Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Quilt-Cam 9/7/16 & Giveaway!

Look what’s in the house!

And would you believe with all that’s been going on here that I didn’t even open this first box until after 6pm?

I knew that if I did…I’d have to sit down and read it cover to cover and there were other things I’ve been deeply involved in today, and that cover to cover time can wait until AFTER Quilt-Cam when I am snuggled between the sheets and I can turn the pages in peace and relaxation.


What a day!

My invoice sheets have also shown up, right after 5pm – which is why I finally caved and took a peek inside the cases of books.  Invoices are now being PRINTED and sorted.  Those who ordered the book/tool bundle or the tool by itself are in one stack, those who ordered the book without the tool in the second stack.  I’ll start filling those that can go tomorrow.

It’s finally here!  What a journey this has been! Click HERE for all the details on book ordering.


I’ve also got an exciting giveaway tonight – We are bundling Nancy Mahoney’s Beginning EQ Webinar AND Designing with EQ7 Course for one lucky winner!


Pre-register for the course before 9/19/2016 and you will receive free access to Nancy's Beginning EQ7 Webinar! (A $19.99 value!!!!)

Discover how easy it is to design your own quilts using EQ7. This software program allows you to design a variety of quilts and blocks, as well as use a wide range of fabrics and colors. All with the click of a mouse.

Learn to Design Quilts with EQ7 is an online class filled with images and easy to follow instructions by Nancy Mahoney. Share your progress with fellow community members and work with the instructor on a private Forum in a collaborative and interactive online environment. Upload images of your work for feedback and ask questions. Create unique quilt designs along-side other quilters!

Learn a variety of quilt layouts, including horizontal quilts, on-point quilts, medallion quilts, and more. See how to use the various libraries to enhance your quilt designs. Learn how to use the block worktable and the image worktable to boost your creativity.

Who Should Take this Course:
  • Students who have never used EQ7 and want to learn how the program works.
  • Intermediate students who wish to learn more about EQ7 or refresh their skills.
  • Quilters who would like to create and design quilts along-side other quiltmakers in a collaborative environment
Who would like to win these courses?

We will draw for our winner on Monday evening, Sept 12th!  Good luck, everyone!
So what’s up for me tonight?  Some of THIS:
Four in Nine blocks from the Sept/Oct 16 issue of Quiltmaker!
I really love this block made with simple 4 patches from strips directly from my Scrap User’s System!  You can read more about this block in Quiltmaker HERE.
How fun would this be for a baby quilt?
If you are ready to sew along with me, click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed.

Let’s have some FUN!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, you're coming thru great tonight. Just finished my Smith Mountain Morning that I started with you last October in Eatonville. It's gorgeous in my purples and turquoise. Looking forward to your new book, which I preordered. What a fun time for all.

    I am cutting out a fall table runner tonight. Also ha e the wanderlust pattern laying here to make a table runner as well. Hugs to you.

  2. YAY!!! live quilt-cam. just finished basting a log cabin lap quit for a wedding gift. no pictures just yet but will post on open studio when finished.

  3. My hubby wears that little magnifier on his glasses when he does watch repair. Maybe I need to borrow that thingie and see if I can SEE better for applique. :-)

  4. First time live. Was going to be working on deboning some shirts, but eating ice cream instead. Had a question. Have been trying to find your Diuble Delight pattern but can't find it anywhere. Can you help me out?
    Tammie....sweatin in Texas

  5. Hi Bonnie:

    I'm catching Quilt-Cam live (which is very rare) and happy to see you live. My question is how do you keep everything straight? For example, you're working on this year's mystery, the garlic knot project, the leaders and enders. How do you keep it all straight in your head. Maybe you need to add an organization class to your repertoire?? Also any chance you're coming to Pennsylvania any time soon??

    Thanks for everything you do for us!! Carmela Cataudella-Sanzone

  6. Angelia=Angela (silent I)
    Abuela=Grandmother in Spanish

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I remembered Quilt Cam only 15 minutes late. I'll go catch the beginning. So happy to see the books. What a great giveaway! All signed up. And I need it. I knew EQ5 and 6 pretty well a while ago, but I badly need a refresher. So glad Sadie is on the mend. I have to pill both my cats now. They are smaller so I can manhandle them. One is a trooper, but the other one is just learning about it and still fights. But aren't treats just the best? Everyone tolerates the pills so the can get the treats.

    So good to hear you on Quilt Cam tonight. Your trip posts are just magical. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

    I have been hand sewing mostly lately but need to get back to machine piecing and finish turning some tops onto quilts.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Donna from Tallahassee

  9. I was late getting to watch quilt cam but when Bonnnie ended it stopped and told me to open in utube, which is a first. As long as i had began watching i have always been able to finish. So i went yo utube and I got a voice but scren was gray no color and all divided into funny sqaures. I coulndnt get it to work maybe my internet connection but I am tired so I will try tomorrow night. But as always love quiltcam, thanks Bonnie for taking the time

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  12. Thank you for all you do, Bonnie.
    FYI. Wilkes County Quilters Guild is having their annual Quilt Show in North Wilkesboro at THE STONE CENTER, 613 Cherry Street this weekend. Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The grand prize is a new sewing machine and almost 200 fat quarters. A $1000 value. The entrance fee is $4.00 that includes a chance on the sewing machine that will be given away Saturday at 4:00 pm. You do not have to be present to win. Hope you can come if you are in town. Sheila

  13. Hope you pick me as the EQ7 class winner, September 12 is my 65th birthday and I ve been wanting to learn this! Just love following all your adventures. Thanks for sharing them and for every thing else you do for us.

  14. Hope you pick me as the EQ7 class winner, September 12 is my 65th birthday and I ve been wanting to learn this! Just love following all your adventures. Thanks for sharing them and for every thing else you do for us.

  15. Just watched your latest QuiltCam. Always a joy. I learned the webbing idea from watching previous QuiltCams and it's been a great tool to add to my quilting repertoire. It makes putting blocks together so easy. I have done a couple of your Wonky Wishes baby quilts using your webbing technique, they both came together so well. Thanks, Bonnie!

  16. Congratulations on the new book coming out, Bonnie! Best of luck with it...

    Your books are great, so easy to follow. I'm going to the thrift store today to look for shirts to make into quilts, inspired by your book "Scraps and Shirttails". I fell in love with Carolina Crossroads and Star Gazing, but the quilt that made me buy the book was Shirttails! I absolutely love that design.

  17. Oh Bonnie--I am in a quandary--I have a grandson who is into "red". red red red!! I want to make him a "going away to college" quilt, but when I tried to do a scrappy red square thingey with B&W strips--it just completely made me dizzy to look at.
    Do you have a suggestion for a quilt pattern that is not too baby-ish??
    I love my 2.5" squares (I was in a swap two years ago) and had thought a gray/red with B&W would be great--but not so much.. H E L P!!! (red is not my thing!!).Hugs, Julierose

  18. I turned 74 on Labor Day, and my husband gave me a Bonnie Hunter birthday. On Monday I ordered your new book and signed up for your new internet class. I have a great husband!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  19. Sorry i didn't video cam


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