. You look so happy and relaxed with your little buddy sitting on your shoulder. Have a great time.

  6. Those scrappy purple stars on the black with the tiny dots just glow, I love them.

  7. I also spent the day quilting with a friend in her beautiful studio. We had sandwiches for lunch and then went back to work. My friend Nancy Casey saves old machines and has a repair shop area across her deck from her house. I had the privilege of sewing on my first Bernina, an 1130 that belonged to her mother. She also showed me her favorite Featherweight Simone all dressed in turquoise.

  8. Love cockatiels. My old budgie was a bit of a character like this one. He'd sit on my mum's knitting needles for joy rides! And in those days we wrote paper letters - ours usually were laced with beak nibbles.

    Have fun with Eleanor and don't forget to throw the bits over your shoulder - although I have visions of you keeping them close as they be precious scraps! ;)


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