Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Biggest Show & Share in Washington!

I gave a presentation yesterday morning to the Quiltville Fans of Washington, group #1!

What fun to simply talk about something we all love – scrap quilting, and how it has affected our lives for the better.  I love just having a “fireside” type chat with small groups.  It’s so personal, and I love it when hands go up in the middle of what I’m saying so we can dive even deeper.  You ask, I’ll answer!

Unless you want to know just how many sewing machines I have – that number is unknown and off topic, even for me!

(Hey, I’m down 5 from my last trip…oh, no…make that 4, I acquired 1!  Oops!)

We talked about everything from thread to batting and scrap storing and usage and we had a great time.

But the best – by far – was the Show & Share brought by others.  It was EPIC.  Seriously!

And I loved that these ladies knew me enough to also bring some of their vintage treasures with them.

Made by a great grandmother.

SO beautiful!!

Can you imagine piecing this without rotary cutters?  Without paper piecing?  Just simply scraps, template, pencil, scissors, needle and thread.  And TIME.  Lots of TIME.

An 1800s crumb quilt!

How WONDERFUL is this??

As these two gals sat by each other during the lecture portion and before show & share, they also came to see that the quilts they were each holding in their laps contained some of the same fabrics.  Made in different parts of our country, they had some of the same scraps in their scrap bags.  It kind of connected us to how we feel about each other’s quilts today as we exclaim “Hey!  I have some of THAT!”

A treasured quilt with embroidered flower blocks.


A favorite pinwheel with pink sashings faded nearly white with years of use.

Family heirloom blocks, reproduction sashing fabrics added and newly hand quilted!

Great grandma would be so happy!

Simple Square in a Square with wonderful shirtings!

There was so much show & share that we had to break for lunch and resume AFTER!

Burgers, sweet potato fries and all the fixins, Al Fresco!

Get ready for a long slide show of gorgeous quilts!

You may CHOOSE to leave your sound off.  Let’s just say that it’s not easy to find a track within YouTube for a 6 minute slide show. LOL!  My limits were to classical music, and this is at least one step better than the William Tell Overture! LOL!

It was a marvelous way to spend the day into the early afternoon.  Some of our friends had to leave after Show & Share was over – long drives home, with family awaiting them at the other end.  Some others left after dinner.

Some stayed to continue sewing up the memories in this beautiful place,  Others of us enjoyed horseback riding followed by a much needed massage upon our return!

More on that tomorrow.

We have just had the most wonderful time, I can’t say that enough!

I am sad to see group 1 depart, and anxious for the arrival of group 2!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

We haven't had ANYTHING of this kind while at retreat.  It's been wonderful.  Life should be like this.

I’m done watching groups of quilters singling out those who are different from them in whatever reason and talking trash about individuals behind their backs in “secret” private facebook groups and feeling they have the right to do so because it is a “private” group and their “safe place.” 

It is never a safe place if other people are being put down.  It is never a safe place if people feel justified to build themselves up as righteous while pointing out the unrighteousness of others.

Talking trash about people you find trashy doesn't make you any less trashy than they are.

Before you put someone down, look for the one good thing in them you admire and mention that instead.

If indeed there is a heaven, I know who I don’t want to be spending my eternity with.


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM EDT

    I had such a great time with you at retreat this weekend! Thank you (& Judy D. and my friend Cheran B.!!!) for helping me to learn the art of scrappy quilting!!! I look forward to the next time! xo Brandy

  2. My goodness. What a slideshow. I became nearly dizzy watching it as the quilts, one more fantastic than the next, passed by. There were many colorations of your quilts that I had not seen before and were absolutely stunning. Thank you.

  3. wow enough quilts for a small town....and the music? kept waiting to see little nell tied on the railroad tracks...lol

  4. Great slideshow. Your students are excellent quilters. I still have half of this last years mtstwry to go.

  5. Glad to have a fairly Unconnected week with you! It was worth the many years of waiting between my workshops with you. The planners did a great job and the meals were excelent. Cabin 1 with the sign that read "Grace" says "Quilt ON"!!!!

  6. William Tell added to a video of ladies cutting up squares might be interesting. Glad you are having a great time.

  7. Thanks for your words directed towards those who have been so hateful towards others in the quilting community recently. I suspect they might take your opinion seriously, so I appreciate you speaking out. And I am with you--it would certainly feel like an eternity to be with certain people, wouldn't it? ;) I figure I'll go where my dogs go; I trust them to choose the right kind of folks to spend forever with.

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  9. Wonderful quilts in your slideshow. I love traveling with you even if it's only by way of my computer.

  10. What a fabulous slide show! Thanks for putting that together for us and thanks for taking a stand against the bullies!

  11. What a magnificent slide show with all the beautiful quilts! I really enjoyed watching them an inspired to finish En Provence and to do more of yours.

  12. What a wonderful quilt show trip. I oohed after seeing every one. Scrappy is the best.

  13. Thank you for sharing everything you do... your video's are great! I generally squeeze them in when I have a few moments... so lol I turn the speed up to like 1.5 and the music of course speeds up too. The last one was quite interesting... because it was sped (is that a word? lol) up.. the most important part is getting to see all the beautiful work that everyone has done or shared. So much loveliness how can you stand to move on when it's all done! Isn't it wonderful to know that quilting is still happening all over the world and that you are a very large part of the reason that it is. Great work Bonnie...


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