Monday, September 26, 2016

And What Did Delaware?!

And What Did Delaware?


A New Jersey!

I love the childhood rhymes and plays on words from days gone by that fly through my memory when I cross state lines.

However, it is never fun to realize that there are red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror as you fly through Maryland.

OOPS!!  The speed limit went from 65 in DC down to 55 in Maryland and as I was in the far left lane, I never saw the change in speed limit signs on the far right.  I am totally guilty.

I was also heavily involved in listening to Charade by Sandra Brown on my audible.

Officer, I’m guilty!  And I’m so sorry.  And I’m not from here, and not familiar with this road, and I’m just going to Delaware and I’ve been driving for hours and hours…..

I sat patiently in my car while she took my license and registration.  My hands were shaking.  I texted home.  “I’m pulled over!”  “Serves you right!  You drive like you sew.  Pedal to the metal!”

And I got off with a warning.  My lucky day.

The cruise control from then on stayed at 55 even though traffic was now flying by me on either sides at a rapid pace.


Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

This bridge is 4.3 miles long.


I stopped to take some photos and to stretch my legs a bit.

I was getting closer!

And still shaking from the near ticket experience.




I spy a stack of Carrie’s Quiltville quilts!


Marti’s Quiltville quilts!

I’m happy to be staying with my friend Marti, and we are making it a slumber party of three as Carrie is staying here too.  We’ve planned this for a while.  Carrie even cooked dinner, pampering our palates with marinated Korean pork [Dae Ji Bool Gogi] and rice, and sauteed yellow and zucchini squash.

An evening of hexie sewing and chatting finished off the evening and I was happily tucked into bed beneath the Virginia Bound quilt that Marti made, started in a previous workshop a couple of years ago.

Today we are full bore with a double duty day at hand.  50 students for today’s Talkin’ Turkey workshop and a guild presentation tonight with the Helping Hands Quilt Guild in Dover.

Bring it on, I’m ready!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage string quilt found in North Carolina.

The best advice for a Monday out there!

Have a great one!

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  1. glad to hear I am not the only one to shake like a leaf if you get pulled over by a cop for going to fast - it has only happened to me one time and I got off with a warning like you did and I think I shook the whole way home LOL - why? I don't know it just scared me silly and whenever I go through that town now I know exactly where it changes from 55 to 40 in an instant and slow down immediately

  2. I'm a Delawarean transplanted to Florida in 1978. Went to my 50 year high school reunion in Seaford this summer. I was the lifeguard at the Dover AFB swimming for 3 years in the late 60's. Its home to me. Carol

  3. In my experience (and it happened several times) is that if you shake they always give you a warning. I never meant to shake or speed. It just happened!

  4. Great story! I can relate as another good driver with a clean record who got distracted a couple of times. Never in my life have I gotten off with just a warning. That doesn't happen in California.

  5. If Mississippi wore her New Jersey, what would Delaware? Idaho, but Alaska!

  6. You are in my neck of the woods! We are in St. Michaels and have to cross the Bay Bridge to get to Annapolis. In the summer it can be a nightmare and you're lucky you drove thru with little traffic! Have fun in Delaware and enjoy the beauty of the eastern shore. Katie

  7. So glad you didn't get a ticket. A couple years ago I was 'flying' low to the ground through southern Oregon, I guess in a 50mph zone - was doing about 70 and slowly passing a pickup which was towing a jeep on a trailer, when my 16-yr old son called. Thinking it an emergency (school hours), I answered about the same time I passed the pick-up. In Oregon, law enforcement drives just about anything, and sure 'nuff, red & blue in my rear view. I shook just like you for hours afterward but also only got a warning. This LE officer reminded me of Don Knotts as he wildly ranted/lectured me about the laws on speeding & cell phone use. Not funny at the time, but sure is funny now as I still picture his body language. Have a wonderful time

  8. Glad to hear you got off with a warning. Think of all the money you have for fabric instead of a fine. Yay

  9. "You drive like you sew. Pedal to the metal!”

    Love the quote!!

  10. Out of county, out of state, of course you will be pulled over while everyone around you flies by. When you live further away they know you will just mail in the ticket payment. Lucky you got off with a warning. I've been stopped for speeding twice & it was just a warning...being friendly, polite & sad-looking all at the same time seems to help. :) Another time I had just passed an intersection and a cop car comes screaming up behind me with light bar flashing and siren wailing. I pulled over thinking he must be after me, but he sailed on by going about 80. Must have been some sort of emergency further up the road. I was on the way to the clinic for my blood pressure check. Needless to say, it was a little high that morning. :)

  11. Uh OH! You almost lost a Bundle of $$ that could have gone to Tax Free Spending in Delaware.
    I remember that song of the States! Now I have an 'earworm' for the day, Thanks heaps, lol.
    Have fun with your friends. They have great taste in Quilts. My Stack could rival those two once I get my Allietare quilted. Almost Mystery time again...

  12. you drive as fast as you talk too...LOL....lucky day....gotta love cruise control!

  13. Yep, I live in MD and those pesky speed limit signs are a pain, haha. Glad you got off with the warning! Safe travels on your trip.

  14. I got a ticket once when I had gotten off work late ,so was late taking my son to his dance class. My son yelled at the cop"you'really making me latell for my dance class then he jumped out of the car and did a tap dance for the cop. The expression on the cop''s face was priceless.

  15. If you ever drive through Oklahoma you can be ticketed for driving in the left lane, unless you are passing a vehicle. My last "visitation" with the Highway Patrol also ended in a warning. So glad for that.

  16. I hadn't thought about the state song is a long time. As you talked about it, my head was singing it!! Many times the speed changes as you change states and it is hard to see. We have found that true going from WV to Maryland to VA. Great that you just got a warning. I got a letter once with a picture of my car saying I was speeding. Why it was addressed to me and not my hubby, I don't know. We think he was driving when it was taken!!
    Love hearing about the different areas.

  17. I so loved your hubbys response. Gave me a good laugh.

  18. Hi Bonnie, You haven't gone down a notch in my books!

  19. Be careful how heavy your foot is in Pennsylvania too. They have a very low tolerance for speeders, and they post it in large print on their "Welcome" signs.

    Sadly, this community I live in is known as a "speed trap".

  20. I found this so cute. I read the title and was totally taken back to my childhood. We used to play a game in the car.....What did Delaware boys? She wore her New Jersey. I cannot wait for the new mystery quilt.

  21. I know most folks these days use their phone as their GPS, but I'm old-school and still love my Garmin. Even if I'm not using it for directions it is always on attached to my windshield and it somehow magically (I imagine it is some satellite up there somewhere) shows the speed limit, often even before I see a sign. I neither drive or sew super fast, but always appreciate knowing where I stand with the speed limit! :)

    AND it can usually locate pretty good Thai food "along my current route"!

  22. Enjoy your time with my sister and her buddies. She's the best

  23. Wow! My heart is pumping just reading this! Being pulled over is scary to say the least! Wonder if anyone had a heart attack after it happened to them!??? Love Korean food!! LucKy you! Have fun today!

  24. I drive a little Plasma Purple Mitsubishi that has a lady behind the dash that often says

    "YOU are over the speed limit"!

    She is annoying, but has probably saved me lot of money.

  25. Oh, I can so hear Dave making that comment! Bob calls me "Mario Maureen". It is definitely scarey to get pulled over. Glad you got a warning, though they are pretty rare in Oregon, too. Enjoy this trip!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi Bonnie and fellow quilt fanatics! I was stopped only once in my almost 50 years of driving. My home state is New York, and I lived in a good sized town with a couple of high schools. One beautiful sunny day several years ago, sure enough, I had a town officer behind me with his signature red and blue greeting! I couldn't figure out why, because I KNEW I wasn't speeding -- I was in the middle of town for heaven's sake! He asked me if I knew my inspection sticker had expired, I glanced at the lower corner of my windshield, and sheepishly said, "Oh no!" He asked for my license, etc. and glanced at my name. Oh, Mrs. Smith, you're Mary's Mom? I said yes, wondering how and why .... He then said, I went to school with her from elementary all through high school! Because of that, I didn't get a ticket, but a smiling warning to get inspected soon, and his business card to call him if I ever needed help. There are advantages to living in a small town. In New York, you must have two stickers on your windshield.. one registration and one inspection. I smiled all the way to my mechanic to get my inspection done! ❤️ Looking forward to playing catch-up ... on the blog and quilt-cams!


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