Saturday, September 03, 2016

Easing Into Labor Day Weekend 2016!

Our hike this morning.


Temps in the high 50s with nearly ZERO humidity [or what feels like it, after having been in the Mediterranean!] and that blue blue, Carolina blue sky.

Thank you for all of your words and posts of concern during this hurricane episode.  I live in north central North Carolina, about an hour’s drive south of the Virginia state line and though we had rain, we missed the brunt of everything.  I hope that anyone closer to the coast has survived as well!

I loaded up the van late yesterday afternoon and was here by dinner time.

NO SEWING HAPPENED.  But that’s okay.  I finished quilting the Tumbler quilt yesterday and I think some sit and veg time was well deserved.

For those who think I NEVER sit still and do nothing….well, you are wrong!

There was some excitement though, check out what we found on our trail cam:

A video posted by Bonnie K Hunter (@quiltville_bonnie) on

If you notice the date, it was about 7pm 2 weeks ago.  No more visits since then.  Figuring that bears are feeding on all they can to bulk themselves up for a long winter’s nap.

Am I worried about bears up here?  I am cautious.  Sadie is leashed when we hike.  We make a lot of noise.  I SING. [enough to scare even the bears away!]

There have been infrequent sightings of bears up here, but it is always ONE, and we think this is a male without a female to make cubs with.  No mamas and cubs have ever been spotted.

I respect the nature.  I’m cautious with nature.  This is THEIR territory, and we have no trash cans or garbage around.

It’s as if he came sniffing for food, smelling where the deer and the raccoons had been, and finding nothing on the ground lumbered off and left and never came back.


Slow Morning!

So I was going to upload some of the Rome photos today, but guess where they are?  On my big computer at home.  I off-loaded them from my phone because there were so MANY.  I’ll get to those after the weekend.

In the mean time, I have FIXED the Rome post from last week with the broken photos so you can get your sneak preview ON THAT POST.  Then you’ll be ready for when I post about Rome after the weekend.  It’s going to take a few days of posts to cover it all.  Rome was FABULOUS!

I’m still dying over actually sitting in the Sistine Chapel, looking at the gorgeous tile floors while everyone was looking up at the ceiling.  And no photos were allowed, and I respected that.

My weekend is going to be easy-peasy, slow of pace.

The binding is ready to go on the Tumbler quilt and I’ll start the hand stitching tonight.

[BTW..My dad called to let me know that PBS is running a Downton Abbey Marathon all weekend long, and it started last night.  Did you know? Is it showing where you are?]


THIS is webbed in rows and ready to be finished.

NEXT BOOK project. Stay tuned.

And then be prepared for sneak peek photos to start appearing in black and white because I’m spending the rest of the weekend MYSTERY SEWING!!  I am home for 9 more days and I want to get as far as I can on this year’s Mystery Quilt because my October is very busy into November and we are going away for Thanksgiving this year…..and things still need to happen by Black Friday so…..make hay while the sun shines!

Things to KNOW:  My 6-episode Scrap Quilting Course with Craft U is now up and running in streaming format! That means once you purchase it, it is in your library forever and you can stream it wherever you have internet access.  For the rest of your life!  If you haven’t taken this course yet, put it on your list!

Use coupon code BHSCRAP at checkout and save $30.00!

I also have some exciting things in the VERY NEAR future.  I’m taking some of the other Craft U courses myself, will be writing a review about them, and there will be GIVEAWAYS of courses happening here on the blog as well.  So stay tuned for that.  First up on my list? 


Beginning EQ7 Webinar with Nancy Mahoney!

There are things I want to know about my EQ7 to round out my knowledge and I’m going to take this course!  And then I’m moving on to THIS one:


Design Quilts with EQ7 and Nancy Mahoney!

Even this old dog can learn some new tricks and who better to learn from than Nancy Mahoney whom I have loved and admired forever. 

And these workshops and webinars will live in my Craft U library forever.  I’m excited.  Would you be interested in winning one of these courses?  Let me think on how I want to be doing this and we’ll have some fun with it!

But right now, Black Beauty the 301 is calling my name loudly from the basement and it’s time to get a binding on.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Spread the appreciation around! Tropical Twist quilt from my new book release Additcted to Scraps, in pre-order status on my website now! Come see all of the quilts and read the nitty gritty HERE! SEW EXCITED!

Have a fabulous Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Marvelous post; such an exciting time for you!! Sew glad your hike was cool this morning. Does wonders for our moral when we don't stick to ourselves! LOL I loved seeing the black bear too! Was that sweet or what for your Dad to give a heads up on the Dowton Abbey marathon. Happy binding and I'll be looking for those black and white shots of mystery sewing. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. EQ7 is on my Christmas wish list. Or I should say, it is my Christmas list. :-)

    So taking both of those courses would be a big deal for me as I've never used any of the EQ software.

  3. Love, love, love the new quilt for new book. I also take a lot of online classes and love reviews and perspectives from others so you have made my busy morning happier.

  4. I am so anxious to see your tumbler done. Mine is still in construction. Have a great weekend. I was sharing your bear picture with DH and said, "you know that friend of mine, the quilter whose blog I talk about all the time?" Then I giggled and said, "well she is not really a friend, I don't know her at all, but I read her blog all the time".. He nodded and smiled at me. But I do think of you as a friend, even though we have never met. Someday, maybe, I will have an opportunity to take a class from you in person. Til then, have a relaxing holiday weekend and enjoy your few days at home.

  5. Isn't "HOME" good? No matter how wonderful the trip, people and sights -- like Dorothy tells Toto - "There's no place like home!"

    This year's Mast (bear foraging food) is in good supply on this side of the Smokies, hoping on your side also. You are so right about leashing Sadie Jane and making noise. We share the mountains with many beasties, and they deserve their home too. :)

    Smiles to you and that precious pup

  6. I love the idea of learning more about EQ7, and what better way than an on-line course? A giveaway would make it even better.

    I love the new quilt. Your designs are wonderful!

  7. Love the quilt for the new book! Glad you are home safe and sound and get to relax. Just ordered your new book, ruler, and cards for the girls I quilt with. I'm excited like everybody! I think with the behind the scenes story about Sadie changing up Wanderlust, it should have had HER name in it! Too funny. Glad you are home to share more pics of your girl, we love her!
    There has been a bear around here too, or so the neighbors say, we have not seen him/her. We don't feed the birds during the summer because of that. Soon tho, when they start to need it more and the bears crash for the season...but, then the wolves will make themselves known more too...(northern MN...) and as always, looking forward to the next Quilt Cam! Enjoy your time off!

  8. I could probably use a class on EQ. Good for you for wanting to learn more. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Like grammajudyb, I call Bonnie my friend. I was shophopping with a friend who also quilts but doesn't do as much "internet quilting" as I do, and we were sharing inspiration and ideas. After about the umpteenth time she heard, "You know that quilt designer/teacher I told you about -- Bonnie? Well, she does this with that ..." she finally said, "She must be a closer friend than me!" So now I always just say,"My friend Bonnie" and everyone knows. LOL!

    And, really, who is a better friend. She visits with us every day, shares her travels and fun times and some of the bad times too. I am glad to call Bonnie "friend."

    By the way, Bonnie, it is probably a good thing your pics are at your other home. Now you have one less thing to keep you from relaxing and enjoying your weekend away AND working on mysterious things. So exciting!

  10. Ditto what Valerie said. There are many of us out here in internetland/instagramland, etc. who count Bonnie as a friend. No higher accolade, is there?

  11. Was sewing on my tumbler quilt today, and sewed through the side of my little finger. So, to comfort myself a little, this afternoon, went to the Verona Antique Mall to get the Singer 185 that I've been keeping an eye on since last Fall, and found that the tension assembly was missing on that little green beauty. This just hasn't been my day. �� Plan to have a much better sewing day tomorrow, though!

  12. Your comment of respecting the natures element is essential to our way of thinking here too. So very glad you share in the knowledge that we are only passing through and it is their home.
    If I new how to post/link a photo we captured on our trail cam, of what we are calling the ghost cat - I would.

  13. Just tried to register for the Beginning EQ7 course and for a message saying "not ready to take registrations yet".

  14. Showed my small quilt group I taught and started your book. Surprise they love your Idaho Square Dance as much as I do, so that will be our next project!

  15. Love your Quiltville flag. Our PBS station is doing a Poldark Marathon this weekend starting today. It is another great series that is set in Cornwall. Season 2 starts at the end of September.

  16. I took it nice and slow yesterday also as it was my "big" birthday. no parties, I just want to stay healthy and enjoy the years I have which hopefully will be many. one of my birthday gifts was the Downton Abbey series DVD's. Can't wait to start watching it again.
    I've had EQ since #5, still just a beginner though. I think these classes will be very informative.
    So glad to read your blog and looking forward to your new book
    Joan in GA

  17. I went to Craft U and couldn't find your new class :( So happy to hear Sadie is doing better :)

  18. So excited about your new book and cannot wait to get my copy!

  19. Enjoy your time at home! I really enjoyed your Craft U class. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take an EQ 7 class and have so much to learn. Happy Labor day!

  20. It's kind of fun to see the bear...from a distance! I need to check out the Craft U classes - I really need one (or two) on EQ7. I use it, but I know it is capable of way more than what I have mastered. Glad you had a great trip, and hope you had a nice holiday weekend as well!


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