Sunday, January 07, 2018

A Bit of Antiquing Fun!


There will be Quilt-Cam TODAY at 3pm Eastern via Facebook Live.  I’ll see you there, then!

There was no deadline for getting home yesterday.

And let’s face it -

I had been INSIDE the cabin since Tuesday afternoon, only venturing outside to feed the birds, get a quick sunrise photo, or to take the trash to the garage, which doesn’t really count, does it?

It’s a good thing that the cabin is 3 levels with plenty of stairs.  Or I wouldn’t be getting any exercise at all!

There are 3 different routes I can take which will all land me home within 5 minutes of each other.  The way I plan to go depends on my mood, the weather, and if there is somewhere I want to explore along my way.

I chose the Wilkesboro route, traveling south on highway 16 from Jefferson.  I had an itching to do some antique mall wandering.  I can’t do that if I have Sadie in the car in the winter cold or summer heat, and she wasn’t with me this trip.  I was free as a bird!

Sweet vignette in a suitcase!

This is a Japanese import that looks like a Singer 15, but it doesn’t have a name or badge on it.  It was pretty well frozen up, but I still gave it a pat and moved along.  My goal this year is to use the machines I have, spend some time with those who need some attention, and stop the acquisition of machines I really don’t need.

Famous last words?  Just watch.  Something will magically appear in my way making me break that statement!

The quilts were primitively wonderful.


Vintage fans with rows of quilting wide apart.


Fun fabrics..maybe 1950s?


Stars.  I always love stars!


Stars with Baptist fans?  EVEN BETTER!


1970s hexie basket!


Some of the brown fabrics have worn away in the center..can you see it?

I thought this was an ingenious medallion layout, not sure if it was a Mountain Mist pattern or what.  The solids are a poly/cotton broadcloth. 


Check out the “crazy quilt” fabric in the yellow rosette. 

Each hexie is outline quilted, an amazing amount of work went into this quilt, and it was well loved and well worn from years of use.


Marching on through the 1970s!


Flower power, baby!

These look like today’s “MODERN” prints – but these are the real deal.  I wonder who made this – the contents of her scrap bag giving us an idea of clothing she may have worn from this same fabric.

And that gold background?  I wonder if it matched her fridge, her stove, and her shag carpet!


Thick and warm, a tied maple leaf comforter.


Most of these fabrics are shirting plaids!

There were a lot of cotton mills in North Carolina.  Many of the popular plaids and stripes and prints were manufactured here.  Were these fabrics mill ends?  Scraps from factory clothing manufacturing?  I love that yellow sashing plaid!


Trip Around the World, OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Strawberry Shortcake around the center.

Some spacey “Star Wars” type of fabric in the blue toward the outside!

Wondering if this was made for a grandchild in the 1970s to 1980s??  I looked all around at that outer blue round trying to find a Princess Leia or an R2D2 but all I got was space scene parts.  Who knows the story of this one.


A beautiful silk crazy quilt, fabrics shattering.


All of this beautiful embroidery!

It was COLD in this mall…but the light from the window made the fabrics shimmer.

Crazy quilts were extremely popular during the 1890s.  I imagine the lady of the house pulling scraps from her dresses and choosing how and where to place each piece, and then deciding which embroidery thread she was going to use, and which stitch.  Hours and hours and hours of labor intensive stitching went into these masterpieces.


A hodge podge of X or Hatchet Blocks.


Plaids and more plaids!

This is one of those “Let’s group like kinds together!” quilts. There are a few odd balls and patches thrown in.  Evidently this quilt was a favorite for snuggling in and sleeping under.


Singer model 337

I was thinking of this one for Mona, and then remembered that she and I have a road trip planned to head out toward Asheville and pick up a machine for her that a very kind quilter contacted us about.  We had hoped to go this past week, but her mother-in-law passed away suddenly and her funeral was Friday.  And I head to San Diego tomorrow.  It may be spring before we do this road trip, but we will do it!


I wanted this chair!

I REALLY wanted this chair!

But, there is no room for more furniture in either the cabin or the house.  There is nowhere for it to go.  And it is HUGE.  It would be such a great “lap top tapping” chair! 


Vintage Pinecone Canisters!

And on these I DID cave.  I’ve been wanting canisters at the cabin.  I love vintage pottery – and better yet, this set was marked $30.00 and the whole booth was marked 30% off as well.  For $20.00 these are mine!  They are perfect in every way.  And I got out of there with ony having spent $20.00.  Happy girl!


100 orders out the door!

I was home by 2pm, and Jeff and I set in to take care of the mail order that had come in from the Quiltville Store before I head out tomorrow morning.  I am so glad that he is here to help me!

These will hit the post office tomorrow and be on their way to their assorted destinations.

We worked up quite a powerful hunger and declared it a Taco Night in Quiltville. Yummy!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This is something I have to remind myself of quilt often.

Today is a studio cleaning day, so it will be nice and clean when I return from San Diego next Saturday.  I love coming home to a clean work space.

I’ll see you  later today for Quilt-Cam!


  1. Very excited to attend Quilt Cam this afternoon. Our schedules have been opposite each other for the better part of 2017. This is starting the year off on a positive note. Thanks Bonnie.

  2. I'm looking forward to stitching with you at 3pm. I have my Facebook app set up on the Apple TV and I can watch live on an enormous screen!

  3. Always enjoy your antique mall ramblings! The quilts were wonderful. Happy dance for you on the pinecone canister set as such a steal of a price. Thank you for Quilt Cam today. I'll be tuning in while setting On Ringo Lake--thank you for another great mystery. Hugs, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  4. Thank you in advance for Quilt Cam! Its my reward for getting up at 4:15 am to take CollegeGuy to the airport! The only good thing about getting up that early? (besides getting a few last mins with your son?) NO TRAFFIC! :::heaven!::: I was listening to an audiobook that was scary and I had to turn it off!

  5. I've been running my stairs alot from the Design Floor upstairs to the Quilt Zone downstairs. Stitch up all those tiny, narrow sashings. One small seam at a time. Pinning so I don't get them mixed up. Fun quilts at that Antique Mall. I made a Fan quilt on the 1990's. Time to make another one. See you on QuiltCam. 3pm Eastern is right about noon here in the PNW. :)

  6. Boy oh boy! Your wrote the quote of the day hits home today for me. How could you know? Mom used to say, when things went altogether in another direction, " all the plans of mice and men". In other words we can plan but doesn't mean things will go OUR way. It is a blessing when you can just accept this. 😊
    That pretty machine at sntique mall cost? Would want to give her a good home, like I need another machine!
    January seems to have become my visiting month .. here there and all over. When I settle into routine life, using Accuquilt GoBig and kitting up quilts. And then using your scrap cutting system for leftovers.
    Have. Safe happy and blessed trip West and back.
    Hugs and smiles

  7. Oh that Singer 337. I had one for years and sewed lots of clothing on it, and a few quilts before one day the motor seized and smoke wafted out of it! I thing of it every time I use the buttonholer on my FW or treadle.

  8. Nice Freudian slip there, Bonnie. "This is something I have to remind myself of _quilt_ often."

    Looking forward to QuiltCam!

  9. Haven't read today's post yet, but can't find an email for you. I know you will be in Temecula CA this week to speak. I just got an weekly email from one of the sewing machine stores in town. They have a gorgeous tan Singer for sale. Where can I send the info to you.

  10. The best antique stores are back east. Here in Northern California we only have want to be antiques at high prices. I love Ringo lake but have to finish my en Provence first. It’s top is 90% done.

  11. I'm betting that Windsor chair was a telephone chair originally. Funny to think about how we had to go sit down next to the phone to talk on the phone because you couldn't take it very far from its wall jack - I spent plenty of years using a phone in that way. Mom finally got the extra super long wall cord from the telephone company in the late 1960's so we could at least move from the telephone bench (remember those?) to the couch for a long conversation.

    Love to see all the vintage quilts, reminds me of the quilt tops my grandmother pieced in the 1950's - what an array of fabrics in them! Scraps from everyone's clothing.

  12. Bonnie, you have to go bac k and get that chair!!!!Or get One of the boys to go get it! It is ment to be yours! Too perfect. How about the loft area in the cabin? The place will come! On the porch? Have fun in CA! Safe trip!

  13. The blue space fabric looks a lot like the 80's cartoon: G Force Guardians of Space

  14. Bonnie,
    I love your blog posts. You stated in your post you would have quilt cam on Sunday at 3pm. I received your post via email at 2am Monday. I missed your quilt cam.
    I have had this problem before. Don't know why I don't receive your blog posts in a timely manner? I think I have watched 2 quilt cam sessions. Enjoyed it. Want to watch again.
    thank you

    Jo Ann Neely

  15. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.
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  16. Bonnie,
    I would have bought the chair and made room for it. That's why my house is full!
    Beautiful chair, I love Windsor chairs. Have 6 around my antique dining table.
    Thanks for the post, love looking at your antiquing trips. I also love to antique in North Carolina.
    Jo Ann

  17. Hi Bonnie

    That chair was just made for you, you need to get one of the your men to go get it! It’s really beautiful.
    The quilts are gorgeous and inspirational just love your canisters too..

    Have a wonderful trip and safe journey

    Love and quilty hugs

    Anne x

  18. Oh, Oh I'm Loving that Hexie quilt..wow..so pretty..I would love to go antiquing with you..
    I'm a pine Cone Freak myself..Love those cannisters..You have excellent taste Dear Bonnie. Ha.
    Everything is just lovely. Great post, I always enjoy them.
    Safe Travels
    Quilty Hugs, Debra in Ma.

  19. My parents have that chair!!! It has been their telephone chair for almost 40 years that I know of. I've always hated that chair, too Stickly for my liking.

  20. I ABSOLUTELY love pinecones! So, love the canister set, the quilts were lovely But ! The Chair. Have a blessed, safe and profitable trip. Always look forward to your posts. Love the country and outdoors so really appreciate all of those pictures.

  21. Hello Bonnie,
    I always miss your quiltcams and other news because your blog postings always come in a day late! I have Xfinity/Comcast which brings in my other email superfast, but for some reason your blog posts are delayed a day before they hit my in box. Any suggestions?
    Also, I'm working through the ORL....wow never realized how long it takes to cut and sew all of those teeny pieces....and they are not perfect! As a new quilter, I'm a little confused about all the directions with the Essential Ruler..."half square triangles, quarter square triangles, etc"...not sure when I should use it BESIDES on your mystery quilt...thanks..Maybe you could give us newbies some more pointers on use of the ruler

  22. Sorry I missed live Quilt Cam, but like Suzanne & others your blog arrives a day late to my in box. No techie abilities here so don't know why, I just live with it. I will try & catch the "re-run" some where later today. Loved the chair, I vote with others, send one of the guys after it. Love the quilts you posted & the quote I should glue to the end of my nose for quick reminders all day. lol. Have a good time in warmer weather.Hope your birthday is great.

  23. Same here about receiving posts a day late. I thought it was just MY internet.

  24. Missed Quilt Cam. Is it archived somewhere other than under the Quilt Cam tab? Or does it take a few days to be archived? Thanks so much! Now, off to work on step 3 of On Ringo Lake!


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