Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Bit of Rome and Trevi Fountain!

The streets of Rome with the reflection of the bus window.

It’s still magical.

ROME!  I think I’d like to stay for a week at least in Rome, and you’d still never be able to see it all. 

At this point we had left the Coliseum behind and were making our way toward the Trevi fountain.  As I type these words I can still hear the voice of our guide who spoke english very well with a very distinct Italian accent that I found musical and charming.  She was wonderful, and I will always think of her when I think of Rome and how she did everything to make sure we saw the best of Rome possible.


YES!  Another Gelateria!
At least once a day, if not twice!


Buses though ancient arches.

I wish I knew my Latin better than I did.  Roman numerals still stump me beyond a certain point.


Goodness these streets are crowded!

Who is that tall guy in Boise State Blue & Orange in the bottom right? Ha!


This is what we are coming to see.
But with all of the people around the view I got was:


Selfies, everyone, selfies!

Be careful of the selfie-stick, you can get poked, prodded, whacked and beaned as people whip them out everywhere to take the photo of a lifetime that will probably end up on their Christmas cards or Facebook profile photo!


Almost better, except for that hat! 
Competitions had become the rage during the Baroque era to design buildings, fountains and even the Spanish Steps. In 1730 Pope Clement XII organized a contest in which Nicola Salvi initially lost to Alessandro Galilei – but due to the outcry in Rome over the fact that a Florentine won, Salvi was awarded the commission anyway.
Work began in 1732 and the fountain was completed in 1762, long after Salvi's death, when Pietro Bracci's Oceanus (god of all water) was set in the central niche.
Salvi died in 1751 with his work half finished, but he had made sure a stubborn barber's unsightly sign would not spoil the ensemble, hiding it behind a sculpted vase, called by Romans the asso di coppe, the "Ace of Cups".
The Trevi Fountain was finished in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini, who substituted the present allegories for planned sculptures of Agrippa and "Trivia", the Roman virgin. It was officially opened and inaugurated on May 22 by Pope Clemens XIII.
The majority of the piece is made from Travertine stone, quarried near Tivoli, about 35 kilometres (22 miles) east of Rome. [source]

That’s it!  I’ll shoot above their heads!

But wait….where is the fountain?


Okay, that is the best I can do.  Let’s go grab some gelato instead.
Pistachio.  My treat.


We passed this guy on the way. Buonjourno!


Around the corner from the fountain, enjoying the shade, the gelato and the beautiful day, Italian style.


This happened yesterday!

Amidst computer glitches threatening to take my store down, details of which I won’t go into – we managed to get 6 full heavy tubs of precious Addicted to Scraps Book orders out to the post office.

When folks say “Why don’t you have them pick up?” It’s because my mail is picked up and delivered by a post office that is NOT this one, even though this little Wallburg Post Office is less than a mile from my house.  This post office doesn’t deliver.  My mail comes from Winston Salem.  And there are time sensitive packages here.  If I print postage for international orders, they have to be dropped of THAT SAME DAY.  If I schedule a mail pick up, who knows when they will show up, certainly not on my time when I am ready, and it is so easy to drop these off just up the road. 

Besides, that is my social life!  I look forward to seeing Sherry and Aspen every time I am home and dropping things off.  We have been doing this for 8 years now and have become friends.

They are also my cheerleaders with this whole thing.  It’s great living in a small place where even the postal gals know you by name and know what is going on and ask how you are and where you’ve been and where you are off to next.  Would I get that with pick-up? Doubtful.  Choices!  I choose to drop and deliver!

We are making headway on getting everything out that is able to. Everyone who has ordered thus far should have a mail that says “Processing” in their inboxes letting you know that yes, I got your order and your invoices and labels have been printed and sorted making it easier to fill once Essential Triangle Tools arrive.

I’ve made the hubster a promise that I will fill what more orders I can this morning until the post office closes at noon.  And then we are headed to the cabin for the rest of the day and tomorrow.  Everyone should have a weekend, right? Besides, there is mystery sewing to really dive into and it has to be done!  I’ll be back filling orders on Monday.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Gratitude helps keep things in perspective and there is so much to be grateful for. Happy Saturday, everyone! Jingle Bell Square quilt from my new book release Addicted to Scraps, in pre-order status on my website now!

Come see all of the quilts and read the nitty gritty HERE! SEW EXCITED!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. I've been to Trevi Fountain - great memories. I completely understand the frustrations of getting a good photo though. I guess that is what postcards are for!

  2. Yep, too many Tourists in that photo bomb to see the Fountain. I have another friend that went to Italy just after you went. And one that is there NOW. Popular place. I just want to stay HOME and SEW! Gotta deleiver my Grnad-daughter quilts and mine to the Quilt Festival today. Interruptions, but I can sew after errands are run! Have fun stitching on the Mystery!

  3. You are one busy, busy girl. I agree small towns are the best and I am glad to hear you can visit with the post office girls. We know everyone at our post office and are lucky to have two within 5 miles (1 North and 1 South) of us that we can visit with and get help when needed for mailing problems and ideas. I am also happy to hear you are taking time to go to the cabin, have a wonderful time with whatever you choose to do, I am sure it will be great and relaxing for you!! Thanks for all you do, enjoyed Quilt Cam this week and so happy you took time out to share your time with us.

  4. Bonnie, please fly right by commas about your sentence structure here without another thought. And you and anyone who does not want to read a lecture should fly right by the rest of my post.

    You have a very short time between trips during which you are busting your a$$ to get book orders out as quickly as you can, even putting off weekend time with the hubster to get more of them out, as if we cannot survive another week without receiving our copy, you made time for Quiltcam, and you will be working on the eagerly-awaited mystery quilt. In spite of that you take time out every morning, no matter what else is going on in your life, to write a blog post to stay in touch with those of us living vicariously through you -- as if it is your responsibility and not a generous gift.

    I proofread for court reporters. Many well-educated experts and the attorneys whose livelihood and reputation are greatly affected by their use of language regularly make atrocious errors in their sentence construction on the fly. I am sure many mornings you don't really have time to write, but you do, so I think most of us forgive and ignore when you have not taken time to go back over your on-the-fly from-the-heart blog posts to ensure we do not have suffer through errors of composition.

    I am just disappointed that anyone who came by choice to read and enjoy whatever is here, be it companionship, entertainment, travel pictures, giveaways, or whatever quilty thing is included, would do anything to discourage in any way from wanting to continue to share your life with us. Why did you go to the trouble of commenting on the error? Did you take the time to thank Bonnie for the pictures, the thoughts, the efforts?

    Off my soapbox -- for now.

  5. My dad always insisted on using the downtown post office and main bank, inside. I no longer think this is a nuisance, I do it too. I enjoy going into the bank to cash a check. And especially enjoy it when I go into a bank out of town. We need to talk to people! And I always try to smile even if the line is long. I am glad to know someone who those things their own way. Enjoy the cabin this short weekend.

  6. Valerie.......You are so right!!!!

    Bonnie, you have a heart of gold and we all love you:)

  7. To Anne L.: REALLY??

    To Bonnie: Thank you for the photos, recap on your visit in Rome! Love ALL the photos! How cool that you enjoy the sweetness of your small town. Enjoy your weekend at the cabin! We can't wait for the mystery!! Going to order my book and ruler now!!

  8. I deleted Ann L's comment and I frankly hope that she doesn't come back.

    Writing this blog is like writing a term paper EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And my life has been beyond frantic, just as Valerie stated.

    This morning I was in a rush to get this posted and get back to filling as many book orders as humanly possible before the post office closed at noon. I misplaced ONE WORD. All I had to do was fix it by swapping IS to ARE.

    Does that really warrant overly critical comments?

    I have my own pet peeves. Like misuse of the word OF as in I should OF gone to town or I would OF fixed it if I could -- that I would notice a mile off and it just makes no sense to me how anyone can write that.

    We've all got things that trip our triggers, but I would NEVER point out "bad syntax" on anyone else's blog.

    End of story.

    Thanks for sticking up for me ladies!

  9. Right on point, Valerie! Bonnie ... you are the BEST!! Thank you for all you do!! Linda

  10. I'm glad you noted that you deleted the comment - I was beginning to think I had skipped ahead or something! Thanks for taking time to post every day! I love that your routine includes all of us. It feels like a great big family!

  11. So happy to read you have a delete option and use it !!!
    I comment once in awhile, and read every blog posting
    I hope your puppy enjoys her cabin trip too

  12. On reading Valerie's comment I thought I had missed something so went back up and down your blog before giving up to carry on reading the comments. Great, you solved the mystery. No doubt Ann L will come back with some excuse that she didn't mean it in the way it was taken! Anyway, you do wonderful work and for every unwanted comment, I am sure you would generate hundreds of positive ones from you many loyal followers. Enjoy your short trip to the cabin. Hope you manage to get a good bike ride in along the Parkway.

  13. We were in Rome last year in July (can I say HOT!?). At that time the Trevi Fountain was being restored. No water, just a 1 by 1 meter temporary square you could throw your coins in while you made your wish. And 2 meter high fences all around (with screening, so not a lot of peeking). I'm just a bit jealous that you could see a lot more Trevi Fountain than we did, even with all those people getting in the way :-)

  14. thanks for sharing the "Rome" photos. I am going in October, my first ever visit to Europe and I cannot wait!


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