Thursday, September 01, 2016

Addicted to Scraps Pre-Order Event!

It’s HERE!

Or at least…they are on a truck making their way to me from the warehouse.  That means it’s time to ramp up this pre-order thing and get it going!

I’m very excited about this book release.  It’s been a long time coming.  At one point I didn’t know it would even become a reality as I thought I might find myself without a publisher when Kansas City Star was not yet an imprint of C&T Publishing.

And here we are a little more than a year later and I am about to hold this book in my hands for the very first time, and pass it on to you!

I have loved each and every block that I have submitted to Quiltmaker Magazine for my Addicted to Scraps Column.  And my dream of taking those little scrappy blocks and making full quilts out of them, and in turn placing THEM in a book is what this book is all about.

Some of the quilts you have seen in the pages of the magazine.  Some of them you have seen me working on over the past couple of years.  These quilts come from my HEART as well as the bottom of my stash, and I can’t wait to see the quilts sparkle with your own scraps as you make them.

I’d love to share the quilts with you so you know just what is inside:


This is Idaho Square Dance!
It made the front cover!

At this point Idaho Square Dance was quilted, but not bound.  And try as I might to find a finished photo, I couldn’t!  It’s in the hands of C&T as they use it for promotional events.  I may get to visit it at Quilt Market in October!  I did bind it in red, and I went crazy with the back:


See that red binding?

Where is the photo of the FRONT?!

We will get one when the quilt comes back.

I absolutely love how this quilt came together, and it was a surprise for me.  Set with the log cabin blocks on point, the Idaho Square Dance blocks become the back up singers while the Log Cabins take center stage.

Box Kite

Box Kite!

This is the perfect project for digging into those 2 1/2’’ strips, and grabbing those specialty rulers to get the job done!  I love the criss-crossing neutral bands that make this quilt dance.  The only places I used yardage were the bold inner red border, the backing and binding!  Everything else came directly out of scrap strips and squares.  SO much fun!


Carolina Chain!

Another one perfect for clearing out a rainbow of scraps.  I love how the lights chain across the quilt, while the dark chains hang like a curtain of beads from top to bottom.  No borders needed for this one, an orange binding finishes off that edge just right.

Garden Party

Garden Party!

Garden Party graced the cover of the May/June 2015 issue of Quiltmaker and I am happy to present it to you again in Addicted to Scraps with my expanded stitching and assembly directions. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite from the quilts in this book, but as this quilt is made completely from strip stash, it’s high up there on my list.

Best of all?  NO TRIANGLES to sew in this quilt at all!


Jingle Bell Square!

Jingle Bell Square would qualify as a great quilt for this year’s Leader & Ender Hourglass challenge! Look at all of those hourglass units!  You can give this quilt a whirl with my new and soon to hit the market Essential Triangle Tool.  More info on that at the bottom of the post. 

I dug into my OLD DEEP Christmas stash to pull the fabrics needed for this quilt.  Some of them are full of memories.  Some of them….well, the uglies wound up in the smallest hourglass units!  I can’t wait to have this quilt out for the holidays now that it is home.


Mai Tais in Paradise!

This quilt brings back so many memories – it was our class project on my first ever teaching cruise with Craftours.com The spinning star block was featured in an earlier Addicted to Scraps column.


Moth in the Window!

This one is finally going to go on my bed!  Made mostly with recycled fabrics from shirts, I added a solid black and burgundy plaid in the sashings, and more black in the triangle border.  I’m mad for plaids and stripes, and this quilt came out of only 2 widths of strips!


The extras found their way into the back!


Pinwheel Fancy

I love quilts with optical illusions!  Pinwheel Fancy uses an alternate block that makes this quilt look like rows of columns, but it isn’t pieced that way!  This quilt came out of 3 widths of strips, using one piece of yardage as the setting triangles.  Again no border is necessary –the setting triangles do the job as a “self border.”  All of those triangles?  Make them easily from strips with the Essential Triangle Tool!


Tropical Twist!

More strips from the Scrap User’s System found their way easily into Tropical Twist!  And the best part?  The bonus triangles from behind the center units found themselves into a very scrappy pinwheel border.  Blues, greens, aquas, purples and neutrals with a touch of yellow, oh my!


Twirl Around!

Pink and green pinwheels dance through a field of rose to coral, and all my favorite neutrals join in on parade!  While the pink triangles in my blocks were already made as Bonus Triangles from other projects, you can easily cut and stitch your own from pre-cut strip widths from your own Scrap User’s System.  Can you imagine this quilt in different colors?  What about Red, white & blue for patriotic punch? Fireworks!  All of the pink squares came easily from my own pre-cut squares box, and many of the other squares and rectangles were easily right at hand as well.  I only hit the yardage when it came to borders and binding.



As I put all of these up here in one blog post, I keep thinking that  maybe THIS one is my favorite, and then I put up the next and…No, maybe THIS one is my favorite!  Wanderlust was nearly an accident.  I wasn’t going to lay out the blocks this way.  But when Sadie walked over the laid out quilt, shifting some of the blocks I saw zig-zags appearing.  and I left it that way.  And I continued it into the borders.  So many memories were sewn up into this quilt as I used my hoarded scrap stash from Bali, as well as recycled fabric shirts as my neutrals (along with others)  All of those colors just SHINE on that black fabric.  Maybe this one IS my favorite!  And it could be yours!  The Essential Triangle Tool can help you with the half square triangles and the flying geese.  Everything in this quilt comes from 3 different strip widths.


This is the online course I just filmed with Quiltmaker and Craft U.  It will start streaming in November.  Be watching for an update on that as it gets closer!


Wild & Goosey!

I love my fabrics, down to the last tiny triangle.  And all of those small pieces ended up in this block first featured in my Addicted to Scraps column, Wild & Goosey.  This block is so fun it took the internet quilt world by storm.  I pieced these while traveling from guild to guild on borrowed machines.  Paper piecing is GREAT as you don’t have to rotary cut everything to certain sizes before you start.  I added the yellow goosey sashing as an afterthought and I’m so glad I did.  No borders needed.

Did the scraps diminish?  Of course not!  But there are so many memories stitched up into this quilt.  Maybe THIS ONE is my favorite? 

Which one is yours?

We are ready on the website for you to Pre-Order Addicted to Scraps, the book.  When you order from my website, you get the Wanderlust Table Runner pattern in pdf format delivered right to your email inbox FREE:


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Table Runner Pattern is also included with the Essential Triangle Tool.

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Plus mark perfect seam allowances. Great for trimming paper piecing!

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The bonus buddy not only has needle holes for setting seam allowance, but also has the correct bonus line for easily stitching bonus squares from stitch & flip corners in a ready-to-use size. No sliver trimming needed!


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While the book should be here within the next couple of weeks, the Essential Triangle Tool is a few weeks away from being available.  Different manufacturer, different process than the books.  If you order both together now, you’ll get the sale price, and your order will be held until the ruler is available and I can ship in one package.  Therefore, if you want to wait until the ruler is in house to order your bundle, that is fine too!

While you are in the store, check out the other book offerings! I’ve added several new ones you might want to take a look at. This is also a good time to round out your library with my previous titles and save on shipping.  And don’t forget to include some of my playing cards for holiday gift fun!

When you place your pre-order, you will receive a “processing” status email automatically once I print your label and invoice while waiting for books to arrive.  Orders will ship in the order in which they were received during my time home.  I leave September 12th for Rhode Island.  I hope books are here before then and I will do all I can to get all out in a timely manner.


Moth in the Window Love!

Ready, Set, GO!!

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  1. yahooooooo!!! yippeee a new book...AND tomorrow is payday....can't wait to put my order in, I have been following your column for years have made several quilts from them....someday I hope to be joining one of your trips...

  2. When I click on the Quiltville Store link in your post, I get a blank page.... Can us Canadians order?

  3. Yes!!! I have completed my order!!!! Can't wait!

  4. Hooray. You created some of these quilts when I first started to follow you.. Watching you on Quilt Cam, I just had to follow along. SO, Garden Party is already done (top ready to sandwich and quilt)! And so is Box Kite (also ready to S and Q). I fell in love with everything about it. I had never even tried that border. It came out okay, and I will do better the second time. And Mai Tai's, and Wanderlust, oh my. They are both on my "do soon" list along with this year's mystery. What fun!

    Thank you, thank you for sharing these and for all you do. I hope these make you as happy as they make us!

  5. @Suzanne Blair, try again..it could be web traffic. Or try a different browser, it's working fine on this end and yes, I ship internationally.

  6. Can't wait. Thank you for all you do.

  7. I woke early this morning to order my copy! I made Carolina Chain for my mom's Christmas gift in holiday fabrics earlier this summer--I can't wait to figure out what I'll do next. Pfeffernusse is at the assembly stage, so I'll start one of the new ones soon--problem is, I love them all (what a wonderful problem to have!).

    Thanks for all you do for us.

  8. Just ordered mine! Thank you Bonnie!

  9. Darn it Bonnie! I want to make all of them. How can I decide which one is first????

  10. Orders done!! I have all your quilting books and love them, but I think this is your best. I love all the quilts! Luckily I have done Caroline Chain, the Garden party and all the Idahoo square dance blocks. No off to the rest of the quilts.Thank you Bonnie for all the good Quilt Cam times and the advices you give there. You really make me quilt up the scraps.

  11. Bonnie, can you tell me more about your rulers? I have an Easy Angle and Companion Angle, how are these rulers the different. Will there be a demo using them on either You Tube or Quilt Cam? Thanks.
    Kathy Johnson

  12. yay! I got mine! Thank you so much!

  13. I also got a blank page when I clicked on link in the body of your post. Problem solved by connecting through "Shop" button at top of quiltville page. Got mine!
    Where there's a will, there's a way. Thank you for great new book and ruler too!

  14. Ahhhh, I feel ever so much better knowing my pre-order has been placed. It is fun to see the units you were working on during different Quilt Cam sessions into such beautiful quilts. You are such a prolific piecer!! I'm very fortunate to have two of the quilts done through your mysteries you held in Plano; Garden Party and Wanderlust. I think Jingle Bell Square will be the quilt I work on first with your new book and Essential Tool. I'm sew very excited and thankful!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  15. I don't have a paypal account. In the past I was able to order your books sending a check, and you shipped once the check cleared. Is that still an option? I know it delays my receiving things, but I'm more comfortable with the "old" way of doing things.

  16. Are you still considering doing a new book/new ruler bundle special?

  17. I LOVE Pinwheel Fancy! I kept going back to the post where you had the black and blue blocks on your design wall at your cabin just to see them again, and I love how they came together in that quilt. Can't wait to get started on it this winter. Perfect time for the book to be released!

  18. Just wondering how your new triangle ruler is different from the Easy Angle one you've used for such a long time.

  19. I ordered, I ordered, I ordered! Usually I put these things off, but I REALLY want this one. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Will you be signing the books we pre-order before you send them to us?

  21. Thanks Bonnie, order #4944

  22. Is anyone else having a problem downloading the Table Runner PDF? When I try, it goes into a continual "thinking" mode, and won't pop up... lmhoov68@gmail.com

  23. Bonnie, you think you had a problem picking a favorite? Ha! I want to make them all ... by Christmas! Every single quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your wealth of design with us.

    Pat O
    Clemmons, NC

  24. Bonnie, you're said in the past that you get less money for your books when they're ordered through Amazon. Is that true of your ruler, too?

    Love both the book and the ruler! Congrats!

  25. You are just so ridiculously talented!!! Incredible quilts, Bonnie!!!

  26. Love your quilts. Just ordered the newest book. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  27. Awesome!!! Love your books!!

  28. Bonnie, I also clicked on the order page and got a blank screen!!

  29. I just ordered my Bundle Pack and can't wait for it to arrive!!! The Wanderlust is going to be a Christmas gift and I am so excited I can't wait to get it started.
    Thank You Bonnie!!!

    Brenda R. in Florida


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