Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday in the Studio!


First thing off the bat – I hope you will join me for Quilt-Cam at 2pm Eastern time this afternoon.


I’m saving Monday evening for some family time, and we haven’t done Quilt-Cam at a time when those in Europe could join us in quite a while.

2pm my time is 7pm in the UK, and 8 pm for most of the rest of Europe and it is only fair that they get their turn at not having to watch at 3am if they wanted to catch us live.  And those crazy folks – I  often DO get messages from those who ARE up at 3am just to catch live Quilt-Cam!  ((I won’t go into how nuts that is, but I am happy to have them with us at any time!))

Those of you in the Land Down Under may have to catch up later, but you will find it all linked in the archives.

Remember those star blocks with the crumb centers that I was working on last time?  Yep.  That is going to be my Quilt-Cam project over probably the next LONG while.  You can check out the last Quilt-Cam at the top of the list in the archives under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog if you need a refresher.  No matter what you want to work on, be ready to make some progress for about 90 minutes or so.

I got this far last night, sewing on Olivia!


Getting the final seams in!


This morning on my back deck!

It’s not a very large quilt.  Right now it’s only about 65’’ x 75’’  which makes it couch size. I don’t really want to make more of those center blocks  ((Can we say tedious?!?)) So I’m thinking I can add a narrow aqua border to frame it, and then do more neutral strings for a wider final border, and then binding in more aqua.

This aqua has been hanging in my stash for about 30 years.  It belonged to my Mother-in-law and I inherited some of her sewing items after she passed away when my oldest son Jason was 6 weeks old.  Jason will be 32 in November.  ((Not possible either!)) So I know I’ve had it that long.

I guess that is how long it takes an out dated color to be IN again!  30 years!


Close up of blocks.

Reasons for bordering this?

I don’t have much use for couch sized quilts.

I have more fabric I want to use up.

I don’t want to make more blocks.

I think it will look good with a frame of some sort.


I am planning this for a future magazine and/or book release so there is no pattern offered right now, but you will be the first to know when it is available.  It takes a lot of time for things like that to happen.


Temps Round Here!

I woke up to go walking this morning feeling a bit lonely and despondent…My fitbit has gone missing. **Oh Horrors!**

I’ve searched high and low.  I had it for yesterday’s walk (I wear it on my bra strap on my left shoulder) and I put it back on after my shower.  I know I checked it at least part way through my day.  I am always patting my shoulder just to make sure it is there.

Last night when I got undressed for bed – it was not there.

This morning I have checked everywhere. Yesterday’s errands included the Post Office, the drive up bank, the Mongolian grill ((Hey, a girl has to eat!)) the grocery store and the auto parts store.

I’ve checked the house everywhere.  I checked the inside of the van.

Do I really want to go to all of these businesses and ask if someone turned a fitbit into the lost and found?  Or is it time for a new one as this one is nearly 2 years old?

This morning may involve a run to Sam’s Club and Costco for some things I need, and a good look see there and at Best Buy to see what other kinds of trackers are available.

Do you have a favorite?  Leave me a comment on what you like to use and why!


See you at 2pm!

PS!  Reservations are rolling in for our Alaskan Cruise I just posted a couple of days ago!  Get your reservation in before we are sold out!  Click the Alaskan Cruise 2016 tab at the top of the blog for more info!

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  1. Anonymous8:40 AM EDT

    There's something soft and soothing about that quilt. It's almost 'beachy' feeling (is that a word?) I love that aqua.
    Hope to join in this afternoon. No sewing today though. We are installing a new window in this old house!
    Have a good one,
    Evelyn O'Brien

  2. Hi Bonnie, I killed my Fitbit Zip many months ago by putting it through the laundry and went through all the steps they suggest to resurrect it to no avail. I was ready to buy a new one and decided to contact Fitbit (by online chat). What amazing customer service! They replaced it for me and I had a new one within two days! Your story reminded me because I had been wearing it on my bra strap but the clip broke so I started carrying it in my pocket ..... Which is why it only took a couple of days to go through the wash. Good luck! Love the aqua-my favourite "happy colour" but I haven't thought to use it as background.

  3. When I lose my fit bit, I open my app and try to sync it. It must be within 50 feet or so and en I know it is in the house.

  4. Fitbit...is the only replacement for a Fitbit!! IMHO

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM EDT

    love that aqua, it really makes those blocks pop. I have a new fit bit, it seems to walk when I sleep. I get a more accurate reading when clipped on my wrist than on my shirt. Can't do the bra thing as I refuse to wear one when not in public. I have been going slowly as the last time I tried to walk I got an injury to my knee because I pushed to hard to fast. So I am now hitting over 4000 each day. That has taken me a month. I have found I can walk the halls of my house when my kurig is warming and the coffee brewing and get 250 steps. I park my car a little further when going to the store to get extra steps in. All my activities and hobbies are sitting ones like sewing, quilting and reading. In SE Virginia it is still very humid and I don't handle the heat so well so I walk in my house a lot

  6. well that was suppose to say clipped on my under pants, not my wrist

  7. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    Did you loose the case as well as the device? If you lost both it may be because of a problem with the case. When my case broke (fortunately I didn't loose the device) Fit Bit replaced it for me for free without even requiring proof of purchase (which I didn't have because it was a gift). I agree with Pam L. that their customer service is excellent and also very fast. It may be worth contacting the company. So excited there will be Quilt Cam that doesn't go past my bedtime! Even though I'm in the same time zone as you, I really appreciate the earlier Quilt Cams.

    Cindy in NC

  8. #1 I'm in L O V E with this quilt!! Curse you Bonnie Hunter! ;0) lol
    #2 I have a Jawbone and love it! It also has a tracker!! So if you lose it and have you smartphone you can go to the app and find it! (In theory I have never lost mine so I'm not sure how accurate it is!) But I have never had a different kind of tracked so I have nothing to compare it to!
    #3... yay I think I get to see a live quilt cam and not catch you on a repeat! (I'm always a day late in finding out!')
    Have s great day!! See you this afternoon!!!

  9. My fit bit battery died and I too felt lost! Even though I kept on walking and new how many steps I was getting - it just wasn't the same! So glad when I put a new battery in.
    Love the cool calming quilt.
    The Alaska cruise sounds like fun!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mary in New Mexico

  10. I have the Fitbit Charge and love it! It's a lot harder to lose!

  11. Lovely Quilt, Bonnie! The fact that it took so many years to come together is amazing to me. Awhile longer to finish and write out the pattern will be just fine! I won't be able to make a cruise happen, but I will be signing up for your upcoming class! I can't wait! Looking forward to the live Quilt-Cam later today. I am a knitter and have seen how some of the Scandanavian knitters stay up all night in the 'Summer Light' that barely sets to get a pair of socks completed for Tour de Sock that happens each year. They are, ahem, dedicated...i.e. "crazy"!

  12. I love my Garmen Vivosmart. It does not do sleep tracking well so if that is important the Vivosmart is not for you. It is a great pedometer and has great additional features that I was surprised I like so much. It buzzes to tell you that you need to move, your cell phone is ringing, you get a message,etc. You can use it to control your iPhone music. It will give you the number of steps you have taken, the number left to your goal, milage, etc. It's a bracelet so I can't lose it. I'd prefer something that didn't show, but that never worked for me so I've adjusted to it. Good luck finding the perfect activity tracker for you. I'm finding that it is different for everyone.

  13. I love your aqua four-patch. I'm looking forward to the pattern. I'm also hoping you'll be publishing a pattern for the crumb block center stars...ever since I saw those on the last QuiltCam I have been wanting to make some!!

  14. Hi Bonnie, this will be my 1st time on quilt.cam live sending you a message so hope this goes thro. I have signed up for your Oct. CraftU and have both rulers ready to learn how to use. Am enjoying your site everyday and hope one day to see you in Rochester, N.Y. from Linda R, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada lacontessa5@hotmail.com

  15. It's 2 p.m., I am here.....are you okay?
    How do I find you?

  16. My friend lost her fitbit while traveling and e-mailed the fitbit company. The sent her a new one to replace it no problem. They may replace yours if it comes to that.

  17. Anonymous8:11 PM EDT

    I use the weight watchers activity monitor and it has ended up in the wash several times. Check what you had on the last time you had it.

  18. Bonnie...I can't wait for your book with the aqua quilt. It so reminds me of the beach. I'd love to make one for my sister who lives at the beach.

    My fitbit stopped working and after trying all the steps, I contacted Fitbit and they were so great. They sent me a new one, no questions asked. I'd suggest sticking to your Fitbit, although I don't care for the strap closure. Maybe that is why you lost yours. That being the case, if you contact Fitbit, they might replace it.

    Good luck and I got caught up in Football games and forgot to watch Quilt Cam yesterday. So glad you make it available so I can watch it today.

    Thanks for your inspiration and beautiful quilts.

    Loretta McGinn


  19. I had a Fitbit Zip for several years and replaced it a month ago with a Fitbit Charge HR, which I LOVE. It is easier to wear (has replaced my watch), and gives me much more information, particularly about sleeping patterns. It's worth the extra money, in my opinion.

    Good luck!

  20. Bonnie, I quit using the case and simply tuck my fit bit IN my bra. You have to have a good-fitting bra to do that, so that it doesn't slide out the bottom (which it has tried to do with one of my sports bras) but when you resolve the lost fit bit issue, maybe you can try my method and see if you like it.

    And the quilt is gorgeous!

  21. Anonymous11:11 AM EDT

    Love your 4 patch quilt a long result! The aqua strikes a happy, calming note. The string sashings are inspiring! I am a string enthusiast, too, and I love to see what you come up with!
    Thanks for all you do and share with us,
    Ginny A

    PS sorry, to hear about your Fitbit coming up missing, but I finally know what kind of tracker you have, because of this conversation! Your commitment to walking is also inspiring!


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